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Multi-Company Clans - What to do?

Discussion in 'Game Discussion & Feedback' started by OP32, Nov 7, 2017.

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  1. test020

    test020 Junior Expert

    MCC is canon, really.

    and it's the only way to keep the standard DO UFE user busy without cosmetic design thing. so yeah, it ain't going away nor is getting a "fix" anytime soon.
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  2. steviray

    steviray Junior Expert

    I haven't read too many posts, but ill throw my 2 bits in. Ive played off and on for years. Almost since iits birth. MCC has been an option in DO as long as I can remember. Maybe since its birth. The problem isnt MCC. The problem is declining popularity with the game due to gimmicky marketing and game structure mismanagement.

    MCC are a natural result of the game as it stands now. Test said it well in the prior post. MCC is canon and nothing should be done.I dont like it either.

    All of em traitor's to company loyalty
    . WAR em allll. muhahahhahaha. WARRR EM ALLLLL. STAND TALL, UNITE, SHOW THESE TREACHEROUS SCUM THE STRENGTH AND HONOR OF LOYALTY. ROFMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. steviray

    steviray Junior Expert

    The MCC member is branded an outlaw. The sollution is in-game already it just has to be revamped. These player would suffer MINOR non-accumulating penalties and pay extra for anything when playing on any of the home maps of the MCC clan member. Since the MCC clan member now has the Outlaw tag they could not exploit company loyalty perks, (like the LEO bonus) Restrict company clans to company members only and only allow listed MCC to recruit. MCC clans would only be able to use x-4,X-5 Nyx stations. Although i think a bad idea the pirate base in 5-2 (two way gate travel would be required) or a base could be placed in 4-4 allowing MCC clans a spawn point, the best idea i believe is force them to use the closest Nyx station to them using the X-4,X-5 restriction OR a C-B-S. DO could even come up with nifty new modules for clans to use. Not having access to a home base would make CBS installations critically important to a MCC clan.
  4. USS.Shiner

    USS.Shiner Forum-Greenhorn

    The people in the multi company clans are traitors/cheaters. They were allowed a safe have n to build their ships and now allow the enemy to hunt their own maps and help them kill their own noobs. The question is not about playing with their friends its about being able to cheat and being cowards who are safe on every map because there are so many of them.

    I agree with someone above no more spending until the multi clans are gone. If DO wants to pretend these traitors/cheaters are being honest about playing "with their friends" then DO can pretend they are still getting my money.
  5. WarLord_Mark

    WarLord_Mark Someday Author

    The more players playing on each map the more players that can shoot at the MCC player from opposite company. problem solved . Many players leave a company just so they can hunt the larger population company. The MCC person can have 30 days to change clans or they will be a free agent. DO should make the game as intended a PVP with some hunting of aliens. DO could remove the option to recruit the MCC players . Problem solved. If you can only recruit from your own company then it will fix itself with time. No matter what DO does or does not do someone will have some feelings hurt and cry about it. So get on with it. Make a choice and do something, stop sitting on your hands. The players will always have something to cry about. Not everyone will always be happy with the choice so get on with it. MAKE A CHOICE. Some players have good ideas take a little from one person and some from others . Do something and do it sometime soon before more people leave. I like the game and don't want it to go away. The MCC are good and bad. Just depends on what side is shooting at you.
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  6. souleater1

    souleater1 Forum Pro

    There's good and bad, but here's the thing with these so called multi company clans, u don't know who's fighting who. If ur with a MCC u can't attack ur own company because u lose Honor an EXP when u shoot one of ur own company. Also is u don't participate with the MCC ur turned on as a parriah and kicked from the MCC. U can't trust ur own company who participate in a MCC. so in my opinion MCC'S should be abolished, this game was set up as a three company game each company competing with the others, for dominion, if u want it were u, u have Multi company participants who are not satisfied with there old company, form a new company of Merc's, misfits, outcasts, outlaws, this way u won't lose honor or exp points.
  7. =WIRE=

    =WIRE= Forum-Greenhorn

    OK this is for DO so listen up. This is easy way to do away with MCC and just make the game run better. You wont have to make any one do anything they don't want. People will want to be in clans make friends and help out. The MCC will brake apart fast on there own. OK here it is a 5% to 10% damage and shield loyalty booster that runs for all clan members in a clan with all the same company's and no NAP and ally out side of there company.

    New player may join clans make friend and stay playing. What i been seeing is a lot of clan-less player because of the MCC's and there less of i chance they will stick around. We old school players all know when we was in the lower maps as noobs we work together and made friends and join clans. That is long gone.
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  8. Thanks for the Reply to my Ramblings Fellow Dark Orbiters..

    I feel a BIT of Honor.. to Ramble some more.. So Does anyone Remember the Good Old RAMBLER ??

    Over the Years Due to the Dedication of Helping New Players and Supporting the Growth and Fun-a-Billity of the MMO.. that's the Company I Started Playing for Since the Beginning.. AND LOOK what's Happened to My FACE.. ah-hem..
    sorry a Glance into my Mirror caused me to go.. Off topic..

