HOW TO BE UFE (Guide for new and old players) PT #1 by Draco

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  1. †ĐЯΛČ†ЦŁΛ#1†

    †ĐЯΛČ†ЦŁΛ#1† Forum-Greenhorn

    Chapter 1 starting out & saving time
    Step 1 & 2 are optional and not need though can dramatically reduce the time for your journey

    • Step 1: If able to get rebate when upgrading or buying anything will save you a lot of uridium.
    • Step 2: Getting premium will help your journey with so much advantages including but not limited to reduced uridium prices(comes in handy with rebate), extra cargo, free repairs for ship and pet, and lastly faster rocket speed.
    Chapter 2 How to start:ship/credits/uridium/levels 1-9

    So to get it started you need a ship right, now your wondering what ship is best for you to start off with. Best way to deal to deal with this issue is to know what is your current goal for now. You need credits and uridium to buy ships in AUCTION and SHOP but who wants to buy ships with URIDIUM am i right. Any ship is fine to start with as long as your progressing your good. Best ship to start with before getting to lenovo is big boy or the higher end credit ships. Keep in mind this is not permanent.
    • Step 3(credits): Keep in mind ill have this part for a lower level section and a higher end section, but right now we will focus on starting out equipment, best way to make credits between lvl 1-9, you can make easy credits destroying mordons, saimons, devoloriums, and if your tough enough take boss sibleons. You get the cargo and break it down to promerium and sell the promerium at your X-1 map. This well help many players speed up their process to be able to bid on lenovo or goliath through auction. Other ways to getting more currency is BOXING which is a subject i will discuss later on.
    • Step 4(ship): Once you get either lenovo or goliath (preferably the goliath if your a higher level) you will want to get a spearhead as your next ship goal. I will explain later as well.
    • Step 5(Leveling up & Notes): At this point your working on your ship saving credits for it once you get it focus on getting the bo2 shield generators at auction or buying them with uridium, as well as bidding on iris drones simultaneously saving for spearhead and bo2s. Also work on completing higher experience quests and killing high experience aliens.
    • Step 6 (URIDIUM & BOXING): So once you are in goliath or spearhead, you will be able to box and it will become boring & tiring. At this point your gathering uridium for bo2s, once you have 20-25 bo2s you will no longer need to worry about it. With rebate and premium it can take as much as 250,000 uridium for a full set. Now your thinking "what the fuah" and realizing that's a lot of uridium, no my friend because you can get them on auction from as low as 4 mil credits - 10 mil credits (higher end). In other words the more aliens killed the less boxing and you keep your URIDIUM for a later purpose from those alien kills. Boxing is mostly necessary at a much higher point in your flying career.
    Chapter 3 (Uppers/Upgrading/Leveling Up/ Boxing(dblr)
    So if you made it this far i congratulate you for the hard work so far. Briefly i want to explain what your goal is at this point. Your goal is to get shield generators at level 16 with your drones at level 16 as well. Also work on your pilot bio (will discuss later on).

    • Step 7(Uppers): You may be asking why does this have its own step, ill answer with EXPERIENCE DUH. Best way to put this is cubikons and boss kristallons are the go to for these maps found on X-6 X-7 maps. Both give plenty of uridium and credits along with xp & honor. So if you need to save for bo2's or skill designs this is the spot to make those credits. Very easy to make a lot of credits in a hour time.
    • Step 8(Leveling Up): I'm not exaggerating on experience, it becomes useless after level 20 so am for that.
    • Step 9(Upgrades): SO here it comes, your going to wanna sit down for this, for a full set of drones(10) to be fully upgraded(keep in mind this is if you have premium & rebate) your looking at 700,000 at 100% WHICH IS A MANDATORY IN MY OPINION! Your bo2's and lf4s will be 1.2 million and 1.6 mil for a staggering total of 4.3 mil for all including rocket launcher. So your like "Fuaaaah this im out," i urge you to stay, dont let those numbers scare you i have a solution to this and will discuss in next chapter.
    Please follow along on this, and dont worry about galaxy gates and skill tree i will discuss soon, I did this to help all and tell you how to play the game otherwise the game will play you a fool

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  2. Jeevan

    Jeevan Forum-Greenhorn

    nice guide :) unfortunately the game is dying if you ever want to start new then without putting some cash its impossible kinda cuz it takes many years to grind them but if you ever want to start new id then go for populated servers or else your doomed by void of emptiness you cant find single player xD the only people play this server are people who spent alot of money and regret being it wasted so they continue no matter what but one fine day even they get bored . back in 2009-2011 the game was so nice its like heaven balanced pvp and stuff every new players could get lf-3 s n stuff from auction and then comes lf-4 the game took a turning point there and still goin on like lf-4 enhancement :D when ever u feel i am almost there i got full lf-4s boom new update son you need to grind more now xD. well anyways goodluck guys hope the darkorbit gonna make comeback :)
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  3. †ĐЯΛČ†ЦŁΛ#1†

