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Gauntlet of Plutus Event!

Discussion in 'Events FAQ’s' started by Deter, Mar 12, 2019.

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  1. Deter

    Deter Board Administrator Team Darkorbit


    General information

    During the event, a special Galaxy Gate - “Gauntlet of Plutus” appears on the x-8 maps.
    The aim will be to complete the Gauntlet of Plutus in under 60 minutes to receive a score, however there are some additional rewards that can be obtained with progress points for everyone who takes part, regardless of how quickly they manage to complete the Gauntlet.

    Some general details about the Galaxy Gate:
    -The Gauntlet of Plutus can be completed once per day and the entry is free.
    -It resets after the daily server restart.
    -It cannot be entered anymore 5 minutes before the daily restart takes place.
    -If a player is still inside the Galaxy Gate during the restart, they will be removed back to their x-8 map and their progress inside the gate will be lost. In the case that already obtained progress points whilst inside the Galaxy Gate, those progress points will be kept.
    -Upon reset the galaxy gate is put back to wave 1 and opened again.
    -Every player has 5 lives to attempt the Galaxy Gate.
    oTime recorded will be from the time of entering the Gauntlet of Plutus until the time Plutus is defeated.
    oTime spent outside the Gauntlet of Plutus after dying will be included.
    oIf you die in the boss map, the whole boss map will reset.​

    Enter the “Gauntlet of Plutus” Galaxy Gate and fight your way through different waves of NPCs. The order of the maps inside the Gauntlet will be random, with the final map always being the big boss – Plutus.

    Inside the Gauntlet of Plutus, the different NPCs drop event progression points. These points can be accumulated for prizes via the progress system in the client.
    The event scores will be given according to the speed of completing the Gauntlet of Plutus Galaxy Gate, scores will be added on with each successful run below 60 minutes. The event rewards will be given out according to the highest final scoring of the players at the end of the event.

    The scores of all players will be displayed after the event in the event section in the hall of fame.

    New event NPCs
    There are some new event NPCs as well as existing NPCs that are appearing in the Gauntlet of Plutus.

    NameHPshieldShield SpreadSpeedDamageRangeHit chanceRewards
    Cote Lo
    11,000 EP
    52 Honor
    82,000 Honor
    28 Uridium
    4 – 6 Progression Points
    60 Prometium
    60 Endurium
    60 Terbium
    0 Xenomit
    25 Prometid
    25 Duranium
    3 Promerium
    0 Seprom
    30,000 EP
    156 Honor
    235,000 Credits
    75 Uridium
    8 – 14 Progress Points
    180 Prometium
    180 Endurium
    180 Terbium
    0 Xenomit
    75 Prometid
    75 Duranium
    10 Promerium
    0 Seprom
    Aura Dun Jig
    48,000 EP
    235 Honor
    128 Uridium
    15 – 25 Progress Points
    280 Prometium
    280 Endurium
    280 Terbium
    0 Xenomit
    120 Prometid
    120 Duranium
    15 Promerium
    0 Seprom
    Lac Lion
    70,000 EP
    350 Honor
    555,000 Credits
    175 Uridium
    70 – 90 Progress Points
    400 Prometium
    400 Endurium
    400 Terbium
    0 Xenomit
    175 Prometid
    175 Duranium
    22 Promerium
    0 Seprom
    Natal Nap
    200,000 EP
    999 Honor
    1,555,000 Credits
    500 Uridium
    94 – 114 Progress Points
    1150 Prometium
    1150 Endurium
    1150 Terbium
    0 Xenomit
    500 Prometid
    500 Duranium
    60 Promerium
    0 Seprom
    Plutus (Boss)
    5,000,000 EP
    500,000 Honor
    5,000,000 Credits
    5,000 Uridium
    2,400 – 2,600 Progress Points
    Reward package (see below) – 35% Chance
    The reward package contains the chance to get a lot of valuable items, e.g. Enhanced LF4, Laser ammunition, Rockets, Mines, as well as the chance to get one of the new Nobilis ship designs. Additionally: For the luckiest of all - there’s the chance to hit a jackpot of 5,000,000 Uridium!