    I happen to have the Real Life Phone Numbers and Email addresses to Some that Play on my Server.. we have spoken for many Long hours about What is Currently Happening.. thru the Years.

    Currently It seems That there are a number of High Level ships Clearly Owned by just a Few Players.. and Yes they Put both Time and Money on them.. and These Accounts are being Shared with Other Players throughout the Week/Month..

    '''' WAIT.. Aint that a Breach of the Agreement we made.. ?? ''''

    There are Other things that are Going on..
    That if I wrote about it would just be REMOVED.. Still I really enjoy this game.. I will take my UBER FE.. and just Box for ammo and Uri.. and Read chat.. If I find a New Player wanting Help.. Ill go HELP out.

    But.. Really IF I were trying to make a PROFIT out of this GAME.. I would make it a "FREE PLAYER Friendly Experience". :)
    Just look at the Loss of Players over the Years.. How many Servers have been SHUT Down or Will be shut down..?? :mad:

    Yes.. MCCs have been a Part of the Game for Quite a number of Years.. even my Clan has had a few "Hunters" aka "Mercenaries" that were from other Companies.. We just Did Our Own thing and were willing to Pay the Price for it.. We never Bullied the Lower Level guys.. we Hunted those that were Bullying the Weak no matter what company they flew in.. We Would Get em [Ή€ĿĿ].. :D

    NOW IT Seems the GOAL of these BULLIES.. Is to Make Their TARGETs " Quit ".. :eek:

    See THIS is what Our "Chat Monitors" and other "Game-Gods" Need to be Watching for but it seems that .. THEY TOO.. Have been Infiltrated. And Knowingly on a Large Scale have been ACTING Against the Better Interest of the Stock Holders and Its Customer Base. :oops::confused::(

    It at times caused Problems within Our MMO Family.. because the Invent of the CBS.. and How some were Exploiting its Weaknesses.. as a Company First Mentality.. We Didn't Build a CBS.. We Didn't Increase the Size of our Out of Main Company Membership.. Spying never happened..

    But In The Atmosphere of Today's Game.. Being an Independent will Be Difficult.. after this Server Merger.. I fear that it will be NOTHING But an " ALL OUT WAR of the EGO-Test-of-Cals "..

    I think I have bought 4 PCs so I could keep up with this game.. I think this will be the Last as.. I'm Pushing 61 years of Age now..
    but still a Damn Kid at Heart..
    I'm sure I have Laid out at Least $1,000 USD for my ships.. with Premium.. Box Doublers Uridium and Upgrades.

    well I'm off to Ship my Seprom to Lasers and Build another Precision Targeter.. :cool:
    Later Dark Orbiters..
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  9. .TheMarine.

    .TheMarine. Forum-Greenhorn

    Wow some of you are crying because your being shot by your own company... there were times years ago that I had to fight my own company just to do sib quests, then fight enemies that came to raid the map, then fight the other people who come back for the sibs...this game thrived on PVP all over the place, generally if you had more people you were gonna win the fight. The vengeance ship was able to take on a goliath and not fear dying in 2 hits because of lf-4s and a moth design lol, its not the MCCs that are the problem its all the extras that made strong no longer strong but OP. When you need all of your lf-4s just to keep up with someone who has all their lf-4s already is ridiculous. Now shields can go up into the millions? This game was never new person friendly but now its like becoming strong is out of reach for new people period. Like I said, it's not MCCs there have always been MCCs, there's just not enough people to fight them.
  10. DeathByCheetos

    DeathByCheetos Advanced

    lol seems like alot of Mcc have hurt y'all feeling
  11. steviray

    steviray Junior Expert

    I see that my input wasnt considered appropriate for this particular thread. My apologies to the Mods for having to delete my post. Would the mods like to suggest another venue. Perhaps another thread. My perspective does have merit on the subject, seen from a much broader point of view and not very diplomatically stated. Frustrations run high.

    MCC's are a part of the game. So is company loyalty. If anything established company loyalty bonuses/penalties and allow the players to choose whether they suffer the penalties. In other words BRING back the BULLSEYE BADGE.

    Problem solved.
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  12. OldGranDad

    OldGranDad Forum-Apprentice

    Sometime a game has to just make a change that might [REMOVED] off a few players. This game is 3 companies and needs to get back to each company competing with companies not MCC.

    having a grace period to switch without penalty is a good start.

    Make all shots fired on a ship in the same comany have a penalty without warning. (not just kills)

    Reduce the clan wars back to 10 days. 100 day is stupid long and lets large clans bully a server easier then before.

    develop events that require company loyalty and do not reward the clan member that are not in the clans company.

    Make all clan choose a company and remove the "all" choice.

    Make it so clans can only accept ships in that choosen company.

