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LF-4 Enhancement Feedback

Discussion in 'Game Discussion & Feedback' started by Deter, Feb 22, 2017.

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  1. Deter

    Deter Board Administrator Team Darkorbit

    Hello everyone,

    The Development team are looking for feedback regarding the LF-4 enhancements that will be out tomorrow and would love to hear from you regarding this update.

    LF-4 Enhancement FAQ'

    Take care and have Fun!
  2. .M0lnja.

    .M0lnja. Forum-Greenhorn

    400 log disks for one lf-4 are you kidding us ???
  3. *~~VIPER~~*

    *~~VIPER~~* Forum-Apprentice

    idk what to say just more pay to win 400 log is to much.
    so 400 log =120k uri
    a lf4 laser = like 100 keys =150k uri or you can try to ghet from epsilon, kapa or hades but chace for drop are so bad anyway
    about ore i wait to see how much do i need to farm or how much i need to pay
  4. hushing

    hushing Forum-Apprentice


    Can the somebody from DO team update with more details the FAQ and clarify detail in it.

    What will happen if we try to use 1 LF-4 level 16 for this upgrade?

    What is base damage that will be used when this update is applied and give us 5% more on it regardless the type we chose except Hyperplasmoid?

    What is Blue Diamond Requirement,Green Prism Requirement,Yellow Flash requirement and where can it be obtained?

    What is requirement to upgrade the LF-4?

    What is needed to produce the upgrade - all of those 350 Blue +160 Green + 300 Yellow +400 Log disk + 1 LF4 level 0?

    What amount of which ores will be drooped from specific NPC and will it replace the cargo or what is the percentage change to drop new ores?
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  5. ]ACED[

    ]ACED[ Forum-Greenhorn

    Dear Bigpoint, there is no point to this update for the players that have level 16 lf4s! this is useless!!!!! please give us something that will actually help like a bo3 ugh
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  6. -Äppiäinen-

    -Äppiäinen- Junior Expert

    As a "End game" player I think log disks isn't the biggest issue of this update. I have over 25 000 Log Disks and Im willing to use all of them to anything useful. And If I'm not wrong, this update isn't for the newest players nor Mid- game players. This update is only for players, who have absolutely everything.

    Assembly recipes material requirements are pretty insane: players have to kill 175 Cubikons, 8 zeta gates and kill even more aliens for daily missions. And the craziest part is, players can't "rush" for the new lf-4 updates and this means players can get 1 chosen LF-4 variant each month (every 4 week, if player have killed enough aliens for 300 units of "Bifenon", 300 units of"Tetrathrin" and 160 units of "Kyhalon").

    Short words: If player wants to get 45 new chosen LF-4 variant (35x to goliath, 10x for pet), it will take 180 weeks = 3-4 years (and players can't even do it faster because players can only make one weekly mission each week)! If that doesn't sound crazy or unmotivating then i dont know what will :D

    Another issue is with "Bifenon" drops from aliens: It's really weird that Cubikon has 100% material drop rate and it drops 2 Bifenon every single time. Cubikon is already really good source of uridium and it's already the most popular and rewarding alien in the whole game. I think it's unnecessary to have 100% drop chance in this specific alien, instead, you should show some love to 4-5 map. At the moment Uber Kristallon has only 30% drop chance and will drop only 1 Bifenon. Why anybody would like to shoot Uber kristallons for Bifenon if Uber Kristallons are x2 stronger than Cubikon (much harder to shoot down) and it doesnt even have a guaranteed chance to drop a Bifenon (and Cubikons have 100% chance to drop 2 Bifenon!)

    The only good is that these new LF-4 variants aren't absolutely too over powered or too pay2win as other players have said so. I just really hope that we don't have to wait for 4 years to get ship full of one type new LF-4 lasers.

    And if player wants to get all, Paritydrill, Hyperplasmoid and Magmadrill for each goliath ship (45x magmadrill, hyperplasmoid and paritydrill), it will take 12 years... I have played this game for almost 10 years and now i have to double my playtime if i want to get all these lasers for 3 goliath ships...
  7. BestGArenEUW

    BestGArenEUW Forum Baron

    Hopefully the information about the base stats are the same as in the Unofficial Revealed (212 damage for every laser).

