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Mercenary Wargames - The most broken event this year

Discussion in 'Speakers‘ Corner' started by Sgt~Ocker, Jun 15, 2019.

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  1. Sgt~Ocker

    Sgt~Ocker Someday Author

    Seriously, running one broken "event" (can't call them what we do in TS) after the other.

    Did this one at least get fixed so it can only be run according to the FAQ?
    IE; Teams are random.,.

    Because if it is still the same, where players can join and leave until they get the team they want - It is just not worth doing.

    Can players still be dropped into and instance alone where there is a mass of UBK's sitting on the spawn point to insta pop you - It is just not worth doing

    Can 3 people in an instance have 5 red tags dropped on them (usually all from the same clan because you can actually "pick" a team) - It is just not worth doing..

    Are the ONLY rewards still simply about rank pionts which unless you are already in the top 10 - Are completely useless.,.

    DarkOrbit reminds me of a half dead rat I flushed down the toilet when I was young.
    Every few seconds it would rise above the swirling water to try and take a breath to survive -> It didn't.,.

    IRON-THRONE Forum Inhabitant

    More LoW Gate NPC's! Not Hordes of UBK's!
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  3. *-ΛLΞMDΛЯ-*[ΛTΛ]

    *-ΛLΞMDΛЯ-*[ΛTΛ] Forum-Apprentice

    No more LoW aliens but rather aliens that don't have been around for a while or show up rarely, like binary bots, sunburst lordakium, curcubitor, sanejiwz, gygerthrall, pet NPC:s and so on. would make the event more interesting
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  4. recursos☺☺

    recursos☺☺ Active Author

    nó Hades,low,bl and Citadel why can group?

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