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Discussion in 'Newbies' started by Bakjam, Apr 22, 2017.

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    NOTE: this only includes laser, rocket and rocket launcher ammo. ISH, EMP and special rockets will not (yet) be included. Feel free to add info in the comment section so I can edit, thx for visiting!



    Ammo conversation, it isn't always easy to manage your ammo amounts, and even if you try to save it only for 'special circumstances', others could make you feel forced to use it anyway.

    And sometimes, as a beginner you just don't have the huge amounts of ammo that advanced players have. So here are 11 tips that you could help you to save some ammo for both new players and more advanced ones. First let's clarify some things:

    TypeLaser ammoRocket ammoRocket launcher ammo
    Weak ammo (credit ammo)x1R-310, PLT-2026ECO-10, SAR-01
    Medium ammox2, JOB-100, SAB, x3,--
    Strong ammoCBO, x4, RSB, PIBPLT-2021, PLT-3030HSTRM-01, SAR-02, CBR, UBR-100,

    1. Know where it comes from

    Rather than looking where your ammo is going, let's start by looking into where it is coming from, there are six main sources of ammo: completing gates, making gates, the store, booty boxes, regular boxes and a very small amount from auction.

    Weak ammo is easy to obtain, very cheap and can be bought in the store at all times. It shouldn't really be a problem to have enough of this ammo type, and you shouldn't really be worried about it. It is the weakest ammunition, which will always be available.

    The main source of medium ammo can be found by constructing gates. The more gates you build, the more ammo you will receive. medium ammo can also be obtained by collecting bonus boxes, although it is not very efficient, especially since the bonus box nerf. You could however collect bonus boxes and spend the uridium on galaxy gates, increasing your amount of ammo further.

    Strong ammo comes from various sources, a lot of x4 can be earned by completing gates. x6, CBO and PIB are however much harder to obtain as they can only be bought in the store (only a small amount of x6 can be earned by missions, Kronos gates and booty boxes). They are also very expensive. This is the ammo that you should use only when really necessary; when hunting or when finishing strong NPCs.

    2. Using x1????
    The easiest way to save ammo, would be to just use x1 and call it a day right? Not exactly. You see, using x1 isn't always efficient. Here is an example:

    Let's say that we need to kill something with 160K HP. We hit 10K with x1, boosts and sep, which costs us 20 shots per salvo (we have 20 lasers equipped). For the sake of example we're going to assume that all shots hit (their maximum damage), and we fire one shot each second.

    With x1 it would take us 160 / 10 = 16 seconds to destroy the enemy
    With x2 it would take us 160 / 20 = 8 seconds to destroy the enemy

    The ammo consumption for x1 would be 16 * 20 = 320 shots
    The ammo consumption for x2 would be 8 * 20 = 160 shots saved when using x1

    This means that just by switching to x1, you're not actually saving the exact same amount of ammo, as you spend x1. Moreover, it will take you longer to kill the enemy. ''Okay, so If I just invest more time I can save ammo, let's call it a day, right?'' Nope, there is more:

    Apart from the ammo type, it also makes a big difference what kind boosts you have. If you have seprom and damage boosts it may not be such a good idea to switch to weaker ammo, as you not only miss the regular boost, but also the boost that you would get from your seprom and boosters. Another example, this time we assume that we have no boosters and seprom, and we have to kill the same enemy as in the example above:

    We now deal about 8K damage per shot (for the sake of example),

    With x1 it would take us 160 / 8 = 20 seconds to destroy the enemy
    With x2 it would take us 160 / 16 = 10 seconds to destroy the enemy

    The ammo consumption for x1 would be 20 * 20 = 400 shots
    The ammo consumption for x2 would be 10 * 20 = 200 shots saved when using x1 (+40 shots compared with x2 with sep and damage boosts)

    As you might have noticed, the ratio is still 1: 2. It still takes us twice as long with x1 compared with x2 to kill the same enemy. However, if you would kill this enemy with x2 without sep, it would cost you 200 ammo, but if you kill it with sep and damage boosters, it would only cost you 160 ammo.

    In short, this means that sep and damage boost will make using more powerful ammo, a better option. It will also allow you to complete missions faster, and your sep supply will last longer. Once you run out of x2 and sep, you can wait for the sep to come back and then use it on your x1 ammo.

    3. Using rocket and rocket launcher ammo
    Most tips that apply for laser ammo, also apply for rocket ammo, however in some ways rocket ammo is a bit different from laser ammo, as they deal less damage but are more expensive and harder to obtain. The main source of rocket launcher ammo would be the store, for regular rockets I feel like it would be booty boxes though I'm not 100% sure. I obtained most of my strong rocket launcher ammo via the Permafrost gate (currently not available). Most of my regular rockets come from the auction and booty boxes.

    In general I would say: use your strong hellstorm ammo only when you would use your strong laser ammo unless you got a large supply. If you do have a large supply (<5000), first use that and then use the strong laser ammo. In addition, first use your SAR supply, as SAR rockets can only damage enemy shields. This way, you will save your HSTRM-01 for PVP.

