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Discussion in 'Technical Issues' started by Solid_Eye, Oct 13, 2015.

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  1. Solid_Eye

    Solid_Eye User Team Darkorbit

    Hi everyone,

    There's a few threads going now about how some of you have unfortunately gotten stuck in the Ultimate Battle Arena.

    If you have gotten stuck today, or from this point forward, we need your help so we can help you.

    Rather than continue to spread this across multiple threads, I'm going to ask we condense it here. So if you are stuck in the UBA we need you to please post back with this information for us:

    1) Your UserID (located top left of your backpage) and server
    2) When (server time) did you enter the UBA and get stuck?

    We will do what we can to get you unstuck, and knowing when you may have gotten stuck in the UBA is information we can pass on to the devs to help them look at what may be going on

    Though, here's hoping for minimal space pilots temporarily lost in the space-UBA-continuum :eek:


    Update July 2017:
    amended thread as we have gone on to experience more than just pilots stuck in the UBA.
    If you are stuck in a gate, UBA or CSZ please feel free to let us know in here. We will do our best to try to jump you out as soon as we can.

    Notice: Pilots on non "EN" servers or Global servers, we may have to direct you to your responsible language support team. Again we will try to let you know here as soon as we can.
    Last edited: Jul 7, 2017
  2. Solid_Eye

    Solid_Eye User Team Darkorbit

    I've jumped you to your home map, hopefully you're unstuck now
  3. Tulskyi1

    Tulskyi1 Forum-Greenhorn

    Hi there , . i am stuck in UBA .. says im waiting for opponant , but i am in 3-1 , but i cant switch ships , and i cant attack other players because it says i am still waiting , this has been like this for almost days now :( , please help
    ID 162517492 ..
    i went in last night about 8pm
  4. Solid_Eye

    Solid_Eye User Team Darkorbit

    I'm sorry, I have to ask that you contact the Russian language support team as they are responsible for the region the account is associated with.

    SKEEVE Forum-Greenhorn

    I am stuck,992350 U.S. east 1
  6. Deter

    Deter User Team Darkorbit

    Hello SKEEVE,

    Our recored indicate you are in Kappa gate, if this is correct then you will need to destroy the last npc in the map. If you are still stuck and have more lives then flying into radiation may help get you unstuck.

    SKEEVE Forum-Greenhorn

    thank you for your time,It was google chrome that was the problem......used mozilla everything is good to go....
  8. Tyranatator

    Tyranatator Forum-Greenhorn

    I was in my Y gate doing the last set of waves and lost connection. It was down for nearly 5 minuets. I cannot log into my e-mail account to send a message to support.
    I was wondering if I can get my last life back? [​IMG]29929046
  9. Deter

    Deter User Team Darkorbit

    Hello Tyranatator,

    Unfortunately we here on the Forums can not further assist you with the "lives" issue. Should you fail the gate you are able to contact Support and request a courtesy gate reset within 48hrs of a failed gate. They will not place you in the wave you failed the gate, but you will have another chance at completing the gate.

    Best of luck Space pilot!
  10. Tyranatator

    Tyranatator Forum-Greenhorn

    Thank you for the help.

    ĦΞΛĐ●ÇΛŠΞ Forum-Greenhorn

    hope this helps others being stuck in gates
    but when i was stuck in gate. i went to top left and bottom right and used pet kami to kill invisible npcs (aliens)
    this activates the exit portals in center of map.
    for some reason, some sort of glitch happens and our computers graphics dont display the npcs (aliens)
  12. Leonid_hydra

    Leonid_hydra Forum-Greenhorn

    I need help. I am stuck in the "waiting for opponent" screen in the UBA. The clock reaches zero but nothing happens.
    I can not do anything, it doesn't let me collect or change my equipment.
    Please help me.
    User id:
    [​IMG] 169271793
    Server: USA (West Coast)
  13. ‹«osa»›

    ‹«osa»› Forum-Greenhorn


    Issue was fixed upon server restart.
    Last edited: Jul 30, 2017
  14. Solid_Eye

    Solid_Eye User Team Darkorbit

    Apologies for the delay, but I'm glad to hear yours resolved ‹«osa»›

    Leonid_hydra, is this still a problem for you? At the moment it shows you in your own maps.
  15. chahat

    chahat Forum-Greenhorn

    i am new to this game. i select ultimate battle arena when in game and start to
    find opponent. then timer is started, after timer 0 and now still it is not
    canceled to find an opponent. it is not cancelling and now i am not able to
    collect any item from space. and in log it shows. "Ultimate Battle Arena: You
    can't collect any items while waiting for an opponent." .. please help me in
    this thing. i am not able to collect any item due to which i am not able to
    complete my missions.
  16. Solid_Eye

    Solid_Eye User Team Darkorbit

    I can't guarantee that jumping you will work for that but we can try. We need you to provide your userid and server though.
    You can find your userid at the top left of your backpage.
  17. OSIRIS9421

    OSIRIS9421 Forum-Greenhorn

    Im stuck trying to get out of refractions, it glitched out when I was trying to jump in. Every time I try to warp from a different hangar the game disconnects immediately which means I have a few hangars with no location or anything.

