Multi-Company Clans - What to do?

Discussion in 'Game Discussion & Feedback' started by OP32, Nov 7, 2017.

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  1. meatpill-Warlord

    meatpill-Warlord Someday Author

    Well said. I would like to add to this: events in general are unfair because for those unwilling to give up their social life, they have no chance at getting prizes. Having an event in x-1 is a great idea but I think what would be even better is if darkorbit adds more demilitarized maps like x-1 and have events there. Maybe expand the demilitarized zone giving something more to new players

    Why are the servers dead? Which came first the chicken or the egg? doesn't matter which came first. the only solution is to destroy the egg and kill the chicken. Eliminate MCCs and any derivatives of MCCs.
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  2. ATEER

    ATEER Someday Author

    Oh man I so agree with you :)
  3. Mad~~Mutt

    Mad~~Mutt Forum-Greenhorn

    mcc clans can quite easily push kills, they send 1 member enemy into your maps you start shooting him, and 6 of your own company who are in there clan shoot you,its been like this ages , just sort it, by the way make the x1,x2 and x3 maps own company only, new players have no chance against an ufe player, so surprise after being popped 4-5 times they give up. you seriously need to look at he damage vs shield set up , players hit way too hard.
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  4. MyBigi

    MyBigi Forum Inhabitant

    Darkorbit lost like 50% of his players when they introduced the lf4's, then they lost the 50% of what it was left on the massive banwave of 2013. It was not due to mcc, mcc's being able to dominate is a consequence of dead servers.

    You can reach 2 mio shields on a full speed config with goliath with ring, i think that its enough shield.
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  5. ♠Semir♠[тнфя]♠

    ♠Semir♠[тнфя]♠ Forum-Greenhorn

    Darkorbit must remove MCC and make separated companys,I am a weak player and cant do nothing when i kill NPC my own company shoot me to stole that NPC,i spend about 8 minutes to kill kristallon and my own company pop me its really hard to play like that.and also i must tell here my own company with enemy company pop our weak players its really SAD is you want nice game please listen your players here.regards and by by
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  6. HelpMeHelpYou

    HelpMeHelpYou Emperor of the Forum

    MCC's came around when clans decided they wanted to get all of the rewards from the regular events (Spaceball, Team Death Match, Capture the Beacon) where the companies/clans got rewards for their achievements and some enjoy saying they have the TOP Ranks of ALL 3 companies in their clan.

    You are correct for the initial decline of populations and also the reason D O has not stepped in against the MCC to this point, but the continued decline in populations have 2 causes the Veterans are leaving because of all of the long term BUGS, the NEW players are leaving because of the UFE, and the middle of the road are leaving because they are getting tired of being assist killed by their own company as they are assisting to protect their clan mate who is an enemy in their maps.

    Not everyone can afford the Drone Formations and a NEW player does not know about most of them anyway as they are trying to get the equipment for their ship to be able to battle the next map of NPC's and hoping to not see the UFE Bullies pop out of nowhere and destroy them.

    You really need to learn to double reply in one message like I did to your 2 posts.

    The Big Picture IS it does not matter what is done about the MCC's they will still function in the server as usual. Removing NAP and Alliances just means there is no reason to have CLANS anymore. As far a groups go there really is no way to control what ships are in the group. IF D O wants to be here in 5 years they need to protect the NEW Player from the insta-POP from the UFE players, this means protecting the lowers from UFE attackers (level 20 and higher MUST be limited to hunting in the Battle Maps and UPPERS if the game is to regain any of the populations it has lost. The server merges will cause some players to leave and will again force even more merges to be made to keep the populations where the servers are active. The continued bullying including the increased numbers of players with this mentality are going to be a further cause for players to leave the game causing yet another reason to have to merge even more servers to maintain the population levels.

    IF the Bully Mentality is not separated from the general servers, D O will continue to do its downward spiral until they have one server in each of there server farms with only the Bullies left playing and they will be so bored as they have no one to easy kill and have to spend hours to get one PvP kill.

    I return to my previous solution, IF the MCC is bullying the server then they get merged to a NEW Bully Server and removed from the general server populations, these can extend to the FREE AGENTS or individuals of a Clan that insist on always attacking their own company players or Clans who think Perma-WARS against everyone is the only way to have targets to PvP with. Removal of the same company attack would be another change that would assist in the removal of the BULLY aspect of the MCC.

    The whole thing is we need to return to Company against Company and bring the Company back to the forefront of the game so the game can continue to be here another 10 years. IF nothing is done NOW the server merges are going to be a constant ANNUAL thing until there is nothing left to merge, which means the game has died and all that is left is to pull the plug and say good-bye to a once illustrious game that could not get past a mentality that is not conducive to sustaining the game populations to keep the servers populated.

    Sorry that the truth hurts but stop and think about what I have posted before attacking me as this is the writing that is on the wall whether you want to admit it or not.
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  7. DeathByCheetos

    DeathByCheetos Active Author

    how will people who are in mcc benefit? cause new flash they already dont want to join clans in they own company im tell you a piece of advice most guys in my mcc clan just want to fight to gether and pass each other on ranks which Pumps money into darkorbit what will happen if they get rid of them who's going for rank then?
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  8. Odin®

