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Discussion in 'Newbies' started by neoonoma, Jun 30, 2017.

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  1. neoonoma

    neoonoma Forum Expert

    in this post i will calculate max xp earned in a week by bashing cubes and max xp earned upon completion of abg/hades.
    xp boosts(every day of the month):
    50% booster
    10% booster(xp-bo1)
    40% booster[xp-bo2(10% from normal bo2 and 40% maximum increase with 8 people)]
    10% skill design(g-veteran or g-goal)
    total:110% or 80% without sharing by friendly ships

    1. cubes.cubes reward 512,000 xp without 80% extra is (51,200*8)=409,600.max xp earned from cubes is (512,000+409,600)=921,600


    xp earned upon completion of abg.(2x GG rewards day)
    normal rewards:
    with boosters:
    -alpha:extra is (800,000*8)=6,400,000.max xp is (8,000,000+6,400,000)= 14,400,000.
    -beta:extra is (1,600,000*8)=12,800,000.max xp is
    -gamma:extra is (2,400,000*8)=19,200,000.max xp is (24,000,000+19,200,000)=43,200,000.

    3. xp earned upon completion of hades(2x GG rewards day).hades rewards you with 8,000,000.extra is (800,000*11)=8,800,000.max xp is (8,000,000+8,800,000)=16,800,000.

    4. so,in 1 sunday let's say you bash 80 hades,and you lose 8,000 uridium for 1 gate(8 people).total cost for 80 hades is 640,000 uridium.
    80 hades=(80*16,800,000)=1,344,000,000 xp
    640,000 uridium=625 cubes=(625*921,600)=576,000,000 xp
    total xp:1,920,000,000 xp

    btw guys if you know exactly how much xp the aliens from abg and hades give post it with some colours because i usually fly with 20% xp boosters on the maps so i have no idea how much xp a sibelonit/sk(or whatever alien) gives.and as if that wasn't enough,the information on DO wiki is outdated for most xp should exceed 2,2 billion in 1 week.
  2. Killercal73

    Killercal73 Advanced

    Cubes should give you 1056,200 xp (50% +20% +ship + drone)

    80 hades a day thats impressive (15 minutes a gate (4 per hour) 20 hours of non stop playing
  3. neoonoma

    neoonoma Forum Expert

    people did the sep bug now(most of them at least) and we usually go with bo2 dmg booster so it is about 9-11 mins
  4. Killercal73

    Killercal73 Advanced

    drone formation i used BAT thats another 8% so 88% total soloing a cube ....

    9-11 minutes a gate is possible however you still going to loose time getting everyone to build and jump back in i cant see that happening for 16 hours straight . thats a good challenge
  5. 50% booster
    10% booster(xp-bo1)
    40% booster[xp-bo2(10% from normal bo2 and 40% maximum increase with 8 people)]
    10% skill design(g-veteran or g-goal)
    total:110% or 80% without sharing by friendly ships

    this dont work like that
    Barrage Formation 5% work on gg reward and npc reward, bat 8% work only on npc reward

    from booster you get up to 70% alone and from 7 friend (you are 8th in group) u get 35% more so from booster its up to 105%
    10% is ship
    5% is formation for gg
    so for hades 8 ppl 105%+10%+5% isn't 120% its actually 136,775% so hades is 18.942.000 not 16,800,000.

    Solo cubi with 70% booster, 10% ship and 8% formation isnt 88% its 101,96%.

    I know its small difference but for honor its more because there is also pilot bio
    105% booster
    10% ship
    25% pilot
    20% formation
    thats isnt 160% its 238,25%

    When you calculate how much use reward as start like 8m from hades on that put 105% so its 16.400.000, on 16.400.000 put another 10% from ship that 18.040.000, on that going 5% fromation so you get on the end 18.942.000.

