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JPA On Hold - Feedback Thread

Discussion in 'Game Discussion & Feedback' started by Ddraig, Jul 27, 2015.

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  1. Ddraig

    Ddraig Forum General

    Hello all,

    There has been a new announcement by the Producer regarding the current status of future Jackpot Arena events. As always we welcome any feedback you may have regarding this recent announcement.


    Due to the nature of the announcement, please keep the accusations and flaming to a minimum so that we can leave your feedback intact to be read by the developers of the game.
  2. As i've wrote on German Forums already also, there is just 1 Way to finally kick out Bugusers, Sharers and Cheaters of the Game.

    Permanent Bans - On the Main Acc, and all others owned by this Player.

    Not more, not less.
  3. Okapi32

    Okapi32 Forum Freak

    Beyond giving serious bans for anyone who wins an event with a shared / bought account, how is it possible to stop this? As far as events go for money the JPA was a pretty fair format, not as fun as JPB but it was fairer for sure. No matter what event you do people will take their chances thinking that if they win you wont find evidence of them sharing or buying their account.

    If you want it to stop you will have to make big examples of winners who you found to be cheating. You didn't even do so much as suspend the 2 people who got the the finals (2015-05-10) by using a obvious glitch to reset cooldowns on ISH and EMP. People are not scared of being caught when they win JPA by cheating, they often get rewarded for it instead.
  4. Absolutely with you, Owning.
  5. KilerStreak

    KilerStreak Forum Demigod

    I agree with Keeqo, just permanently ban the account.
    If that's too much, put some sort of script/tag on their account, that automatically removes the ability for that player to sign up for JPA, as in the window to register doesn't open up.
  6. Rossi

    Rossi Active Author

    Can anybody tell me, what happend this time? I've never played JPA, but I've seen some videos with those ish and emp glitches.

    And I am all for, for banning people who use those bugs, glitches and errors for their advantage. Not for a week, or month, or 3 months, but at least a year and never give them a chance to play JPA ever again! But we all know, you will never do that, because then you would lost a paying player.

    Btw: there are boters and scripters in the game again. So you should do something about it as well, because your scripts obviously doesn't work, as we can see the same players boting day after day.
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    SOLAREMPIRE™ Forum-Apprentice

    an EASY FIX make a second an third place place prize doesn't have to be much $500, 1yr premium, drone designs, log disks ect.

    then if the first place account gets disqualified promote 2nd place to be declared the winner , just default the prize to the second place or third if they to get disqualified !

    how about monitoring the last few battles and running a specific script during the last battles and have some watch during the fight developers , mods, or some experienced people (players?) that will or can catch them in the act?

    (sorry i was writing reply when above asked the same question)
    what happened in the recent jpa? with out being too specific (i don't want to know how the glitch was done just what they did) , wondering did they use the same as last battle or something different ?
    just say something different. i don't follow the game much anymore and am just curious about what they did to get booted?
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  8. Okapi32

    Okapi32 Forum Freak

    The ISH / EMP cooldown bug happened once, a few month ago, it is just the most obvious example of when 2 finalists cheated to get their and there was zero action taken against the 2 finalists so I just mentioned it as a easy example of where nothing happened.

    This change in JPA seems to have come about because DO have started looking very carefully into the winners accounts for things like sharing and buying accounts, subsequently they have discovered that almost all of the finalists are sharing and buying accounts etc. If they had been doing this all along we would probably see 1 winner a year x)
    So now they made this thread asking for feedback on how the community thinks they should proceed with it all.
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  9. MяF™

    MяF™ Someday Author

    Firstly i think Dark Orbit need to take responsibility in some of this, as i don't think in the 5+ years i have played the game, have i ever seen a crack down on account trading or account sharing (although i assume that is harder to deal with). I am sure most of us on our servers notice top players getting new account owners, yet nothing is ever done about it because support only accept evidence of them admitting their purchase in chat. Therefore when support fail to look into accounts without the player admitting it, then don't be surprised when these players abuse the system and start trading accounts more and more. You only have to look all over Facebook to see people boasting and gloating about what they can do. It's genuinely insulting what people can get away with.

    Therefore firstly, i would strongly recommend the developers/producers/community team, review how account trading/sharing investigations are done, because quite frankly you are not going to deter people from doing it under the current methods (of needing the player admit to it in chat). Your support team should be able to investigate a user without the need of chat evidence, because if you are able to check the winners for foul play on their accounts, then surely support should equally be able to check the general complaints they receive from players in the game. Then, once people start to understand that DO are cracking down, that will soon deter people from getting involved in the practice themselves.

    Secondly, you need to be firmer! I don't think wiley_wiggins post was to the point, you need to be clear and concise and it should be on the JPA layer "We will investigate the winners for violations of the T&C's etc...accounts will be removed from the game if found guilty etc...". I'm pretty sure if the layer warns that players could lose their account for cheating, then that too would prevent some of these people entering and ruining the competition.