    Yeah..the crafting costs are insane high, but I don't care, because it's an high end item. They should lower the amount of required logfiles (400?!) and everything should be fine. Even Ufe will be busy.
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  8. I think i'll just by an xbox it's cheaper that way.
    Bout done buying uri from BP im over 1k bucks in a game and im not proud of that, but why a new lf4?
    The Devs seem to be going... " oh hey that's a good idea lets do that, any objections, no? Ok! New content!"
    I think if they reached out to the players this would be a better game but when the higher ups make the rules everyone below gets shit on and when you fly in the clouds you don't see the shit piling up.There are some diamonds in the rough, can't we have some rubies though?

    We need some game content that's addictive but not game breaking.
    New lf4s is like a car company making a new car every year, why bother?

    I'd gladly pay for some cool stuff any day , but i'm not rich so it needs to be worth it.
    They might prove me wrong, hopefully.Maybe instead of "Brand New" we need the old revised.
    I'll take a "Brand New" "Old" server ;) would pay for that.

    Im not rejecting a new lf4 but i don't have time for that.If you did something to stir the pot of old players maybe...
  9. GreatA

    GreatA Forum-Apprentice

    You should increase the amount of ore and lgf because the game is too easy for those who already have 500k EE...

    How fair people will continue to play and not usings bugs ? Not a long time, how many players have used seprom bug ? hahaha ( can't bann themm no ? xD )

    Maybe with like 1000 logdisks 1000 Bifenon etc ... players will play more and no be bored of the SAME quests/npc/maps...

    Hope they will change their mind ( :rolleyes: ) and increase much more the ore. And also to be able to make UPGRADES on these New Lf4... Let's see after LF4 and BO2 Enhancement :D

    Can't wait to see and use news bu... LF4 ;)
  10. Kyro

    Kyro Forum Pro

    This is coming from someone with a lot of time on their hands but the daily quests are way too time consuming for so little, even if I wasn't busy chasing rank I wouldn't keep coming on the game to do those time consuming as hell daily quests that give so little for the required effort. If daily quests either gave much more resources or time to do them all drastically reduced I might actually be more willing to do them/some of them, but currently it looks like I will be ignoring the new LF-4 laser enhancements. (maybe events that can get the ores from will make it more easier/less time consuming to get the ores but guess will just have to see)

    At the very least I hope it doesn't take long for the time/effort required to get them reduced, cause I doubt I will be the only person annoyed by the people who were patient enough to keep doing those things every day/week. As in if see that those people have an obvious advantage which for someone in a sitaution that it would take them forever to get or not willing to grind that much everyday, well it's not unreasonable to think those people might just not play untill it is made easier to get the LF-4 enhancements.

    Edit: So it looks like you can only do one daily quest a day and one weekly quest a week, that by itself I am not bothered about. But at that current rate it will take forever to get the lasers, which it seems not everyone likes regardless if it doesn't take long to do the one daily/weekly quests a day/week. Which I do agree with in a way cause basically it will take forever for the quests/stuff you're doing to actually be rewarded for it.

    Meaning not everyone is gonna be okay with having to keep doing it every day/week for however long, sure events are supposed to help but who knows how much they will help. Though I have seen the community manager Baracus on Discord mention the time to get them is going to be reduced/looked into(don't remember the exact words), guess need to wait and see.
    Last edited: Feb 24, 2017
  11. BP realy perfect what yah doing like always good things for the wallet warriors what can spend more then 100 $ a month
    120 k for the log disks, then you also need much uri to get open gates for the special stones .
    and dont forget BP , the pirate maps and map 4-5 now only for ufe players and WAR clans what messing the servers, al other players what doing quests there cant not get in the maps anymore , they wil be killed in 1 second.

    ohw yeah dont for get why you gonna upgrade again offence , why dont come with a better shield so players can stay a little longer for they went poof from the ufe players ??
    there flying ufe players in the maps around what fighting against 5 other ufe`s and stil the player what alone fighting he shoot the other 5 players down xd xd.

