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In depth discussion about Tartarus

Discussion in 'Newbies' started by Uncas23, Oct 26, 2016.

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  1. Uncas23

    Uncas23 Forum-Apprentice


    Tartarus has recently become my favourite ship. I have been thinking about and trying many tactics. I thought I will share them. Here others can share their own tactics as well so that every Tartarus user can play better.

    First my usual configs:
    1st: Full shields in ship, 16 lasers, 4 shields in drones, havocs.
    2nd: Full speed generators in ship, 10 lasers, 10 shields in drones, havocs as well.
    Why? The most common havoc slow config for goliath uses ~32 lasers. I use only 30 on tartarus because it has slightly more HP so it's less likely to get killed with moth so I can afford some more shields.
    Why havocs and 10 lasers is fast config? The idea is that since tartarus has the speed of 600 even with ring and drill I try to use drill to SAB the fast config of my opponent. And I use Tartarus for general hunting, not for 1v1 so higher damage on fast config is better for chasing runners.
    Some people use 1 or 2 less speed generators in speed config. I didn't find it too good. I just feel like a worse surgeon.

    Another decent way to play is using double fast configs. It's the best when there is a lot of stuff happening other than you. I'm talking about big spaceball fights, teamfights, fights around things like hitac.
    For me it feels really bad when I have to run from people who I could otherwise easily kill. But if you don't care about your ego it's the safest and most effective for killing thousands of weaker players.

    I usually never turn off the "speed boost" ability.

    I used to try to turn it off when brawling with slow config vs slow config but it really hurt not to be able to turn it on instantly when needed.
    Sometimes I run around while the "speed boost" ability is turned off. If my opponent fights back I can fight with full power, if he runs away I can turn it on instantly and catch him.

    I'm too poor for crafting the new lasers (which hit double once every 5 seconds). Has anyone managed to craft them and tried them? My intuition would be that it doesn't work very well because in a normal fight you don't have the time to kite you opponent for so long.

    Do you have any good tricks for Tartarus? Post them here!
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  2. Odin®

    Odin® Forum Connoisseur

    load 3 of the tech center items . I use the targeter , leach , and backup shields .... I also carry the damage , shield , hit point , ep and honor boosters. I carry 25 lf4 with 10 bo2 on the speed side . With the backup shields and the leach working you're pretty much invincible therefore you could run both config as speed .... Throw in your pet as a Kami and use your Smart Bombs. If you do any crafting do the cool-down booster . If I'm not mistaking it is storable .I just get ticked when a Spearhead hits its Ultimate cloak and marks me . That's the sneaky one o-0 ... lol ... have fun
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  3. Uncas23

    Uncas23 Forum-Apprentice

    So you use double speed configs. Do you use it for solo hunting as well? The leech and backup shields help but you shouldn't be invicible. I mean spectrums have minimum 1 million shields on their slow configs. Let's be realistic, a tartarus with 2 speed configs can't fight them face to face.
    In my experience the only way to beat ships with slow config is running. Sometimes they switch to their speed config to chase you. You beat their speed config cause you have 2. So you try to burst them while they can't switch to slow.

    Or do you use the double speed configs only in teamfights? Because I would understand that.
    I have been playing for 4 years on hu1 and I used to play on eu4. But I only have ~3000 hours combined because of the breaks I had.

    By the way another advanced trick for tartarus: If you use the rocket launcher manually you can shoot 4 times in some seconds not just 3.
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  4. so tartarus always skips enemies chasers..?
  5. Odin®

    Odin® Forum Connoisseur

    Mostly team fighting . My ship of choice is the Diminisher for its weaken shield ability+its 5% built-in damage . The only ship that eludes my kill log is the Surgeon . I can't complain because I've managed 3 Booty ships .... Diminisher , Tartarus and the Spectrum ....

    I'm gonna have to try that 1 , thanks

    Thanks , I still learn something new everyday ....
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  6. _-DarkOverLord-_

    _-DarkOverLord-_ Forum Expert

    These are my favorite configs for the Tart. 1st Battle\Tank. 2nd Battle\Battle

    1st config: Full Hercs, 36 LF-4s 10 on pet, 12 on drones an 14 on ship. 10 shield gens. 2 on ship 8 on drones
    Full Havocs 44 LF-4s 10 on pet, 20 on drones an 14 on ship. 14 shield gens all on ship.

    2nd config: Full Hercs, 36 LF-4s 10 on pet, 12 on drones an 14 on ship. 10 shield gens. 2 on ship 8 on drones
    Full Hercs, 36 LF-4s 10 on pet, 12 on drones an 14 on ship. 10 shield gens. 2 on ship 8 on drones

    For Maximum effect use in combination with slow down rocket/mines sar-2s, Full techs and Double boosters.:cool:
    You may have noticed that these configs will allow you to PVP , chase people or if things get too harry escape.

    The Battle config hits about 44 to 50k whites slightly faster than the Surgeon
    the Tank does about 70 to 80k:D
  7. Odin®

    Odin® Forum Connoisseur

    What lvl is your equipment .... lf4 , drones/Hercs , rocket launcher and bo2 .... Mine are at lvl-5 .... I've had to
    pace myself or setup daily limits for ep and honor . The first 3k uri I get , I get 10 log disks ..... Invasion Gate is a
    good way for me to get alot of ep , honor and uri but I burn thru sep like it's water .... I just went thru 4 million sep
    lasers in just under 2 months .The lab can't keep up. I think I'll take a break and reload my ship and start back up
    in the Spring.
    Have you tried a 50/50 mix between Hercs and Havoc ....
    Not sure what you're describing here ....

