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Discussion in 'Meet the Team - Who's Who' started by Mod_Toby, Oct 24, 2017.

Dear forum reader,

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  1. Mod_Toby

    Mod_Toby Forum Moderator Team Darkorbit

    Let me introduce my self, I'm Toby and I'm here to interact with players, help and make sure we enjoy the game as much as possible.

    I will post here any updates about my time in the team.

    If you have any questions please ask :rolleyes:
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  2. ViperΔ

    ViperΔ Forum-Greenhorn

    Hello, do u like picca?

    ĦΣŁŁS¤ΛИĢΣŁ™ Junior Expert

    hi Toby nice to meat you?
  4. Term2050

    Term2050 Active Author

    Hi toby. I am old short tempered and incredibly grumpy. Nice to meet you
  5. Gudinden

    Gudinden Junior Expert

    Hi Toby :)
  6. Mod_Toby

    Mod_Toby Forum Moderator Team Darkorbit

    I'm not into picca but love pizza o_O

    Nice to meet you too ! :rolleyes:

    Pleasure to meet you too !

    Howdy Gudinden !!!:p

  7. Petrify-xGEMINIx[GUN]

    Petrify-xGEMINIx[GUN] Forum-Apprentice

    wassup, did you ever play east 1

    and would you be tobydoby?
  8. Abraxas

    Abraxas Forum-Greenhorn

    Hi Toby nice to meet you
  9. Mod_Toby

    Mod_Toby Forum Moderator Team Darkorbit

    Tobydoby ? Why not Toby wan Kenobi ? And I do not play on East 1 ;) You defo can find me on other server !!!

    Nice to meet you too, hope you having good time here and ingame ! Whats your favourite ship ?

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