    Use your strong plt3030 rockets only with the 100% hit probability tech active (see skylab --> tech-center). Never use PLT-3030 without this tech or another kind of increased accuracy bonus (skill tree). Also consider using it with chevron, arrow and or demon drones to deal decent amounts of damage (especially in leonov on lower maps)

    Please note that as a premium member, you fire your rockets twice as fast which will cause your supplies to run out VERY fast. Consider using credit ammo as the double fire rate will counter the reduced damage per rocket.

    Last but not least: be aware of rocket range, R-310 and PLT-2026 (both credit ammo), have a short range, which means that in some cases they won't hit the target at all. This could force you to use more laserammo. In general it is not a bad idea (if you have some) to use PLT-2021 for NPCs, and PLT-3030 with guidance tech against players.

    4. Using special ammo
    PIB ammo is a special type of ammo that deals x4 damage but also infects players. Being the most expensive of all, at a stunning cost of 9 uridium per shot and no way to obtain it other than buying it in the store. And since the ammo rebates have been removed, it won't be easy to store huge amounts of it. The thing is however that no matter how big your lasersalvo's are, they will always infect the enemy: so even 1 shot will be enough to infect your enemy. Therefore if you want to infect an enemy it might be best to do so on a config with only lasers on your ship. You might even want to deactivate your pet. Choosing a ship with less lasers is also a good option.

    The second ammo type that is hardest to obtain would be CBO, x3 damage and x1 shield-absorption, in general more powerfull than x4 (provided your enemy has shield left), use it only when really really necessary as it won't be easy to keep up your supplies. It also might be better to go for RSB as it is even stronger while costing the same. CBO / PIB and RSB is obviously the best but also most expensive.

    Finally there is RB-214, this expired demaner ammo deals the exact same amount of damage against players as standard x4 although legend has it that it has a 100% hit probability... But with the aim-CPU, you're better of with x4, beware of your xenomit stock though.

    5. Use kamikaze

    If you have no lasers on your pet and use only kamikaze, then this really shouldn't be a problem, but with 10 lasers, you're pet can consume a lot of ammo over time. You can also use the kamikaze but it will require premium membership. The choice is yours here, although I feel like laserdamage will in the end be more efficient, it could be a way to save some ammo.

    6. Using a different ship
    Ships with less lasers use less ammo per salvo, but also deal less damage per salvo. Makes sense right? So how can we save ammo here? Because if we deal less damage per salvo it means we have to shoot more lasers. However, because it takes longer for your lasers to kill the enemy, it also gives you more time to use your rockets and rocket launchers. Moreover, if you are using a ship with less lasers, in an outfit with someone with more lasers, he/she will consume more ammo (and deal more damage). You can compensate for this by using your abilities or speed, allowing you to save some ammo while supplying your outfit member with heals or other benefits.

    7. Ammo in outfits

    In an outfit, it is not always easy to pick the correct ammo type. Try to spread it out and also note that most UFE players will have tons of ammo so don't feel too guilty. In general I would recommend the ships with fles lasers to use x2, x3 and perhaps x4, while the ones with more damage use x1 or x2. Be prepared to offer at least some x3 and x4 when needed though, otherwise people might kick you out.

    8. Use the diamond formation
    The diamond formation provides:
    1% shield regeneration per second (max 5000 per second)
    -30% HP

    While the 30% HP penalty is severe and not to be underestimated, the passive repair is a-w-e-s-o-me. Especially with some decent shields, you can repair up to 2-3 K without any boosts and 4-5 with boosts... per second. If you add this to your already nice shield value, it can easily be a replacement for SAB. I currently use it most of the time and it works very well against low to mid range hitting enemies. Against stronger enemies it is not very effective unless you use it in combination with Aegis, SAB, or another way to keep up your shield value.

    Some people may consider it to be a bad formation, not only because of the HP but also because they prefer the drill formation for more damage. Using sab with the drill formation or the diamond formation with sab however won't make such a big difference when it comes to repairs: you either get extra repairs from the increased sab damage, or you get it passively. When using x3 or stronger ammo types it might be better to use the drill formation again though.

    Again, the HP penalty is also severe, in a Goliath with 306K HP you end up with just 214K HP which is next to nothing with today's hits. But if you use a Solace, Citadel, Aegis or hammerclaw this downside can be countered. You will also help friendly aegis ships to keep up with the damage you receive as you now have a passive repair. I really like this formation and I cannot recommend it enough.

