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[GI] drone repair issue

Discussion in 'General Archive' started by gog£tasup£rsaiyan4, Jul 9, 2019.

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  1. gog£tasup£rsaiyan4

    gog£tasup£rsaiyan4 Forum-Apprentice


    I noticed that it wont let me repair the last four drones as when I click on them it dont give me a flash on them and dont give me an option to repair the drones while it allows to do so on the first 6 drones. This has been happening for a while. Please advice.

    US Server
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  2. This thread may help you.

    Posted Here


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  3. gog£tasup£rsaiyan4

    gog£tasup£rsaiyan4 Forum-Apprentice

    Still cannot repair last 4 drones. please help.
  4. Would help a lot if you looked for other posts on this subject as there are already discussions about this problem, i suggest you find it and it has some options for you to try. Enjoy
  5. Deter

    Deter Board Administrator Team Darkorbit

    Hello gog£tasup£rsaiyan4,

    Thank you both for assisting the user with their concern. Are you still experiencing this issue?
  6. gog£tasup£rsaiyan4

    gog£tasup£rsaiyan4 Forum-Apprentice

    Yes I still cannot repir the bottom 4 drones from the hangar. It wont let me highlight the bottom 4 drones of the hangar. Please check it out. Presently my drones only have 25% damage but I am worried for the log run. Can you try repairing my dromes and see what happens.
  7. -zombiedude-

    -zombiedude- Forum Expert

    I had to drag a design off one of my drones one a time on the bottom 4 then put it back. After that I could highlight and repair the drone.

    PЯØŦØϽØL Forum Connoisseur

    i had to click on a item in inventory then click the drone to repair
  9. Wow guys if you read the post's DO posted about the hanger changes you just have to click shift and drag the drone to highlight it very simple.
  10. -zombiedude-

    -zombiedude- Forum Expert

    Wowo and if you would read its not working for us sunshine lol ;)
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  11. Well then your not doing it right my friend you have to shift and drag the drone not click on it but drag it like you would drag multiple items then it works. Sorry maybe i am not explaining it right when you drag the drone drag beside it on to it like multiple items then when it highlights just click repair you don't have to take it off. If you were able to take it off then you would have been able to repair it then.
  12. -zombiedude-

    -zombiedude- Forum Expert

    Once again I am a dinosaur to Orbit in play and knowledge and it does not work for me :)
  13. bisphenol

    bisphenol Forum Expert

    It works on second or third attempt, just selecting a random item on the right then the wanted drone is still faster.
  14. well you seem to be the only one having the problem now. Mine works great :)
  15. -zombiedude-

    -zombiedude- Forum Expert

    OOH Goody I am glad sunshine ;) lol
  16. If you drag the drone and it doesn't highlight then click it and then it will. Hopefully you figure it out better i can get mine to highlight right away. If you drag and it highlight's great if you drag and it doesn't when you click it then it should. Atleast mine are working that way
  17. Hold Left CTRL Click drone it highlights, choose repair or what ever you need to do.


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  18. EvilHotDog

    EvilHotDog S-Moderator Team Darkorbit


    Are you still experieincing this issue? If so, have you tried a different browser?

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