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June - Twitch

Discussion in 'Game Discussion & Feedback' started by Solid_Eye, Jun 21, 2017.

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  1. Solid_Eye

    Solid_Eye Board Administrator Team Darkorbit

    Hello everyone,

    The next twitch stream is aimed for tomorrow. If you have any particular questions for it you can leave them here, so if the team aim for any Q&A they can check for some of yours here.

  2. Can u speak about use of credits in game,what about exchange credits for uri for something like that.Also can u remove faster shooting rockets when u have prem or just put same attack speed for nonprem users so it would be fair.
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  3. Is it in the plans to be able to make Indoctrine Oil alone? Not needing a huge group for a gate?


    Also, for those of us who have played for years, CAN WE GET MORE ALIEN QUESTS?

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  4. -Äppiäinen-

    -Äppiäinen- Junior Expert

    Some of the players (only a few) have already got all of the newest ships (cyborg, hammerclaw, mimesis). Are you going to add more ships, which are available only with oil?
  5. Can this new event wont exploit the advantage to allien botters .in global america 4 there are many allien botters now, free to kill but hard to do because they are significantly strong and doing skills in spectrum to evade specially when your near they even change drone designs automatically..May I know to the developers if they did really script to detect this players 24/7 generals in their rank, chief colonel, colonel and top ranks players. In short the allien botters are commonly the players in top who are craving for good ranks.
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  6. sebyisback100

    sebyisback100 Forum-Greenhorn

    Q: Can you overhaul the titles (Master of the Orbit, Space Cleaner, Dark Pilot, etc.) by making it more distinguished than the other titles. Also do something about people who use a 2nd or alt account to secure their title without letting others have a crack at popping them.

    Q: Can you make Schism Crystal more attainable? Ex: Making 2x the Schism Crystal during double gate Sunday and making the Schism Crystal permanently a gate reward.

    Q: Overhaul of Skylab and Tech Factory?

    Q: Can you analyze pattern of botters in Galaxy Gate? The most popular ones always circle the NPC in the same EXACT way. This can be a tip for botting scripts. Maybe insta ban for those who are online for 48 hr+ and being active during that time.

    Q: Can you lower the uridium prices for FE equipment? FE should be considered baseline for a newbie to survive in a game full of vicious UFE hunters.

    Q: Can you make Scrap and other crafting boxes appear more often?

    Q: Can we get more gate quests for LOW, ABG, Hades, Lambda, Kuiper? (Phil I'm looking at you)

    Q: Can you turn upgrade hour into a day-long event? Upgrade hour isn't predictable and it's such a short window of time.

    Q: Can you do an aesthetic overhaul of the backpage? It doesn't utilize the full screen resolution. Also stuff like Messages in clan page is obsolete.

    Q: Can you improve the CBS shield distribution? Moth very easily destroys the central CBS.
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  7. EmperorOfTheOrbit

    EmperorOfTheOrbit Forum-Apprentice

    It has now been TWO YEARS since the demise of the Jackpot Arena battles. Isn't it about time you removed the useless euros from bonus boxes?
  8. coobo99

    coobo99 Junior Expert

    Can you fix the VoT before it is actually released?

    For example -

    Havoc 0.1% Hercules 0.1%
    Should be 20% each

    For quests to appear you first need to complete the prior quest, for example for Hidden Agent to be at the quest-giver you must first complete Systems Shock.
    Should not exist

    Silver Bat 12% Silver Skull 12% Silver Reaper 12% Green Bat 10% Green Skull 10% Green Reaper 10% Red Bat 6% Red Skull 6% Red Reaper 6% Blue BAT 4% Blue Skull 4% Blue Reaper 4% Silver Demon 2% Inferno 1% Frost 1%
    Get rid of half

    UCB-100 8,500 20% RB-214 12,000 20% UBR-100 750 20% PLT-2021 1,500 10% HSTRM-01 1,500 30%

    MCB-25 30,000 25% MCB-50 15,000 20% SAB-50 7,500 15% RB-214 5,000 10% PLT-2021 500 7% PLT-3030 2,100 6% SAR-02 750 5.5% UBR-100 500 5% DD-M01 100 2% PLD-8 150 2% CBR-375 375 2% EMP-01 20 0.5%
    Add 50%

    * EP: ~ 10,000 * Honor ~ 30 * Credits: * 50,000 * Uridium: ~ 30 * Aurus: ~ 1
    150,000 500 800,000 200 10

