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[GI] Skroll

Discussion in 'General Archive' started by aldo10[UH], Dec 3, 2018.

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  1. aldo10[UH]

    aldo10[UH] Forum-Apprentice

    Wheres the skroll gate? i cant get into it , im in x4 and i cant join in
    why ?
  2. Mod_Toby

    Mod_Toby Forum Great Master

    Skoll Gate will come out after completing 10th Winter event mission
  3. ~samohen~(success)

    ~samohen~(success) Forum Inhabitant

    ok,where do find that?
    day 5 cant find it in event missions daily missions weekly missions or normal
  4. bisphenol

    bisphenol Forum Expert

    I think it comes out only after DarkOrbit birthday, could be December 11th if memory serves me well. And it's possibly only the first mission that has to be done (visiting the gate/rift coordinates) for it to appear on the map.
  5. -B3lz3buth-

    -B3lz3buth- Forum-Apprentice

    Yes 11 december, since it says clearly after 10th mission. Aka 11 :p

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