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[GI] Skylab Efficiency

Discussion in 'General Archive' started by osxmo, Mar 12, 2019.

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  1. osxmo

    osxmo Forum-Greenhorn

    Hi there, recently I've been upgrading my Skylab and i'm unable to make my Promerium run at 100%, currently sitting at only 60%. Not sure what the issue is. [​IMG][​IMG] https://ibb.co/bdwNRy4
    Last edited: Mar 13, 2019

    PSK~SUNDANCE Forum Overlooker

    if you have the Promitid and Duranium on, turn them off. Also as you level up, make sure the Solar module is at least 1 level ahead until everything is maxed out.
  3. Λℓмоѕт•Fαмоυѕ

    Λℓмоѕт•Fαмоυѕ Forum Inhabitant

    Your image didn't load but I will try to explain all the modules.

    Prometium, Endurium and Terbium are primary ores. They are used to create every other resource in the game and are very easy to gain through cargo or rocks in space.
    Transport module is used... well to send ore from your skylab to your ship which is limited by your cargo space.
    Storage module is used to store your resources so the higher level the more you can store in your skylab at one time.
    Solar Module is the power of your skylab, you need this to have the energy to create powerful resources!
    Basic module is used to level other modules, no other module can go higher than what this one is at.
    Xenomit is a copy of the real Xenomit on your ship that is used to produce Promerium.
    Prometid and Duranium are secondary resources, created by primary and are somewhat rare but not really required for anything except making...
    Promerium is made by secondary resources and is one of the rarest ores due to being able to create Seprom in the skylab with this. It takes a long time and its used for refinery, you can improve your laser, rocket, speed and shield with it.
    Seprom is the last ore and is the most powerful in the entire game, can be used to give yourself a huge 60% laser damage increase among many other things.

    Also, if you are upgrading or got modules turned on, other ones will run at less speed. For example, if your Seprom is turned on it will be using Promerium, so it will run at less speed meaning you will produce less but you will produce some Seprom.
  4. osxmo

    osxmo Forum-Greenhorn

    Thanks for the reply and for the useful information, i have a much better understanding.
    Here is a working link with my skylab https://ibb.co/bdwNRy4
  5. VespaCrabro

    VespaCrabro Forum-Greenhorn

    You have to have the Xeno module at the same level as the Promerium module, and you do not have it.
  6. Λℓмоѕт•Fαмоυѕ

    Λℓмоѕт•Fαмоυѕ Forum Inhabitant

    This is good work, keep upgrading the left modules and basic module constantly and others when you can.

    You level unbalance is what is causing the efficiency to be decreased on your promerium. Give me your DIscord and we can talk :)
  7. SirThrills

    SirThrills Moderator Team Darkorbit

    Thanks all for assisting the OP.

    Hello @osxmo ,

    Do you have any further questions or can we close?
  8. osxmo

    osxmo Forum-Greenhorn

    It was just my Xeno moudle that needed to be upgraded, the issue has been resolved.
    Thanks everyone thats responded.
    You can close now :)
  9. EvilHotDog

    EvilHotDog S-Moderator Team Darkorbit

    Closing as requested.

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