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[GI] cargo issues

Discussion in 'General Archive' started by .dovelady, Nov 30, 2018.

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  1. .dovelady

    .dovelady Forum-Greenhorn

    I am having with the cargo when I go to load the material and it tell me that my cargo is full. Go to trade or empty my cargo there was nothing there. I not sure how to fix the problem.
    Thank You
    Crystal Henley
    ID: is Dovelady
  2. Azenomei

    Azenomei Forum-Apprentice

    Everyone got 10k sep a week ago. Lots of topics about this here.
  3. KilerStreak

    KilerStreak Forum Demigod

    Most likely the 10,000 Seprom gift as Azenomei mentioned. In the flight window (game screen), hit the Rocket symbol, top left area by default, which is the "Refining" window. Then click on the Upgrade tab. You'll see the Seprom rocks. Click and drag onto what you'd like to upgrade. I recommend splitting it among your Lasers, Rockets, and Shields, with a majority of it on Lasers. And go ahead and use it all up; if you get destroyed, a percentage of any unused Seprom (inside cargo bay, NOT those placed onto your Lasers, Rockets or Shields) will be lost.
  4. bisphenol

    bisphenol Forum Expert

    That has been changed due to possible abuse, destroyed player ships don't drop seprom any more.
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  5. Azenomei

    Azenomei Forum-Apprentice

    Depends on what level he is. If you are a new player (like me in GE1) then its better to get leonov and put all sep on rockets. Lasers don't hit that hard in the beginning. Shields are a good alternative, but i put it all on rockets.
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  6. KilerStreak

    KilerStreak Forum Demigod

    Ahh, thank you, forgot about that.
    Good point ^^

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