    Thirdly, i believe you should really introduce in-game rewards to the Top #2-#256 players, so that even if a scenario arises where the winning player is found to have cheated in one shape or another, then the event wouldn't have been an entire waste, and those who did participate to the dying stages would receive some form of reward. (the rewards should still be given when there is a legitimate winner).

    Hopefully that was somewhat productive :cool:
  10. I think there should be 2 stages of ban 1st stage - ban for 1 month, 2nd - permanent ban

    I've another questions now, why a botuser can't get the money of JPA ? Now if you use any bot you get permabann ! So i think there is no more botuser.

    In France we can't get nothing by Admins if we're Botuser ( like for the Video contest or admin vs player ).

    I Know that i wasn't right to use bot in past, now i am fair.

    I also agree with you
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  11. BMλŋ916-ƒliesUSƒlaǧ

    BMλŋ916-ƒliesUSƒlaǧ Forum Commissioner

    Foul play has been in TA as well ,I have fought 4 different players colonel to 3 star who seemed virtually un-killable.Me being boosted up with all ammo at my disposal these guys took me out with 1 config, while the millions of shields I had seemed as only a fraction of their one config.

    Its a good idea to get a hold of this now.
    Giving a cheater the option to continue playing after being caught lets them feel as a winner...Like they have cheated the system and got away with it, their head swells tremendously and they boast about being the best or one of them.I do expect better screening of ships configs where some body say who has 10 drones and designs isnt placed with a maxed goli if they decide to use a nos or even a liberator in TA.Id like to be able to have a ufe ship and another more FE ship to fight smaller players so that im not stuck fighting wallet warriors from other servers all the time say if ive run out of rsb or something.

    Back on JPA I think DO could make something to skim through and see if any malicious programs are detected from users before each fight of course would take some tweaking to avoid banning innocent players like it did to MAC users in the past.

    And if you Announce in chat via System:Announcement of who was banned for unfair play...If people see real cheaters getting banned instead of a warning to refrain from cheating with serious punishment they might just get the idea.
  12. [removed]

    On to the thread, it's about damn time DO has done something, too many of the winners, have gotten their wins from someone good using their ships, or from cheating, and nothing was ever done about it.
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  13. RomsterRED†

    RomsterRED† Forum-Apprentice

    Its good that if there is now REALLY going on lookout for bugs and even a REAL try fix any. But indeed its ridiculous that only 1 player gets (if gets) win, there should be something like top 3 or top 10 rewarded and yeah then if someone(s) gets suspended then just give that players position to others. It would be only fair as comparing to how much uri we spend for all boosters and ammo so that we could actually try to chase the win.

    For bug users I would like to have an similiar ban system like in pushing but I would use it like this: 1st stage = 1 month ban, 2nd stage = 3 month ban and last stage = permanent ban

    What comes to support they could really start to DO their work - Nobody in nowadays support seems to care from those who share their acc with many ppl to get better rank and pushers too never get banned even how much evidence you give, this is not fair for us PAYING CUSTOMERS as we have right to expect that customer support really does their work instead of just replying to every ticket something similiar to "thanks" and then just move on to next not even doing any checks on possible t&c breaking. If that doesn't change i wont give bp any € until some action happens!

    But this, huge flaming against those who haveeither got free or bought their acc's i just cant understand. Yeah it might feel wrong to you how youve spent fortune of cash and time (just like me) to get all you can and then someone buys an acc and has all for much lower price, i couldn't care less. I have a different way to think this: If someone stops playing and has no intention to come back why it should be forbidden to give someone else good time with an stuff you dont need anymore - its like you would had bought an nice car and then suddendly you either couldn't use it anymore or want to use it and then it would be forbidden to sell it. The fact is that exactly the acc buyers keep the "dead" servers even somehow populated + There would be so much less acc buy IF bp wouldn't have so ridiculously high uridium cost and so low chanches for newbies to achieve anything. Ive made in these an another acc from pure zero and i completely understand why ppl dont want to make their acc's anymore: nobody wants to pay 100€ for only 990k uridium at mhh as that stands almost for nothing these days and by freeplaying the acc progress would be so death slow that eventually player would just get so frustrated and then comes boom more ufe stuff and these ppl start to think: do they want to continue or just leave. Its more bps OWN fault why ppl instead of makin own, buys someones acc - so lover the prices and increase uri gain rate + make newbies progressing easier, acc buying would happen so much less.
  14. þå®å§¦†£

