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[GI] Insta sending isn't very instant if I need to relog everytime!

Discussion in 'General Archive' started by CredditSmasher, Sep 6, 2018.

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  1. CredditSmasher

    CredditSmasher Forum-Greenhorn

    Why do I need to relog for my prom to show up? Everytime! Send prom, check gamepage, logout, click start, wait 4 hours for the game to load, add prom ... rinse and repeat!

    Not very instant if I need to close the game down everytime.

    Inb4 " clear cache and try another browser "

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  2. Odin®

    Odin® Forum Great Master

    There are servers I play on that I have to do logging into /refreshing in order to get my Skylab Producing ... as I do drops and sales , I do my reloads and find out that my other modules are not operating ... I have to do stupid procedures just to have Skylab producing
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  3. EvilHotDog

    EvilHotDog S-Moderator Team Darkorbit


    This is is known issue and the developers are working on a solution.

    Does the OP have any further questions ont his subject?

  4. CredditSmasher

    CredditSmasher Forum-Greenhorn

    ETA on the "fix"?
    Apart from that, you can close
  5. EvilHotDog

    EvilHotDog S-Moderator Team Darkorbit

    There is no official Announcement to ETA. on fix. All I can say is soon

    Closing as answered


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