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Galactic Strife FAQ

Discussion in 'Events FAQ’s' started by Oddessey, Aug 9, 2019.

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  1. Oddessey

    Oddessey Team Leader Team Darkorbit

    General information

    It’s time for an all-out PvP battle! Battle and win to gain Reputation, climb the ranks and get rewards during the Galactic Strife event.

    In the beginning of the event, all players start with a Reputation score of 500. Whenever you win or lose in PvP battles, your Reputation will be affected. Your aim is to get the highest Reputation score in your server!

    When the event has started, your Reputation will be displayed after your first kill with an icon and a number below your player name.

    Gaining and losing Reputation is based on the difference in Reputation between your opponent and you. This means, the bigger the difference in Reputation, the smaller the Reputation that you gain or lose. If you lose or gain Reputation also depends on the amount of damage dealt to the losing opponent. If there is more than one player attacking the losing player, only the top 2 damage dealers will gain Reputation (based on their damage dealt).

    • Player A has reputation 920 and Player B has rep 900 -> the reputation difference is 20
    • If A wins, A will gain 30 reputation and B will lose 30 reputation.
    • Player C has reputation 1000 and Player D has reputation 500 -> reputation difference is 500
    • If C wins, C will gain only 10 reputation ( a lot less compared to A's win) and D will lose 10 reputation.
    Please note that numbers mentioned above are only an example to explain the system and are not accurate to the actual reputation awarded.
    If the reputation difference is too large, it is also possible to not gain any points (and it will still affect your Reputation per Kill rank! ).
    This is all assuming that all damage dealt are by players.

    Reputation gained also depends on actual damage dealt to players. If you only deal a small amount of damage to the player and kill them off while they're fighting an NPC or someone else, it is possible to not get any reputation as the damage dealt to your opponent was too low.

    Please take note that you cannot gain or lose Reputation from arena servers.

    You want to gain even more Reputation? Fight on the 4-X maps and benefit from the Reputation Bonus on the battle maps. There is a 1.5x multiplier to Reputation gain/loss when fighting on the battle maps.

    There are several Reputation Milestones: If you reach them for the first time, you are getting a reward package once.

    The event rewards will be given out according to the highest final scoring of the players at the end of the event.

    PvP Protection

    If you loose reputation 3 times in a row within 60 minutes, you gain a PvP protection for 60 minutes. Please note that only players who have level 17 and below can get a PvP protection. When under PvP protection, you cannot be attacked by other players unless you attack someone else first.

    The PvP protection will be removed if a player in PvP protection uses the following items:
    • Mines such as ACM-01
    • Special ammunition such as EMP-01
    • Tech items such as BT-1, ECB-1, Chain Impulse
    The PvP protection will also be removed if a player in PvP protection
    • enters TDM, Training Ground, UBA, or Refraction Zone
    • shoots a Spaceball
    • captures a beacon (during Capture the Beacon/ Sector Control event).
    Reputation Milestones

    You can get the rewards below whenever you reach a certain Reputation Milestone for the first time.

    Reputation MilestoneReward
    750 2,000 UCB-100
    2 EMP-01
    1,000 3,000 UCB-100
    3 EMP-01
    500 IDB-125
    1,2503,000 UCB-100
    5 EMP-01
    1,000 IDB-125
    1,500 (and every 250 increase after)5,000 UCB-100
    5 EMP-01
    2,000 IDB-125
    Objectives & Battle Pass

    When the event starts, there are also objectives that are available for players to complete. The objectives are similar to missions but you don’t need to accept them manually. The progress for the objectives begins automatically when the event starts. Completing these objectives gives you rewards that you can use in the event to further increase your Reputation.


    Together with the new objectives, a “Battle Pass” is available in the shop. You can purchase it either with Uridium or via Payment. The “Battle Pass” gives you access to additional rewards on top of the original rewards that you get from completing the objectives. The objectives as well as the original rewards and the “Battle Pass” rewards can be found in the event window “Objectives”.

    During the Galactic Strife event, the “Battle Pass” gives you access to ammunition, boosters, and the all new Hermes Drone Design!


    New Ship: Disruptor
    A new ship is available as a reward in the objectives as well as in the payment section: The Disruptor!