    þå®å§¦†£ Exceptional Talent

    Here is the thing. Your all worried about your money going to a "cheater". But everyday we express our concerns of cheating here in the forums any you turn a blind eye. Now your getting our point and want to act now because its hurting your pockets. When you should have taken the time and really looked at what all we had to say in the first place. If you would have we wouldnt be posting in this thread and this game would be a lot better!! So to put it bluntly your getting what you asked for. Stop giving accounts back to cheaters, Quit offering them a buy back! And step up to the plate and do something already!!!!
  15. west-star

    west-star Active Author

    nicely done darkorbit , you play us for a fool , here is how i see it ,

    darkorbit allows botters and cheaterz , now they cancelled every JpA , that will save darkorbit at least 10,000 euro , and dollars ,
    does this ring a bell for you all ?
    darkorbit is just one big scam , they play you all for a fool

    nothing is being done , all i see on servers is ppl blaming each other for bot use or whatever , ppl start to not like each other no more and trust is gone since 2010 in this game , seems like a win win situation for bigpoint , its all about the money ,
    and ppl who go blame each other will buy uri faster , its a marketing stategy , and it seems to work for bigpoint ..

    get rid of the botters and cheating moderators
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  16. BOBOZ

    BOBOZ Forum-Greenhorn


    Now my opinion on all this. In my opinion it really shouldnt matter if the user who won the jpa had bought the account or had shared it. It doesnt have anything to do with that he won it, it takes skill. Buying UFE account doesnt make you a good player :)

    Whole different thing if the winner uses bugs. It ruins the game for everyone else, alot of people use money in jpa too. Atleast 1 month account ban and permanent ban from jpa.

    Also, for 99% of people in this forum. Dont just make useless complaints like "OMG FIX BUGS BAN BOTTERS MAKE JPA BETTER WHY ARE THERE BUG USERS GIVE US MORE URI TEST2 OMG BLABLABLA TURK POWER".

    Give them ideas to fix the situation. I myself think the amount of uridium in aliens is perfectly fine atm, but i am aware there are alot of people that dont agree with me. I play on a small server where gaining uridium is easy.

    Keep it up devs, we have faith in you <3

    btw, if any of you guys actually read this; The infection color in 3D is too bright. The green really hurts my eyes after a while and its as bright even on low settings :s
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  17. If you don't work for your equipment, and just jump ahead, how is it fair? Whether they won it or not, it's still cheating.
    And not all the time, is it the better man winning in JPA, i'v seen some people do a lot of misses in JPA, and lose because they couldn't get their hits in compared to the other.
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  18. Blue~Lazer

    Blue~Lazer Junior Expert

    to hell with month bans and staging systems. we have been told cheats are caught and banned and staging systems get changed more times than a babies nappy over the years, yet people get banned and then return . how is that punishment? how many years have the players cheated their way through this game using programs, bugs or acct sharing or acct buying and know the rules? they all know its against the T&Cs but because they get away with it or take small punishments, they dont really have much to lose as when they get their accts back they know they can use whatever means to work it back and take the illegal chance all over again. so im with hardstyle. BAN PERMANENTLY. and not just because its JPA. ban permanently thro whatever coding you guys need to come up with to detect illegal programs ingame to not just track cheaters in a JPA that only affects you who pay out real cash, but also to track the cheaters in the actual game itself. you make it sound like its ok to cheat in the game , as after all what does it matter if the honest players suffer huh ? , yet not ok to cheat in JPA because its you who is then affected. double standards much ? ban all cheats whether its an even or just plain normal daily game play. ban for good and no giving accts back and players will soon realise that after 5 years or more you have actually grown a set of you know whats and are finally starting no tolerance. !!!!!
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  19. I think it's funny a top user on GA1, who's a big DO youtuber, got caught using skylab tech bug in PvP so he could get General faster, and only got a 1 week ban.
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    ΣVØŁÚŤÏØИ Active Author

    Probably one of the best posts I've seen today,


    I for one cannot participate in Jackpot because of state regulations but, always nice to see Bigpoint Reap the rewards from the people that cannot seem to keep their PvP clean and actually acquire some virtual skills.
    It is a known fact that a "certain" 2-3 users have used and abused different bugs in order to obtain an easy 10,000 Euro's.

    Now the question is; why did you as a company not take VERY specific steps to ensure these same people do not try to win the massive money prize again?


    I find it almost impossible to monitor every account playing jackpot arena to ensure each and every one is not sharing or using some sort of bug.

    That isn't to say the Jackpot arena is hopeless, perhaps a revision in its properties should be looked into; making event more frequent but with less end reward, 2-4 times monthly with an end reward ranging from $2,500 - $5,000.

    In this circumstance should a variation of cheating be found It would not leave all other players in a position where they are not able to win some kind of reward but once every 2 months due to cancellation.
    - Best I could come up with...


    Please implement an In-game prize for those of not allowed to participate in cash game prizes; just as we are allowed to win the In-game prize from the current running Hitac I see no reason why we should be taken out of and forgotten about for the jackpot arena.
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