    User ID: 160995851
    Server: Global America 5
  18. Deter

    Deter User Team Darkorbit

    Hello OSIRIS9421,

    Did a few stuff to try and get you out of the refraction zone, are you still experiencing this issue?
  19. OSIRIS9421

    OSIRIS9421 Forum-Greenhorn

    Yeah it still seems to be stuck at the moment
  20. Deter

    Deter User Team Darkorbit

    We're sorry to hear that, unfortunately with my unsuccessful attempts to get you unstuck you will need to wait for the Server restart to get unstuck. You will most likely get the same reply if you were to contact Support about this issue.
  21. -esoxlucius-

    -esoxlucius- Forum-Greenhorn

    I wanted to enter R-zone and didn´t get drawed.

    Did a relog, and i just get the "connecting..."-window, can´t enter the map.
    ( clanmates said, they see me on r-zone in group-window...)


    Tx for moving me out, if possible.

    GΞNΩHĂŦCĦ™[ĐŇМΞ] Forum-Apprentice

    hi i too am stuck in refractions i jumped in and it never opened, when i re logged and tried warping or diff hangars i was in 3-6 then 3-8 map but with refractions on it very strange. it now gets stuck and can no longer open game server it just times out have cleared cache history etc relogged and restarted pc still stuck in no mans land plz help. best not be wasting boosters plus you owe me for some quests been about 4 hours now proper ruining my life- on gb1.

    still stuck and no response starting to get wound up now, meant to come on here to chill.
    Last edited by moderator: Aug 10, 2017
  23. Deter

    Deter User Team Darkorbit


    Have locked/unlocked and jumped your account to your home map. If you are still experiencing this issue then you may need to wait until the server restart comes around.

    I don't see how we are supposed to jump you out without the proper information listed. Please include your UserID and Server.
  24. tiptop71

    tiptop71 Forum-Greenhorn

    Im stuck in UBA get me out please
    GA1 168302787
  25. Deter

    Deter User Team Darkorbit

    Have locked/unlocked and jumped your account to your home map. If you are still experiencing this issue then you may need to wait until the server restart comes around.

    GΞNΩHĂŦCĦ™[ĐŇМΞ] Forum-Apprentice

    sorry my user [​IMG]34227425
    Clan: Marmite's Army
  27. Username_007

    Username_007 Forum-Greenhorn

    Hi. Me too stuck in UBA...waiting for opponent. :(

    Global Europe 4
  28. Solid_Eye

    Solid_Eye User Team Darkorbit

    GΞNΩHĂŦCĦ™[ĐŇМΞ] & Username_007
    I've attempted to jump you both. Username_007, if you are still stuck with the UBA countdown, you may need to try getting your ship destroyed, beyond that there isn't much more I can suggest beyond trying to wait it out :/


    GΞNΩHĂŦCĦ™[ĐŇМΞ] Forum-Apprentice

    Thank you Solid eye absolutely brilliant i am now in 3-1 appreciate all of your help and perseverance :)
  30. Solid_Eye

    Solid_Eye User Team Darkorbit

    you're welcome^^
  31. TerrorPvP

    TerrorPvP Forum-Greenhorn

    ID 165735356
    Im not stuck in the map im stuck joinging UBA "wait for oponent" and then i counts down from 30 secs and then just sits there forever hyas been like this for 4 hours

    GΞNΩHĂŦCĦ™[ĐŇМΞ] Forum-Apprentice

    hi again so my speccy is out of refractions but my saturn is still stuck there just went to swap ships and its on map --- blank lol
    thank you
  33. .**♥║Dj║βass║♥**

    .**♥║Dj║βass║♥** Forum-Greenhorn

    U id 46333838
    the countdown never end i think im into the uba but my ship is in normal maps, i cant change my ship or logout.
    my bonus box doubler is running but i cant collect boxes

    Have attempted to jump you out. let us know if the issue persists.
    Last edited by moderator: Aug 13, 2017 at 4:47 AM
  34. .**♥║Dj║βass║♥**

    .**♥║Dj║βass║♥** Forum-Greenhorn

    the problem continues, the clock say 0:00 and i cant do anything.

    I have tried to jump you again, if it does not work please try logging completely out and clearing your cookies and cache.
    Last edited by moderator: Aug 13, 2017 at 5:04 AM
  35. .**♥║Dj║βass║♥**

    .**♥║Dj║βass║♥** Forum-Greenhorn

    i cleanes them, but the problem persist, im not in uba map but the uba window say "waith for you opponent" and the countdown never end
    Last edited: Aug 13, 2017 at 5:33 AM
  36. Solid_Eye

    Solid_Eye User Team Darkorbit

    **♥║Dj║βass║♥**, there isn't anything we can do to reset a countdown clock on UBA or Refractions. The next best suggestion we can make is getting your ship destroyed. Beyond that & what's been tried already, all that can be done is to wait it out unfortunately.

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