    9. Use the Moth and Drill formation
    The Moth formation provides:
    +20% HP
    +20% shield-penetration (more damage goes straight to you enemy's HP)

    -1% shield drain per second (no max)

    The Drill formation provides
    +20% laser damage (both PVP and NPC)
    -25% shield value
    -5% speed
    -5% shield spread (more damage goes directly to your HP)

    Arguably, no formation is more deadly than the moth formation. Granting you a 20% HP bonus, and 20% more shield-penetration, the moth formation is a force to be reckoned with. The increased shield penetration will allow you to kill NPCs in galaxy gates a lot faster, finishing them off when they have 20-30% of their shields left. This could save you a ton of ammo. Note however that your shields will be drained and cannot be reloaded unless you switch to another formation. Sooner or later you will run out of shield and if you do not have enough HP, you might run into some trouble when fighting stronger enemies.

    The drill formation or diamond formation are also good options in galaxy gates, as they allow to keep your shield up.

    Apart from galaxy gates however, the drill and especially moth formation are also good options when it comes to saving ammo in PVP fights. No use in fighting 2 million shield points, just go for their HP. Not only will this save you ammo, it will also make it easier for your outfit members to finish your enemy.

    I should mention however that this tactic is not efficient against ships that can repair their HP or have a lot of HP in general (Citadel, Aegis, Hammerclaw, Hercules boost, Solace, Saturn). Unfortunately, you will be forced to use ring or drill as well.

    10. Use mines
    No weapon deals more damage than a mine. Hitting up to 50% of your current enemy's shield (and even more with the 'Lance formation' or pilot sheet boosts), they can take away over 500K of shields within an instant. It should come as no surprise that mines can save you a lot of ammo. You can also infect enemy players using infection mines, which are much cheaper than their laser counterparts (PIB-100). Moreover, you can use mines in conjunction with your drone formation, for example, use infection or HP mines along with the 'Moth formation' to quickly drain your enemy's HP!

    It might be hard to pull off but once you learn how to use mines efficiently, you can unlock a potentially devastating weapon... for free.

    11. ADVANCED - Hit probability
    Every weapon has its own 'hit probability' - the chance to either hit or miss (this is not the same as damage-fall-off!). Unfortunately, it is hard to tell what the hit-probability of each weapon is as they were never really released. Nonetheless, it should come as no surprise that a higher hit probability means less ammo waste, as more shots will hit. Since there are a few options to increase your hit probability I thought I might as well include them here:

    This tech can be built via the tech-center in the skylab. Once built you can use it to grant all of your rockets with a 100% hit probability (which means they can't miss). It is a great way to reduce the number of rockets needed to kill an enemy. Note however that the hit probability differs per rocket type; as far as I know, all rockets have the same hit probability except for plt 3030. As these rockets deal the most damage, it is best to save the guidance tech for plt3030 and use other rocket types when you don't have a guidance tech.

    These techs increase your laser-hit-probability by 25 or 50% (depending on the CPU) at the cost of 10 xenomit per salvo. Lasers are the main weapons of the game and they can deal insane amounts of damage. Therefore if you can add this tech and thereby turn missed shots into hits, you gain a ton of extra damage and save ammo.

    Although this may sound like a very good deal, your xenomit supplies will run out really fast when this is active. And unfortunately, the AIM-CPU isn't the only CPU that requires xenomit. Both smartbombs and ISH will require 100 xenomit which means without xenomit you will be extremely vulnerable.

    In addition, it consumes xenomit based on the number of salvos you fire, not on the amount of damage you deal, which means that weaker ships will consume even more xenomit.

    Even with big stacks, it is easy to forget that you've activated the CPU. Which could cause you to run out of xenomit without you even noticing it. Therefore I would recommend you to use this CPU only when for PVP. Despite the possible added bonus, the risk of running out of xenomit is just too big to ignore. I would even go as far by suggesting to not use this CPU at all...

    Pilot sheet
    Apart from increased damage, the pilot sheet also grants you options to increase your hit-probability. There are 2 main options here: rocket and laser- hit-probability. I can be very short with this one: get the laser-hit-probability as soon as possible (perhaps even before you get the famous fat lasers). The heat seeker skill should be one of your last concerns as it does not add a significant bonus and because you can also use the rocket-guidance-tech.
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    you may want look into your ship types as well that have the 5% damage increase for a beginner that would include the Revenge / Vengeance class and in the Goliath class / Enforcer.
  3. Bakjam

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    hstrm-01 rockets cannot be bougth with credits.
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    Oh yeah you are right,i thought you meant the eco-10.I wil delete the post.
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    with eco it is possible indeed ;)
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    You did a good job on this...hope the noobs listen

    T <3
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    Thx! ;)
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    Glad I found this thread. I recently bought Drill , Diamond and Ring to add to my Arrow and Moth. And am trying to get used to using them efficiently . Thread on economizing ammo was also very helpful. THX to all for sharing advice.
    I am currently using the Solace as my ship of choice
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    NP mate ;)

    STARLIGHTHUSTLE Forum Inhabitant

    I always thought I was doing myself a favour by saving my X3 and X2 ammo. And then this post confirmed a hunch that I was actually wasting Seprom.
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    Added hit probability section. Use the techs! :)

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