    When you increase reward for variable A and than you include variable B this varible B affect already incresed reward by variable A, that means more variable more overall. If 50% buy booster, 10% bo1, 10% bo2, 35% from group, 10% ship, 5% formation whould count as different variable you whould get 183% not 136,775% but booster from any source count as 1 varible thats why you can get up to 136,775% bonus EXP reward.
  6. MyBigi

    MyBigi Padavan

    15 minutes is very slow....

    A decent group can do it in 10 minutes+-.
  7. kris0m

    kris0m Forum-Apprentice

    can you make the same but for the honor if we want to see the clacls :D cus 1,920,000,000 xp in the ranking is like 19.2k points
  8. neoonoma

    neoonoma Forum Expert

    Oh, sorry for the late response. I didn't respond because I like the game so much that I didn't login in over 1 month.

    No, sorry, I am too lazy, hehe : D
  9. Sapphire

    Sapphire Forum-Apprentice

    All boosters (from shared ones) + Cruelty 2 + Veteran formation + Champion = 10,854 honor points per Cubikon. For 80 Hades 625 Cubikons and it equals 6,784,000 Honor.

    Hades = 1,060,000 honor + Alien rewards. 80 Hades = 84,800,000 honor with double rewards.

    With CBS modules Cubikon gives 12,902 Honor (8,064,000 honor by 625 Cubikons) and Hades gives 1,260,000 Honor (100,800,000 honor by 80 Hades).

    Total honor: 108,864,000 Honor.
  10. kris0m

    kris0m Forum-Apprentice

    Thanks :)
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  11. neoonoma

    neoonoma Forum Expert

    Actually, that's wrong. Hades gives something like 1,3m honour. I know that for a fact since all of my friends who bash hades with 70% honour boosters told me so.
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  12. Sapphire

    Sapphire Forum-Apprentice

    Either I have missed boosters or then the booster effect stacks which shouldn't happen. Otherwise, it's correct. + It is missing the Alien rewards anyways.
  13. MyBigi

    MyBigi Padavan

    Hades can give you max 1.33 mio honor points if u have no cbs boosters.
  14. Sapphire

    Sapphire Forum-Apprentice

    If the boosters stack, it will be 1,6m, if they don't stack, it's 1,060,000, so I am missing boosters, because boosters which gives you honor is:

    • HON-B01 (10%)
    • HON-B02 (10%)
    • HON-B03 (50%)
    • Exalted / Champion (10%)
    • Veteran formation (20%)
    • Shared Boosters (35% if 7, if only 3 in Group, 15%)
    • CBS-Boosters (50%)
    • Cruelty II (25%)
    If they stack, it's minimum of 1,377,585 (3 guys in group) without CBS Boosters. If they don't stack, it's 940,000 (without CBS) honor points. If there's 7 guys in the group, in stack it is 1,617,165. If they don't, it's 1,1m. If the boosters (all combined) will be together as 105% and the rest stack, it will be 1,353,000 (without CBS). If HON-B01 and B02 will be combined with the other B02 and the rest will stack, it's 1,534,500 (without CBS).

    As long as I am aware about that Cruelty will give the honor boost to rewards (because it's not stated it boosts only aliens), there shouldn't be a miss calculation, however, I am aware that the boosters stack, but not about how.

    Anyways, none of these calculations gave results as 1,33m.
  15. MyBigi

    MyBigi Padavan

    The thing is we dont know how darkorbit calculates this honor %... Additive or multiplicative...
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  16. Sapphire

    Sapphire Forum-Apprentice

    Exactly, because it seems it's a mixture. Which one's stack and which one's don't.

    EDIT: If boosters stack together, formation and ship stacks together and Cruelty gives it in addition, the result will be 1,332,500 Honor points in total.
  17. neoonoma

    neoonoma Forum Expert

    You forgot 8% from Cruelty I. You will have to re-do the math xD.
  18. MyBigi

    MyBigi Padavan

    if u have cruelty 2, cruelty 1 does not count.
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  19. neoonoma

    neoonoma Forum Expert

    I see...

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