GB1 droneless, petless nostromo update

Discussion in 'Meet the Players - Who's Who' started by sk.eic.easy.ina.nost, Dec 6, 2015.

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  1. sk.eic.easy.ina.nost

    sk.eic.easy.ina.nost Forum-Apprentice

    the DO computer continues to live in some weird probabilty world

    my droneless, petless, Big Boy account got another lf4 from a booty box yesterday

    he's now got 4, the same as nosti, and he's only got 130,000,000 Ep

    he's also got several zeus parts where my main, after many years of trying, has still got none. Had to save up a million plus uri to buy the zeus for my main

  2. CURVY

    CURVY Padavan

    Hey sk, 'twas always fun floating around in HALO for a while with you and the others :p didn't know about this endeavor! but i could have sworn i saw you in a spearhead 2 days ago? :p
  3. sk.eic.r.easy[Halo]

    sk.eic.r.easy[Halo] Forum-Apprentice

    hi curvy

    my spearhead is my fav ship on my main at the moment. i do all my gates in it. saves laser SEP (got 9.5 mill at the moment). just load up the shields (2 x 700k) and kami everything. every now and then i switch to my venom with a gunship config 1 (no engines, shields on ship, all lasers on drones and all demon drones) to use up some SEP

    even went hunting in it the other day. put almost all lasers and all demon drones on config 1. that hits quite hard


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