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Discussion in 'General Archive' started by ÇîŁMŴ, Dec 6, 2018.

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  1. ÇîŁMŴ

    ÇîŁMŴ Someday Author

    last week i have spent 275k uri to buy hybrid processor and star formation
    i crafted the mimesi because i like it...now it's ******* uselss

    i want my oil and my equipment back to craft cyborg instead!!!!

    it's not fair that you change a ship so much(and this time is different from tartarus that you can easily buy with uridium, tis time you need years of collecting equipment and oil!).
    with new stats you have the 77%(pilot+ability) of chances to be hit (that's means that 1 shot on 4 hits you), it makes the ability totally useless and it won't last for more that 3 or 4 second...so change it back or reduce cooldown for it so that it can be used more and not one time every 5 mins.

    i am so disappointed to se that almost everythings BP put in the games is almost always wrong.
    do the devs ever think before changing the game or introducing a new thing or they are paid to put casual number inside a pc?
  2. †Balthazar†

    †Balthazar† Forum-Greenhorn

    same here i crafted mimesis for my first ship before a week also paid money for oil and now it's uselles! i want my oil back for cyborg!!!

    OILDAILY Forum Great Master

  4. -B3lz3buth-

    -B3lz3buth- Forum-Apprentice

    Nothing that is OP lasts, sucks that you guys believed it will last OP like that -.-
  5. kauza12

    kauza12 Someday Author

    Unfortunately they are ruining the game ! cant believe this!!!!
    this is a total rip off !
    we are being treated like children
    sick of this game
  6. Deter

    Deter Board Administrator Team Darkorbit

    Hello ÇîŁMŴ,

    Well many people did complain.
    Closing as answered.
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