    †ĐЯΛČ†ЦŁΛ#1† Forum-Greenhorn

    The game will become a stand alone application by the ending of 2019, the game will basically become a World of Warcraft style game, regardless of what you play, its becoming more to "pay to win" concept, but if your dedicated enough you can get whatever you want quicker if you just have priorities and not just spend your currency. Which is why im making this guide, i have a noob account that has 6 bo2 fully upgraded, all drones upgraded (including zues) and 3 lf4s, with basic pilot boi completed, all this in the span of 5 months, if your smart you can play the game, or your dumb and waste time and the game plays you
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  4. rOz™

    rOz™ Forum-Greenhorn

    I thinks that buying BO2's with uridium it's a waste of money. Keep in mind that you are going to collect booty's for apis and zeus, and you have a chance to get BO2's and LF3's. So i think it's better to use the uridium for Shields to buy booty key's, if you have premium and rebate, 250k uri will get you ~240 key's, you will get ammo, rocket's, EE for GG, chance for LF4, ships...and so on. For a low level ship every thing from booty key's matters. And you can get some nooty key's fom daily,even or regular quest's
    P.S: i assumed that you'll use uridium to buy the shield's and not auction for them. The best way get them is of course the auction.
  5. †ĐЯΛČ†ЦŁΛ#1†

    †ĐЯΛČ†ЦŁΛ#1† Forum-Greenhorn

    yes of course AUCTION is what i said and lean on towards, but if your impatient that is a faster method. Though out of 500 keys i used previously consecutively, i can respectfully say i got 6 bo2's and 3 lf4s, on my current noob account i have made most of my bo2's from auction for 2-8 mil, very easy, in a day you can get a full stack for 160 mil(ish)

    A lot of these methods are debatable but in the end is how efficient you want to be compared to turning in circles and DO takes you a fool. I have done all methods i speak on my experience with the game, i have been here since 2007 January, originally my main account was my second, and i had lost the first account. This game will take you a fool and waste your hours if you don't have yourself aligned well

    Part 2 coming soon :) ............

    Quick side note: lf3s are useless and i dont recommend them or even have them as a goal, there are two ways you can build your ship through the MIDDLE of UFE... i will discuss soon
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  6. Jeevan

    Jeevan Forum-Greenhorn

    wow? really? rofl dont even compare to World of Warcraft even though it is subscription based ingame fun is so much and alot to do and you dont need to spend a penny once u get in just farm up gear go to raids and so much easier rather than here we farm uri and get inside gate and farming uri is a much of a hell like cube is the only source most of them relay on and you have to fight for it pvp over der too . but in wow !! nope just get into raids roll the items get stuffs goin make alt account gosh plz dont compare this game to wow lol cant belive here look at this quest in Prometheus event its like kill 30 boss siblon and get 80 honor? LOL ya sounds so fun out here darkorbit trying to become wow xD Players here almost at their edge ranks are takin by cheaters obviously Bo^ers i see them every day still they exist farming 1-7 auto . when game dev s itself dont care abt dem then nobody can thats the only alternative way for them to get uridium quickly rather than spending money but even though if it became wow "style" game the greed to will be even higher cuz there will be countable people playing and they need to milk them before they quit too and yes thats what they are doing now :D
  7. †ĐЯΛČ†ЦŁΛ#1†

    †ĐЯΛČ†ЦŁΛ#1† Forum-Greenhorn

    i refer to WoW style as in a sign in application i could of easily said LoL instead, of course they are no way similar, taking out of context my point. Anyways once they run the application game itself, it will be much easier to find botters and cheaters, give it another year take a break and come back to this game, many things will change within a couple years of this game to come, got to be optimistic
  8. DeathByCheetos

    DeathByCheetos Active Author

    to be honest this is a good method but i feel like to get around in todays time you have to at least put a few dollars down unless you dont mind getting blown up every 20 mins

    ΣVÏŁ_ŠİŦĤ Forum-Apprentice

    Cheetos I would have to agree with you here but the mistake most people make is they don't focus on one upgrade at a time instead they chase after everything at once. What I mean by this is if your working on your drones then work only on your drones until you are done. Noob accounts should pally and box and build only Zeta gates to do on Sunday's as you will get more rewards. The key to this game is stay out of chat and focus on one thing at a time don't let Dark Orbit distract with all the silly designs and other nonsense they keep adding to this game.

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