    Boss Fight against Plutus
    The aim of the player is to defeat the boss Plutus which is protected by four turrets that are placed at each end of an invincibility shield around him.
    Once all turrets are destroyed, the second phase of the fight begins: The player’s task is to disable 8 generators which spawn round Plutus in a circle.
    As soon as all 8 generators are disabled, the third phase of the fight begins: the Boss Fight against Plutus!

    New Ship Designs
    There is 3 new ship designs called “Nobilis” coming together with the event, potentially dropped by Plutus:
    -Cyborg Nobilis
    -Hammerclaw Nobilis
    -Mimesis Nobilis

    During the event, the following boosters are available:
    RM-B00 – Available in Assembly
    • Cost: 15,00 UCB-100 and 1,500 Uridium.
    • Effect: 50% Progression points
    • Time: 2 hours.
    • *Can be built multiple times.
    RM-BO1 – Available in Payment
    • Effect: 100% Progression points.

    Progression points
    Progression points can be collected from destroying the event NPCs. You can exchange them into items according to the table below:
    Progression PointsReward
    2,50020 Mindfire Cerebrum
    5,00015,000 A-BL Ammunition
    15,000Tech Package 1
    25,000Tech Package 2
    50,00020,000 RBS-75
    15,000 Seprom
    The Progression points can be reset for 15,000 Uridium to get the rewards once again.

    The Tech packages contain 2 NPC nukes as well as good chances to get valuable techs such as Explosive Charging Blob, Burning Trail, Shield Tech 2 and Battle Repair Bot 2.

    Ranking Rewards
    The event ranking will be created according to the speed of completing the Gauntlet of Plutus Galaxy Gate. The rewards will be given out according to the final event ranking. The players can see their score during the event in the Gauntlet of Plutus window. The final scoring will be displayed after the event end and it can be found in the Hall of Fame, Event Ranking section.

    The rewards will be given out based on the user scores at the end of the event.

    Ranking Rewards
    1st.2,500,000 Uridium
    3 months Premium
    7 days Rebate Advantage Pack
    100,000 Seprom
    500,000 UCB-100
    50,000 RSB-75
    Winner Achievement: “Champion of the Gauntlet”
    2nd.1,000,000 Uridium
    2 months Premium
    75,000 Seprom
    350,000 UCB-100
    35,000 RSB-75
    3rd.500,000 Uridium
    2 months Premium
    50,000 Seprom
    200,000 UCB-100
    20,000 RSB-75
    4. – 5.250,000 Uridium
    1 months Premium
    35,000 Seprom
    150,000 UCB-100
    15,000 RSB-75
    6. – 10.75,000 Uridium
    30,000 Seprom
    100,000 UCB-100
    10,000 RSB-75
    11. – 25.50,000 Uridium
    30,000 Seprom
    85,000 UCB-100
    8,500 RSB-75
    26. – 50.35,000 Uridium
    20,000 Seprom
    50,000 UCB-100
    5,000 RSB-75
    51. – 100.25,000 Uridium
    20,000 Seprom
    25,000 UCB-100
    2,500 RSB-75
    There are some achievements that can be reached, either in one single event or over the course of several events:
    Champion of the GauntletBe the top ranking player at the end of the event.100
    The bigger they are …Defeat Plutus once50
    .. The harder they fall.Defeat Plutus 10 times.50
    Destruction of WealthDefeat Plutus 30 times.100
    Monumental Momentum.Accumulate 2,000 score in a single Gauntlet of Plutus event.25
    In a flashAccumulate 5,000 score in a single Gauntlet of Plutus event.50
    Speed killsAccumulate 20,000 score in a single Gauntlet of Plutus event.100
    Limitless LuckBe one of the lucky few.50

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