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[GE1] Elite Space Alliance - ESA

Discussion in 'Clans' started by AURON, Mar 19, 2019.

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  1. AURON

    AURON Forum-Greenhorn

    Server: GE1
    Tag: ESA™
    Name: Elite Space Alliance - ESA
    Members: 5
    Value: 380
    TeamSpeak: ts3.crew.sk:11244
    Company: everyone
    Conditions: lvl 16+

    We are a clan that did not arise on war ground. We are trying to connect players who have survived the "end of the orbit"and we try to unite and motivate them. Because we accept all players - stronger and weaker we prefer a diplomatic way to solve problems, not force. The main idea is to build a clan that will cover all who want to improve and find a players to play with. We are not english speaking only (be patent :)). We recruit all players who have achieved at least level 16. We are open to all companies and therefore we are also looking for a responsible person for the MMO and EIC sector to promote our rules and oversee their compliance. We respect our diplomacy in the clan! For first violation of diplomatic status you will be admonished and if you break it again, you will be strictly excluded! Honor and respect is perhaps the only thing left of the past. As I mentioned, we are trying to motivate players and therefore have weaker players the ability to get a clan contribution if certain conditions are metto improve your equipment. The more you try, the better for you. If you send a request, do not forget to write something about yourself! No one wants to accept people they know nothing about :). Empty requests will be rejected!

    About me:
    I have been in the orbit world since the beginning, and hence since 2006. I came back after a 2 year break because even though this game is no longer as good as the memories of its beginnings stronger than the negatives I have seen in recent years ... Maybe I'm sick, but I can't just give up something I've grown up for. I'm a player who has always been more the protector as a warrior. For this reason, I would like to create something personal, my own, as if I were already joining an existing clan. I respect the views of others and am willing to find compromise on problems solving and diplomacy. ...

    Note: If someone is interested in using our TeamSpeak, it is fully available to you, free ofc :)

    That would be enough… Thank you for your attention :D

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