Issue: Stuck in UBA/CSZ

Discussion in 'Technical Issues' started by Solid_Eye, Oct 13, 2015.

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  1. user id 50659087

    sever us 1

    time 10:57 P.M.

    yes . iam still stuck
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  2. Solid_Eye

    Solid_Eye User Team Darkorbit

    hm, well i've tried jumping you - I don't know that it necessarily will do anything atm since it still says you're in a home map but suppose we'll see :/

  3. ßισσdѕ-J-ƒαЯ

    ßισσdѕ-J-ƒαЯ Forum-Apprentice


    I play GB1 and my user ID is 45845506.

    I tried to jump in refraction, It didnt jump me in and now I cant get on game. Please take a look asap if you wouldnt mind.


    This is beyond a joke... wait three hours to get back on. Jump in refraction, theres a server restart and low and behold I cant get on again

    I'm sorry, for some reason I didn't get a notifier there was a new posting here:( I hope you managed to get out since :/
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    IRON-THRONE Advanced

    US East 3 Server
    Been stuck exiting R-ZONE since 17:35 EST 1/4/2016 Hasn't been able to Establish connection for nearly 6 hours
  5. Deter

    Deter User Team Darkorbit

    Hello IRON-THRONE,

    Our apologies for the delayed response. Our records show you currently in 3-1.

    IRON-THRONE Advanced

    Hello Deter. The System would have showed me to be in 3-1,..but as of midnight EST, I was still not able to log onto the game.
    Is there going to be any compensation for the 50% EP and Honor for the 6 plus hours I was not able to get on the game?
  7. Midjo

    Midjo Forum-Greenhorn

    ID 164557369
    Server: Global America (int2)

    Got stuck at 3-1 map after doing zeta gate!
  8. Solid_Eye

    Solid_Eye User Team Darkorbit

    It shows you still there so i jumped you since that's where your ship would go anyway. Bit odd to be stuck in a map that isn't the gate itself tho o.0

    Anywho, hopefully it worked^^
  9. Santa♥Diabla

    Santa♥Diabla Forum-Greenhorn

    Solid,we are all stuck in Global America one..We cannot even log out.And my proxium boosters are running :( user id
    [​IMG] 167913789
  10. Midjo

    Midjo Forum-Greenhorn

    Thank you for your help, but its still the same!
  11. Solid_Eye

    Solid_Eye User Team Darkorbit

    Right, the issue on GA1 (and possibly other GA servers) isn't necessarily a "stuck" situation as seemingly a server one. & For the server issue there isn't anything we can do here to fix it or get you out.

    It's been reported & devs are aware, but the only thing we can do at the moment is wait.

  12. ♥♥BAD-GIRL♥♥

    ♥♥BAD-GIRL♥♥ Active Author

    i am stuck in refraction as of 3 pm central time ca oddessy tried to help but on my screen it says i am still in refraction lets me click exit puts me back on home map then jumps me back in there by itself HELP!! i have tried uninstalling google ,cleared cache and samething still STUCK [​IMG]56299501 thank you for help
  13. Solid_Eye

    Solid_Eye User Team Darkorbit

    We tried jumping you BadGirl, unfortunately it didn't seem to be working
    I did report it, but unfortunately as long as the system doesn't cooperate in us jumping you out, there isn't much more we can do right now but wait :(
  14. SOsa

    SOsa Forum-Greenhorn

    hello I am stuck at uba can you get me out please
    167666441 user id
    server gb2
  15. Solid_Eye

    Solid_Eye User Team Darkorbit

    It shows you in another map right now, is this still an issue?
  16. loerayou67pot

    loerayou67pot Forum-Greenhorn

    ID: 64308950
    I am stuck in Refraction.
  17. Solid_Eye

    Solid_Eye User Team Darkorbit

    Jumped to your home map, hopefully it worked
  18. crazytoon

    crazytoon Regular

    When I click fight I am transferred to UBA arena but i lose connection and then it keep saying trying to connect. I have lost 4 games now. By the time i get connected i am already dead

    User ID 98541520
    Last edited: Mar 10, 2017
  19. Solid_Eye

    Solid_Eye User Team Darkorbit

    Are you stuck, or just losing connection and getting sent back to the normal maps after the match then?
  20. crazytoon

    crazytoon Regular

    I am not stuck. Its the connection issue. I dont even see opponent sometimes . I keep losing matches coz of connection issues. I have no issues when i am playing on regular maps.

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