    There is no fast way unless you have a fat wallet , and move to the pally field for about 6 months and do Epsilon and Kappa gates.
    Whatever you do [do not run any scripts or foreign software] .... The # 2 player on my server was permanently banded for that . All that money and time wasted. There are some serious wallet warriors in this game
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  8. Uncas23

    Uncas23 Forum-Apprentice

    You said that you are slightly faster than surgeon. That's my problem. Comparing tartarus to surgeon. I mean there is no reason to use tartarus instead of surgeon with these configs. You could just use surgeon and you have a +6% damage buff instead of -5%.

    I'm not saying that my configs are better. But my theory is that you need the full speed on tartarus to have some advantage that other ships can't have.

    Another tricky tactic that I can think of is SABing the fast config of your opponent with drill because tartarus can be faster than other ships even with drill. You can combine the rocket launcher skill with SAR rockets to leech even more shields. The extra HP that Tartarus have over Goliath ships also helps this tactic.
    I have recently tested this tactic and it can work. But it's very situational to be honest.
    So you need the following configs for this:
    config1: full speed generators in ship(or 1 shield, rest speed), ~30-31 lasers, ~3 shield generators, havocs
    config2: this can be an ordinary tank config with full shield generators in ship or another fast config with ~6 lasers in drones and hercules drone designs.
    What is surprising is that with these configs you can beat low damage slow configs as well. You can sometimes burst them down with moth or just SAB them combined with SAR rocker launcher.
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  9. _-DarkOverLord-_

    _-DarkOverLord-_ Forum Expert

    the best
    A good way to LF-4s is to spam kappa's with the loot you get from grinding and pallying. Reinvest half the rewards
    back into kappa's. The other half on booty keys during sales events. Use your saved up keys on APIS/Zeus Day if
    you still need them. If not just on LF-4 Day. By the time you get full Hercs you should get 12 to 17 LF-4s from gates
    and another 15 to 25 from the 2500 to 3000 booties.:eek:

    A few things to consider. You have to be patient and diligent at the same time and when you get frustrated you have to
    find a way to push through it. Be prepared to do many gates, put a bit more time in the maps and know you wont get to
    UFE overnight. Also it could be advantageous to hold off on building your APIS until you have the amount of LF-4s or ship
    designs you want. Otherwise you'll have to build it twice:oops:

    BTW Premium rebate and the occasional doubler goes a long way;) Be smart with you uri, resources and how you play
    the game. Remember if it not happening where you are find a place where it is;)

    Agreed, the reason i fly the Tart is for a change of pace and playing style. I been playing long enough that i have to jump out of my GOLI
    into something else. Sometimes when your in a UFE GOlI you tend to be OP against most opponents. Where in the TART if you come against
    a pretty strong player you can get good fights but almost never in any real danger of getting popped. Unless the other person has more skill
    than you. The only downside to flying the Tart 1V1's can be very expensive if you run into someone thats equal to you because you end
    using all the toys to get the kill.

    My fav tactic is to get people to chase me to middle then turn very aggressive in tank config unload sm bomb/rsb/whites/kami and rapid
    fire combo .Then switch to battle config. lol only the toughest players will stay and fight most will try to get away so be ready to chase them down:D

    Full Havoc, Full Herc Drones LVL 16, R launcher LVL 16, BO2 LVL 16 and LF-4's LVL 16-12
    I know what u mean Ive shot away just as many and several hundred k in promi on cubes, ubes, and boss's in the last two weeks. Yeah wish they would give us a way to stockpile it:cool:

    75% of the time i like to run Full hercs. I like the 500k plust HT pts and sheilds. I'll run full UFE (50/50) during event or pvp.
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  10. Odin®

    Odin® Forum Connoisseur

    nice ship compliments ... my congrats to you .... my account is still a [work in progress] :) . The only drawback from my experience with the Tartarus is its size .... too easy to get a lock on it when I do a flyby in my Spearhead. Remember now I don't fly alone when hunting. My partner in crime in most cases is in his Spectrum and he will start the fight . I move away still cloaked and do a shipwarp to my Diminisher and join the fight from there. It's a nice little tactic that works . When my OP and I pull this stunt we leave the clan and have our other co leader re-accept our apps back into the clan about a week later ;) ....
    I create clan missions for my members to help/assist them in their hunting skills and reward them with clan creds .... They enjoy the cloak and dagger game. Here's my POV ... Since I run a Credit Ship Building Clan . I search and find the more dedicated noob players and fly with them . I even get popped for them .... It's all in fun ...
    I wish to thank everyone in this thread for sharing their Tartarus ship and skill abilities configs .
    As I always say in departing from Global Chat .... 'be safe and have fun .... see you in my stars'
  11. hushing

    hushing Forum-Apprentice

    Please can somebody explain step by step in details how to achive the above statement.
  12. MyBigi

    MyBigi Forum Pro

    This thread its like more than 1 year old... no need to dig it up imo...

    And about the people saying that ur configs are not optimal.. they are right, they kinda suck, only usefull to kill those zombie ships that does not fight back, and to be honest, thats all you can probably do with those configs.

    Greetings from ★★★̣̣̣̣̣̣̣̣̣̣̣͘͘͘★̣͘ , he told me that he runs some basic configs for tartarus(1 heavy and 1 fast) and that whenever he sees you, he kills you with only 1 config, and that should be enough proof that the configs you are using aren't that good.

  13. All top 100 players on my server are in my logs multiple times, as for your friend, lol is all I can say.

    I don't consider comments from a bug user to have any legitimacy in the game. He is in my logs several times as well.

    This thread should have been closed then if it's a year old.

    Enjoy the game.

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