    Ship information
    • HP: 256,000
    • Nanohull: 256,000
    • Speed: 300
    • Laser Slots: 14
    • Generator Slots: 14
    • Special Slots: 3
    • Rocket Launchers: 1

    Skill: Redirect

    Assigns a selected target for everyone that Is currently targeting the Disruptor.
    • New target can be Player/P.E.T
    • Duration: 5 sec
    • Cooldown: 40 sec
    • This skill can be interrupted by JAMX effect and the player can also be prevented from using the skill by a JAMX

    Skill: Shield Disarray
    • New target can be Player/P.E.T
    • Duration: 2 sec
    • Cooldown: 720 sec (has been extended from 120 seconds due to feedback from beta test)
    • After the downtime, shield comes back on with the same value as before the skill was casted.
    • If player increases his shield during the downtime, the additional shield is added on to the original shield after the 5 seconds are over (capped at maximum shield of player).
    • This skill can be interrupted by JAMX effect and the player can also be prevented from using the skill by a JAMX

    Skill: DDoL (Distributed Denial of Lasers)

    Disrupts enemy laser’s cooldown randomly between 3 to 5 seconds after every shot
    • New target can be Player/P.E.T
    • Duration: 10 sec
    • Cooldown: 60 sec
    • This skill can be interrupted by JAMX effect and the player can also be prevented from using the skill by a JAMX

    New Ship Designs

    There are 2 new ship designs for the Disruptor coming together with the event:
    • Neikos Disruptor (available as a reward in the Reputation ranking)
    • Arios Disruptor (available as a reward in the Reputation Per Kill ranking)
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    New Drone Design
    There is 1 new drone design coming together with the event:
    • Hermes Drone Design (available as a Battle Pass reward)
    Each drone equipped gives:
    • + 2% bonus to HP
    • + 0.5% bonus to Damage
    *Drones will be in green highlight.

    If all drones are equipped with the full set of Hermes Drone design, you get an extra 10% cooldown reduction to:
    • Ship abilities
    • Hellstorm Launcher
    • Mine
    • Rocket
    Please note that the Hermes drone HP bonus is only applied on the ship base hull and does not apply on formation bonuses. Only drone set bonuses apply on formation bonuses.

    Ranking Rewards

    During the event there will be two different types of ranking: the Reputation Ranking and the Reputation Per Kill Ranking.
    Important: A minimum of 10 PvP kills is required to enter both rankings.

    Reputation Ranking Rewards
    This is based on your Reputation at the end of the event.
    1.New title: Cosmic Slayer

    Disruptor Neikos Design
    1,500,000 Uridium
    3 months Premium
    100,000 Seprom
    400,000 UCB-100
    40,000 RSB-75
    10,000 IDB-125
    2.Disruptor Neikos Design
    800,000 Uridium
    2 months Premium
    75,000 Seprom
    300,000 UCB-100
    30,000 RSB-75
    7,500 IDB-125
    3.Disruptor Neikos Design
    500,000 Uridium
    2 months Premium
    50,000 Seprom
    150,000 UCB-100
    15,000 RSB-75
    5,000 IDB-125
    4. – 5.250,000 Uridium
    1 month Premium
    35,000 Seprom
    100,000 UCB-100
    10,000 RSB-75
    2,500 IDB-125
    6. – 10.75,000 Uridium
    30,000 Seprom
    75,000 UCB-100
    9,000 RSB-75
    1,500 IDB-125
    11. – 25.50,000 Uridium
    25,000 Seprom
    50,000 UCB-100
    8,000 RSB-75
    1,000 IDB-125
    26. – 50.35,000 Uridium
    20,000 Seprom
    25,000 UCB-100
    5,000 RSB-75
    1,000 IDB-125
    51.-100.25,000 Uridium
    20,000 Seprom
    20,000 UCB-100
    2,500 RSB-75
    500 IDB-125
    Reputation Per Kill Ranking Rewards
    This is based on [Total Reputation of players killed] / [Total number of kills].
    1.New title: Honorable Assassin

    Disruptor Arios Design
    2 months Premium
    200,000 UCB-100
    25 Booty Keys
    100,000 Uridium
    100 EMP-01
    10,000 IDB-125
    7 days DMG-DLB
    7 days SHD-DLB
    2.Disruptor Arios Design
    1 month Premium
    150,000 UCB-100
    15 Booty Keys
    75,000 Uridium
    50 EMP-01
    7,500 IDB-125
    5 days DMG-DLB
    5 days SHD-DLB
    3.Disruptor Arios Design
    135,000 UCB-100
    10 Booty Keys
    50,000 Uridium
    25 EMP-01
    5,000 IDB-125
    3 days DMG-DLB
    3 days SHD-DLB
    4.-10.120,000 UCB-100
    10 Booty Keys
    30,000 Uridium
    8 EMP-01
    2,500 IDB-125
    2 days DMG-DLB
    2 days SHD-DLB
    11.-30.100,000 UCB-100
    10 Booty Keys
    10,000 Uridium
    6 EMP-01
    1,500 IDB-125
    31.-51.50,000 UCB-100
    5 Booty Keys
    5,000 Uridium
    4 EMP-01
    1,000 IDB-125
    51.-100.30,000 UCB-100
    3 Booty Keys
    2,000 Uridium
    2 EMP-01
    500 IDB-125

    „During the event time, the company cannot be changed.“
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