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hyperplasmoid vs prometheus

Discussion in 'Newbies' started by Λℓмоѕт•Fαмоυѕ, Mar 8, 2019.

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  1. Hey, so I did a lot of research into which of these lasers is better for both PvP and alien destroying. I think it's very clear that prometheus is better for destroying aliens (especially the Blacklight, while everything else it's not as good); I broke the PvP side down into sections;

    So, the most obvious thing is that it deals more damage every 5 seconds by double or by 28,350 damage. Is this a lot? Well, not really because those attacks between the 5 second reload time (for example if we assume you attack four times with the same ammo (UCB-100) during that time it's actually around 2,240 less. So it's a lot closer than it might seem at first.

    Of course these figures have to be done based on an average laser shot without taking the full variance into consideration.

    If you aren't full hyperplasmoids, I think prometheus is better, but if you are I really don't know. I've done some PvP against full prometheus with hyperplasmoid and it seems to depend on how you fight and there isn't really one that's outright stronger or an automatic win.

    If you wanna read my thread about it feel free too, but I got so sick of everyone saying Prometheus is better just because it has 200 extra base damage every 5 seconds so I challenged it and the results are quite interesting to whether it's actually better or not.

    The real question realy is; Is using Prometheus going to make moth viable again? If moth receives any kind of buff then it will be due to your low hitpoints when using full of these lasers.

    I'm still not 100% sure which is better, but Prometheus is not stronger to the point you automatically win with them.
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  2. Wirwerdenniesosein

    Wirwerdenniesosein Active Author

    The debate over hyperplasmoids versus prometheus lasers comes down to their static and dynamic capabilities.

    During a PvP encounter, any benefit that the hyperplasmoid provides ceases when your HP drops below the additional HP % amount it gave. On the other-hand, no matter how low your HP gets when using prometheus lasers, the benefit they provide lasts up until your ship is destroyed, or when the encounter ends.

    Prometheus is clearly the superior weapon to use in most ships and is more versatile in the majority of Dark Orbit PvP encounters, except for maybe if you combine the hyperplasmoids with a citadel or a HP design centurion--but that would be a debate for another time.
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  3. You already made a post a while back about the same thing why not just reply to that post again instead of starting another one?
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  4. WarriorAngus

    WarriorAngus Forum Commissioner

    HI All,

    I agree with Almost. What I seen and what I have read why change. You loose your weapons you had a hard time leveling up to 16th level (all that Uridium you spent)(waisted), (DARK ORBIT is laughing at you all the way to the bank) all the ore you saved up (from Syklab to fill lasers, rockets and shields), and more slots for weapons (ship, drone, and P.E.T.) that are empty of Prometheus Laser. "my other post/reply on this." Just on my main ship I need 45 (if I double up in drone) Prometheus Lasers to fill my slots, and you get 10 to start off (if I'm right). Even at 10 Prometheus lasers that is 25 lasers that runs on Seprom.

    Before I would change several things needs to happen. 1st I need all the Prometheus Lasers at the ready in my inventory. 2nd I need to spend my Lasers and Rockets Seprom down to a level I feel like empty, which I don't when i'm around 3-8 million depending on which server I'm on. AND 3rd I need to see real numbers in why to change.

    I'm not a PvP type of guy. I like fighting aliens, and what I got works.

  5. At the start of the fight you have less hitpoints than someone who isn't running full Prometheus. To be honest, I'm still collecting full so I can test different configurations to see which is better.
    I'm not saying hyperplasmoids is definitely better in all situations, but it seems to be better on your fast configuration.

    I mean, end of the day if it's a 2v1 you're [REMOVED] anyway right?
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  6. olleH

    olleH Someday Author


    @WarriorAngus :
    The old lasers still work just fine.
    Prometheus just do a little bit more damage which is absolutely irrelevant in your situation.

    When you just kill aliens and don't play competitive for rank or fight with players at an advanced level, which would mean that you need to play as efficient as possible, there is no need in getting Prometheus lasers at all!

    Play on as you used to, when you get low on seprom one day, you can still start doing the laser missions.

    Don't let such updates turn you down or destroy your fun in the game:)
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  7. They do more damage in Blacklight, so if the person wants to do that map it's very good for them to start collecting these lasers if they can destroy Impulses in groups or with friends or even just alone; otherwise it's better to just go for other lasers, especially if you don't want to PvP.

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