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Laser issue

Discussion in 'General Issues' started by •►ŦHΣENĐ-❶, Oct 11, 2019 at 3:56 PM.

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  1. •►ŦHΣENĐ-❶

    •►ŦHΣENĐ-❶ Forum-Greenhorn

    Hello guys,
    I have trouble with my lasers.. When I want to attact enemy players from other companies Im getting into situations when my lasers doesn't work.. It deals 0 damage. In other way when I just attacking aliens(NPC) it's everything okay and I deal them 7000 per shot...

    btw Im using seprom into my lasers.. is that reason why its doesn't work? Any idea?
  2. darkorbitking11

    darkorbitking11 Forum-Greenhorn

    With drone formation are u useing?
    If u are useing the 3D drone formation X thema is that the problem becouse of had the fallowing bonnuses

    • -100 honour rewarded
    • Your lasers cause no damage to enemy players
    • +5% Laser Damage against aliens
    • +5% XP from aliens
    • +8% HP
  3. •►ŦHΣENĐ-❶

    •►ŦHΣENĐ-❶ Forum-Greenhorn

    omg thanks a lot man thats it :)
  4. darkorbitking11

    darkorbitking11 Forum-Greenhorn

    Do you have other quastions or may a mod close the thread?
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  5. ~zookeeperz~

    ~zookeeperz~ Forum-Greenhorn

    There's a perfect solution there. Why can't it work both ways. If you are equiped with X thema drones. You cannot shoot eney players so the same should be in reverse. Makes pve a valid option for those who don't pvp?
  6. Turri

    Turri Moderator Team Darkorbit

    Thanks @darkorbitking11 for helping OP with his issue.
    Does OP have anymore questions or may i close the thread?
  7. Because a PVE environment would be a different game, it would no longer be Dark Orbit.

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