    Odin® Advanced

    Josh , it's not about disbanding or dismantling MCC clans . Your clan , I know , and have been invited to your clans ts3 which I'm not going to publish because of my respect . I'm 1 of the few clans left that have partial wallet players to the point that Dump $$$ into DO . Not every person / user / game player in this cyber world is going to drop hard earned cash from their everyday expenses into DO just to become a victim of ins-ta pops or chat abuse because of their adolescents/noobness . You know for-a-fact my personality will be 1 of the first players to jump into a fight, [win, lose or draw] and be labeled as a crybaby as you stated in a previous post . You got me messed up with somebody you don't know.
    You asked how will people who are in mcc benefit? ... NEW SERVER/S for MCC ONLY heck DO won't loose any funding . The only thing that will be missed is the current arrangement of depreciation of value of members that MCC impose for events let alone those certain members that trash talk in chat from both sides . As far as I can see MCC needs to enjoy a New Environment of like kind and let the current development reproduce to obtain what you so magnificently and so many others have achieved . let the New Generation X become ... They will find their way .... be safe Jefe'
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  9. MyBigi

    MyBigi Forum Inhabitant

    Im not sure if i understood, but what u mean is that mcc is driving players away right? Well, im telling you that mcc being able to dominate is a direct consequence of dead servers, with the server merge there won't be dead servers, hence those mcc's wont be able to dominate. Problem solved, right?

    How is that mcc? Someone from ur own company stealing some alien from you cant be called mcc....Thats just some douchebag...

    I feel like people associate everything bad to mcc.
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    BĻØØĎ||ÂŊĢΞĻ Forum-Apprentice

    Yea it is MCC cuz he bring enemy company (same clan) to pop him for alien or etc etc.we all here know what is doing in dark orbit comn guy first time where MCC become popular is at palladium map(when palladium come in game),that why MCC come in game cuz player cant collect palladium.
  11. jan42

    jan42 Forum-Greenhorn

    Wow :) Is it normal ?
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  12. HelpMeHelpYou

    HelpMeHelpYou Emperor of the Forum

    That is your MCC at its best.
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    BĻØØĎ||ÂŊĢΞĻ Forum-Apprentice

    I really Sad to see that in this game :(
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  14. Gnorm

    Gnorm Forum-Apprentice

    Y'all are missing the point about "what difference would it make to eliminate MCC clans?"

    The game would most likely not change - the people that fly together will still fly together. But they will NOT get the extra benefits that they get now - of having bases in half a dozen maps and having "stealth" capability of being a green dot in their "own company" maps.

    They can still use TS, or any of the other external communication tools, they can still fly with whoever they choose. But they will have to do it on a more level playing field. Will it stop "event domination"? Probably not. Will it stop UFE's crushing noobs? Probably not. Those are different problems - and MCC or *no* MCC, they will require different solutions.

    Good hunting,
  15. badwon[spt]

    badwon[spt] Forum Expert

    Again this weekend, 2-3 MCC clans dominated global chat on USA east coast

    The bragging about WHO they will ALLOW to play on special events and/or the game in general, was a main topic.

    They brag about warring everyone and NOW only having to do it every 100 days. What a time saver!

    The worst thing about reading chat was the inclusion of a couple of mods/cm's in the "braggart bully mcc comments".

    These 2 company representatives actually brought the point home, at least to me, that MCC's are seen as a benefit to DO in the eyes of their company reps. After all , most mcc twits are pay to play, all though they brag about " working for everything they "got".

    ALSO now, with 14 pages on this post, DO could see the majority consensus of its customers that WE do not WANT MCC.................

    Seems this post is for VENTING purposes ONLY.
    .................In my humble opinion.............
  16. MyBigi

    MyBigi Forum Inhabitant

    They won't be able to do that after merges imo, more populated servers=much harder to control....Also the mcc's from diferent servers, they will all want to be the top dog, so they will fight xd. Big mcc fights incoming.

    BĻØØĎ||ÂŊĢΞĻ Forum-Apprentice

    Its better to remove EIC,VRU and MMO tag cuz its pointless!!3 company in game vru eic mmo in same clan OMG,i think Dark Orbit must eliminate MCC from game cuz this time in game"You Dont Know Who is Paying And Who is Drinking"i play this game from 2008 and i know how is Dark Orbit be a nice game.Now Idk what to tell!?!MCC in game!,My company help enemy company to pop me"cuz they are in same clan",weak players get stolen NPC from "Own" company and i know how is hard kill NPC when you weak,you circle NPC idk about 6 min and strong player of own company pop you for that NPC,or he bring enemy to shoot you together.
    Pls Do something regards
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  18. WarriorAngus

    WarriorAngus Advanced

    He D O are you reading these POST?

    There is a lot of information here, and there is a lot of strong feeling about this game and clans.

  19. Οήĸyо™

    Οήĸyо™ Someday Author

    Along with this MCC issue( which i have said get rid of them) if DO does not make it possible for the small guys to do the events like pirates, Dem... ETC even after the merge the game will die out. The little guys get sick of popping over and over trying to get some rewards from an event to help them grow they will quit / quit again so its going to be a repeat of what has already happened to the servers.
  20. HelpMeHelpYou

    HelpMeHelpYou Emperor of the Forum

    It was really fun being a lowly Sergeant (One Chevron) being hunted by a full Shield ranked player while doing stuff in the lowers. This is another reason we are seeing the NEW blood quit this game. The Lower maps need to have a RANK limit on it as to who can be attacked by these UPPER Ranked Players/UFE Ships. I understand the game is a PvP based game but what exactly do you get popping the same person over and over? The MCC's get the blame for this as you will see the same clan with your own Company player helping to make the easy kill but it is this Mentality that has been introduced by D O and allowed to fester that is causing all of the issues and will continue after the MERGE unless there is something done about it.

    These events need to be run in both map systems (upper and lower) with level limitations added for the rewards (18 and below in Lowers and above in Uppers) and if the Refractions ever gets fixed the UFE (more than 20 LF-4 equipped) have to do the events in there. The other option would be to run the events like the Level Invasion Gate and have the separate map system with the limitations as set by the entry Portals.

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