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Discussion in 'Technical Issues' started by Xmancode, Oct 12, 2017.

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  1. Xmancode

    Xmancode Someday Author

    If the "Lava Sentinel" Skin is selected in the hangar, than you can't activate the ship.

    In this case, you need to change another Sentinel skin, than activate the ship.

    The same thing, if you want to use "Lava Sentinel" Skin - you need to select another Sentinel skin first- than activate the Ship - and than select "Lava Sentinel" skin.
  2. Kyro

    Kyro Padavan

    Hm, I also seem to have this issue and also selecting a non-"active" ship then selecting the Lava Sentinel it lets you activate it*. So basically it seems that if you try to click on it while you have your "active" ship selected, it will still show as an already "active" ship. To just show this exactly I'll put a gif of it in a spoiler:

    (the end of the gif is when I click activate, but it does also let you click it after selecting a non-"active" ship first)

    *It is quicker to do that than selecting a different design, then selecting Lava. It seems I have the exact same issue anyway, would be kinda weird if it just affects certain people or in certain ways. (but at least my User ID etc is in my signature if needed to check/investigate further)

    Edit: Are still able to "activate" it without any problem from selecting it from the "favorite slots". As see in the gif I also have the Legend Sentinel design, but that doesn't have this issue.

    Another thing I have tried is unfavoriting it, just in case but being favorited doesn't seem to matter(whether active ship, or Lava Sentinel). Also I have cleared browsers cache/flash and tried using different browsers but still have this issue(Firefox, Chrome and Edge).

    One more thing I've found out: If have it set as an "active" ship, when go to the hangar page again it looks like the following(which need to basically do one of the things mentioned earlier to sort it out):
    (Can't click on either "button")

    If change the Sentinel design it will look like it's supposed to, but if select a different ship then the Lava Sentinel again... it will look like this even though it is already an "active" ship:


    Which it will keep looking like that after select a different ship, then the Lava Sentinel again.
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