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Mercenary Wargames faq'

Discussion in 'Events FAQ’s' started by Deter, May 9, 2019.

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  1. Deter

    Deter Board Administrator Team Darkorbit


    As soon as you sign up to the event, you’re randomly part of one of the two teams – the Blue Ballistics and the Red Rampage.

    Important: Your ship needs a good equipment to take part!
    Join your team, play through different waves of NPC and raise your event score. After 10 waves, the top players of each team will be teleported to the other teams‘ map where your aim is to fight against the other player team.

    Kill as many enemy players as possible – each kill will give you large bonus points to your event score.

    At the end of this fight, your event score converts into rewards.

    How it works:
    • You’ll be assigned to a team of mercenaries (between 5 and 30 of them). Company is not the king in this contest; your team is everything!
    • You have 3 lives in the Wargame. If you lose them, you can queue back up to re-enter the event.
    Your objective is to advance through waves of alien enemies. After you've survived enough waves, the best from your team will be selected for the merc invasion phase.
    • During the merc invasion, the best competitors from one team invade the enemy map. Here's where all hell breaks loose: the invaders are out to kill as many enemies as possible during (you only have 1 life in PvP fights).
      • The merc invasion will last until all invaders have died or the 5-minute timer runs out.
    • You'll get points for every alien or enemy mercenary you take down in the contest. Enemy mercs are worth more than aliens, of course.
    Once the event ends or you leave the event, your points will be converted to rewards - even if you get destroyed.

    If the teams are unevenly matched for a certain period of time, the teams will be reshuffled to even things out.
    • If the number of mercs in a Wargame drops below the minimum, after a period time, the Wargame will be suspended and all mercs returned to the queue. Don’t worry, you’ll get to keep your points.
    Event Guidelines
    - You can enter the event via the Mercenary Wargame window in the game client.

    - In the MWG event, you will be assigned to a team, either red or blue.
    - You cannot shoot your own team members.
    - The event is intended for medium and endgame players participation, because of this there will be a power requirement which prevents ships with low strength from entering in the live version.

    - Your aim is to progress through the waves of NPC, every NPC you kill will grant you points.
    - After your team has completed 11 waves, the best players from your team will go on an invasion into the enemy team's map. The invasion occurs every 10th wave after the first one on the 11th, e.g 21, 31, 41 and so on.
    - The 'best players' are designated as the player who earned the most points from NPC kills in the last 10 waves.
    - During the invasion, your aim is to kill as many of the enemy players as possible. If you die you will be transported back to your team's map. The invasion lasts a maximum of 5 minutes - or when all
    invaders lose their life.
    - Player kills will grant 800 points if you are attacking an enemy map and 250 if you are defending your own.

    - When you exit the MWG, the points you have earned will be converted into rewards - the rewards per point can be found in the MWG window before you queue for the event.

    This event is aimed to be something that can be run once every 1 or 2 weeks, creating a reliable time and place where high-rewarding PvP can be found.
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