    Lives: 3

    ΣχχØηŞÚÞΣЯҒŁØ Forum-Apprentice

    I was wondering if you would address the bonus box situation with regards to euro dollars. Also since I already own all the ships that the booty would give out and receive 10k uri, then what of the modules? If I have the module already, then can some other compensation be dropped by the box? Now speaking of server merge again. Have you decided which ship would be allowed? I have my best on us west yet that same account is linked to east2 and east3. I would like to keep the west if you are planning to give a choice or have you even thought of a plan?
  10. batata

    batata Forum Inhabitant

    An old school server please?
    Just because the game isn´t fun anymore. Even if u fix all bus and lag players still dislike those overpowered ufes and the fact that this is a farming game now instead of the pve pvp it was before.
    Just make an experiment in test server and see for yourselfs: remove bio, drone forms, drone designs, lf4s, etc and then launch it, even u will have fun playing then.
    U can monetyse on cosmetics, u just need to add a chance factor to it just like lf4s work now.
    Last edited: Jun 22, 2017
  11. BestGArenEUW

    BestGArenEUW Forum Baron

    Have you now any plans for changes of the in-game economy (Uri from NPCs, credits, shop prices etc.)?

    So no stream today (Thursday)...
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  12. Solid_Eye

    Solid_Eye Board Administrator Team Darkorbit

    Sorry guys, the stream had to be rescheduled.
    We will update the announcement thread as soon as we have the next time for it.
  13. ]Coldheart[

    ]Coldheart[ Exceptional Talent

    Prices for designs need to be redone.
    If a different design for a ship is out and all it is able to do is look different (ie: cosmetic), then it's a paint job and the price should not be more than 10% of base design.
    If a design has some alteration to ability of the base ship, then the same cost as the base ship may be in order, but, that design should be allowed to be used without having to purchase the base ship design also.
  14. WarLord_Mark

    WarLord_Mark Junior Expert

    Why are the missions that were taken away, not be put back? I contacted support and NOTHING CHANGED. Please give me credit for all my work. Why should I have to start all over again with 4 missions that were huge to complete. Please help me.... Either complete my missions that you took away( which is right) or put me back with all effort and correct counts so I can complete them. Warlord_Mark.... #[​IMG]56780687 I love this game. Please make it right for your program issues with your customers....We will continue to play when we are treated with respect and caring....thanks for your assistance with this issue.
  15. ]Coldheart[

    ]Coldheart[ Exceptional Talent

    Suggestion for any event gate(s):
    If NPC's are to be used as what seemed to be an exterminating tool, please, at least use the same sort of algorithim to have them move about the map similar to how the current Protegits move, not as a globby cluster.
  16. Solid_Eye

    Solid_Eye Board Administrator Team Darkorbit

    They were not able to repair the lost progress. Please contact support, since now it is know the progress cannot be restored they'll work with you to check it out and do what they can.

  17. WarLord_Mark

    WarLord_Mark Junior Expert

    THEY have done nothing and have not contacted me... Why is this so hard to do what is right.... I wish someone important could help me.
  18. Solid_Eye

    Solid_Eye Board Administrator Team Darkorbit

    Like I said, please contact them again. The situation has changed since it originally occurred, if you would contact them again they will do what they can. If you don't, then there is nothing further to be done.

  19. BestGArenEUW

    BestGArenEUW Forum Baron

    Q: Do you support the idea "fuel for credits"? A level 15 PET with many protocols and gears consume too much fuel and Uri.
  20. What about a different way to get oil's for the new ships, i have many cpu's and log in everyday stay on for hours and always ask players to come to the QZ gate not only can't I find players but i can't even get a response "EVER". IN GA3 there is nobody interested in getting the new ships so either the server is dead now or no one is interested in doing that gate for the oils. Also every time i log in to the game i check how many players are even on the server and to my surprise at the most i see 10 players. I'm thinking DO needs to do something about the game just to many players are either leaving the game or just leaving their ships bot until they see a change in the game. Cause even though DO doesn't want to do anything about the botters "it seems" when I log in and half the players on are botting? Don't believe me just head towards the ships that are botting and see what the new bots do haha. DO thinks they were so smart lets say just lower the rewards for the bonus boxes so botters won't make as much from it, well didn't they show DO now cause they just changed the bots to kill aliens now. And the programs are so good that you can follow the ships while invisible and drop mines around them and their bot detects the mine and just fly's around them. If you even travel towards the new bot's they head to the nearest portal before you even enter the screen. If That doesn't tell DO that the way the game is heading is not good I don't know what is gonna. What DO needs is changes to day to day event's for starters how boring is kronos and double GG's getting i mean every weekend both days just do gate, gate, gate, i'm sure it was ok for players and DO was probably making good money and that's what a company does but it has gone on so many weekends in a row with no changes that now i log in on double gg's and same as trying to find players for QZ gate also having a hard time finding players to do hades why? only one answer "nobody is playing".

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