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[GI] I see stars!

Discussion in 'General Archive' started by DEXTER-MORGAN, Mar 15, 2019.

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    DEXTER-MORGAN Active Author

    So i see so many people with these yellow stars and all kind of things in their names but it wont let me add stars to my name, people are still adding stars to their names so its not like its impossible i just cant figure out how to do it! Any ideas?
  2. Wingm8

    Wingm8 Board Administrator Team Darkorbit


    We recently updated the system a bit, resulting in many special characters, signs and emojis being invalid and can't be used. Using certain characters would result in not being recognized by the system, thus translating it into a blank/empty name. This update was in order to prevent that from happening.

    The users with these names most likely had them prior to this update.


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