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How to spend 125k Uri

Discussion in 'Speakers‘ Corner' started by djsoupstar, Aug 7, 2019.

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  1. djsoupstar

    djsoupstar Forum-Greenhorn

    Hi There,

    I started off with 200k URI

    I currently have an aegis BTW with 20 or so unstable LF4s rest LF3s no havocs etc.

    I got the bubble shielding from pilot points which has brought me down to 125k URI, now I don't really know what else to spend the rest on or if I just save up for something?

    I thought about some drone formations as I don't really own any, then I was like no wait what about an aegis design? Or maybe spin a few gates, I'm about half way to building a zeta but don't even know if I could actually do the gate as I haven't done any gates before.

    just a bit unsure on what to buy, wondered if anyone has any advice on what they would purchase or do.

    Kind Regards
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  2. *SCORPION*1

    *SCORPION*1 Forum-Apprentice

    :) I don't know what to really tell u really :) could give u some info. 125k is not much on this game unfortunately. Just to give u an Idea over this weekend I spent over a 1.5 mil on gates alone, that should make the picture a little clearer. So in USD and in a maga x 4 that will be about a little over a hundred dollars in gates alone.

    Now the thing is now you all are lucky Dark Orbit is not making it as hard to make a UFE these days about 2 years you can make ufe instead of 5 years I am talking about a full blum ufe the real deal.
  3. WarriorAngus

    WarriorAngus Forum Duke

    Hi djsoupstar,

    Save it! If you get premium you will save 5% at the shop. But wait, sometimes the bonus (in the daily bonus) will have a 25% off. If you have premium. The 5% for Premium and 25% for end of Daily Bonus will give you 30% off. If you don't the 25% is a nice to have. That is on everything in the shop, plus buying Zeus and Apis Drone or even Upgrades to any of your items In the Upgrade Shop. Also remember the Upgrade shop has once a month discount on upgrading your items, look at the Calendar for which day it is. Also if you have a P.E.T., you need to buy gas for it. It is nice to have Uni for it. Plus if you don't have a P.E.T. get one. For starters "Gear" Auto Loot and Enemy Locator as for Protocols "Nothing." Wait until you and your "P.E.T. is high enough level (that is) to buy the better Gear and Protocols (3rd Level Equipment). Don't waste it on 1st or 2nd level because you will want 3rd level for the added bonuses.

    Last but not least,

    Go to the Auction House and bid on items you want. Plus there are ships too you can bid on. One ship to get is Citadel any is ok but the Elite to me is the best. First, you can transfer more ore from your sky lab to you ship. Second it is the tank of the fleet. It has twice the rockets, but about half the lasers (7). If you have a Citadel with Chevron Formation it gives your ship's rockets damage 65% more to your enemy, but it reduces you ship's hit points 20% but the Citadel can take it.

    I hope this will help,
  4. djsoupstar

    djsoupstar Forum-Greenhorn

    Thanks for the replies all,

    I've gotten a little further since I last posted this,

    all I can say is Zetas are the way to go for me ;P

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