    BP better do first something on all other things what not working like the bots, last weeks coming more and more zombies again in the game, not only zombies for boxing but also many npc zombies again in the game, they get every thing for free and we need to pay for getting so much uri to build or ships.

    nah this game is messed up, support never wil listen what all players asking and saying about the game, in al the years BP asking so many things, asking so much with surveys but never 1 thing you do what the people asking.

    better try to get more people into the game, and do something on the multiclan problems what messing on all servers brbrbrbr
  12. My opinion on the new LF-4 Enhancements. Looking at the time calculated to achieve just one new variant it would take over 25 hours a week (Farming with x4 and an already UFE ship) plus 600-700k uridium in that single week. You multiply this by lets say, one full config of new lasers (excluding pet) your looking at an absolute ridiculous amount of uridium and time spent to achieve these.

    I applaud the fact you guys are trying to bring in new content. But I have finally (after many years) got all my lf4s to the max level, nowI am back at square one. When you bring out new content try and include things that are for fun/entertainment (new quests/maps/events/npcs) instead of items that require insane amounts of time and $$.

    Why bother grinding for over a year to get a full set of these new lf4 variants when perhaps in a years time a new bigger and better update is released. Maybe new shields? Maybe my quest for being UFE will never truly be complete, and I will find myself dropping more time and money for the desire to be the best, but maybe its just out of reach; always.

    - A concerned and probably lost player. <3
  13. true.

    true. Forum-Greenhorn

    Pure greed. No concern for what we actually want.
  14. ●~βΛĐ◄►βØY~●

    ●~βΛĐ◄►βØY~● Forum-Greenhorn

    400 Log-Discs are very hard to collect for new LF-4s. I haven't collected my Skill Points yet. I need log disc for skill points. So I can say that this will be good for Full-Elite players :). Again unfair progress from DarkOrbit, from my point of view.
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  15. I agree to be fair dark orbit team imagine we should get lf4 first to upgrade the enhance to new lf4 reduce log disk require ments to 50 and use 5k uri to enhance it
  16. neoonoma

    neoonoma Forum Great Master

    Oh hello.Really,the development team should know,without even needing to hear it from us,that these stats are insane to the point of being laughable.
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    PЯØŦØϽØL Forum Connoisseur

    would help if u read the faq be4 u post on the feedback

    the drops don't work npcs with 100% don't drop anything and npcs with 25% don't no matter how many u kill u may see something onces in a blue moon
    Last edited by moderator: Feb 23, 2017
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  18. Sтєvє-σ™

    Sтєvє-σ™ Junior Expert

    AHAHHAHAHH are you kidding us, you never listen to us even the missions are broken....those new weekly missions give so little resources... you need to finish the missions for atleast 2 weeks to craft even one and lets not talk about the newbies gg darkorbit . This thing is already broken everytime we expect something good and ten boom you dont even put testserver to ask for our feedback #BROKEN ...and the bugs will be back soon like on the new dumb gg ppl will start to abuse again cuz of your inappropiate money addiction ppl will stop playing again etc.. but if everyone stop playing your buggy game for atleast a week, you will be ready to do stuff we want to, which i think will be the right thing.. [removed]
    Last edited by moderator: Feb 23, 2017
  19. PuckerUp

    PuckerUp Forum-Apprentice

    Seems pretty good update but with the gate requirement turns the whole thing unreachable to all but paying players . Peeps should be able to kinda keep up without having to pay out the nose to get anywhere in this game... this is only making it harder and more frustrating for the free or occasional spender discouraging actually putting more money into a game where you have to always spend to have any chance to keep even let alone never get anywhere.
  20. BestGArenEUW

    BestGArenEUW Forum Baron

    HP LF4 too stronk.

    Because the other "bonuses" are peanuts, 5 damage isn't noticeable. At least they should increase the PvE bonus damage to maybe 15?
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