    Put a limit on how many time a war can be sent to a clan durring a certain time frame (like 3 war in a 2 month period for the same clan (also asuming that this stupid 100 day war crap is reduced back to 10 day)), again try to limit bullying.

    There is not an easy fix and player will find way around anything you develop, but a move to bring back company loyalty need to happen soon.
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  13. steviray

    steviray Junior Expert

    of course there is an easy fix, the price paid for ore in this game is based on Honor. The company recognizes that honor and pays the pilot more. Correct. Add additional incentives for company loyalty and honor. Maybe even "NO SUCH THING AS FREE REPAIRS" for a MCC pilot. How can a player that does not fly for the company benefit from loyalty bonuses. HOW CAN A PLAYER THAT DOESNT FLY FOR THE COMPANY CARRY RANK WITHIN THE COMPANY. AS i stated in my earlier post the solution is already IN GAME. There doesnt have to be discussion there doesnt have to be debate. When a player creates or signs on with an MCC clan they lose company recognized honor AND rank in effect 0, (THE CLAN BECOMES THE PILOTS NEW COMPANY). A pilots honor could still be used to calculate server rank, they lose AAALLLL company bonuses and protections (leo to). Have the pilot suffer additional honor penalties for shooting old company pilots. Let the player decide. Dont institute a knee jerk reactionary half cocked system that confuses the game further. The MCC debate is truly a NON-issue and is a distraction. The efforts being put into this issue could be directed elsewhere. BRING BACK THE BULLSEYE BADGE.
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  14. HelpMeHelpYou

    HelpMeHelpYou Emperor of the Forum

    It never left, a player with NEGATIVE HONOR gets the Badge. The issue is the MCC Same company shooter waits for another member of the Clan to shoot first so they are not hit with the honor strike. The Hit to the honor should happen no matter if you have the RED LOCK or not, IF you fired on the player and they died then you get hit with the appropriate Honor Hit.
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  15. ._.Sparrow._.

    ._.Sparrow._. Someday Author

    I began playing DO one year after it was launched. MCCs have always been an issue with players. I've seen a lot of good players quit the game because DO failed to recognize the overwhelming effect MCCs have on the average players; and they were vocal about it in the forums.

    Your quests and events always focus on destruction for rewards. Step back for a second a think about ways you could create events and quests that require clans to assist weaker players and penalize ubers and MCCs heavily for destroying weaker players. Help yourself by helping others instead of always destroying everything in your path.

    How about a booster that would reflect everything thrown at you by an MCC member as long as you don't attack. (if EIC clan name == * clan name, then booster = TRUE). Maybe the cost of the booster could increase with player level to force players into the real game as they increase in strength and ability.
  16. •¤Ŧ•Ñ•Ģ¤•®

    •¤Ŧ•Ñ•Ģ¤•® Forum-Greenhorn

    free company change period for all players as a ticket that last forever until you use it is the solution with no penaltys, also remove the feature to have a pact with a enermy clan because why do we need that ?
    regards T.n.G gb1
  17. best yet:))))
  18. ]Coldheart[

    ]Coldheart[ Forum Mogul

    For better or worse . . . .

    There was some confusion on my part when I was first reading about the multi-company clans (MCC). These clans were
    made up of players from all three companies (or could be all 3). It would allow a member of the MCC in one company
    to start shooting at some player in a different company that was in an entirely different clan so that a second
    player in the MCC, who was in the same company as the target player, could shoot and pop the target without
    incurring a penalty and also to do away with having to declare war.

    It seemed like a way around the penalty system.

    However, if there are two clans, in one in each of two of the three companies and they have an alliance setup
    (whether in-game or just a verbal/text agreement in chat) the same sort of scenario could occur.
    A player in company A starts shooting at another player (b) in the same company, another player (c), from company B
    joins in and is shooting at player (b). Before player (b) is popped, the very first player stops shooting (maybe
    even locks onto an NPC, player (c) keeps shooting and player (b) pops. Still no penalty is handed out.

    A work-a-round could be from within the 'WAR' system.

    A stated WAR condition must exist between two clans in order to have a conflict.
    Irregardless (or regardless - depending on the dictionary you may use) of the Company, if there is no WAR status
    between two clans, any firing upon another ship immediately gives a negative honor penalty. This penalty is doubled for each volley/round of shots taken on the target.
    Suggested initial penalty is -100 experience and -100 honor.

    Exceptions to the above:
    A) Battle Maps (all 4-x series)
    i) Any ship(s) encountering vessels from any other company would be considered 'At War' unless they had a
    previously established 'Alliance' or 'NAP' (non-aggression pact).
    ii) If there is an Alliance, then no attacks could take place until all ships of one side or the other vacate
    the map and the Alliance is struck down. Removal of the Alliance: suggested time is 24 (twenty four) hours.
    iii) If only a NAP is in effect, any ship from the two sides could instigate a temporary conflict which
    automatically shows up as a three day War.
    a) Any clan that had a pre-existing NAP or Alliance would have 1 (one) day to either leap into the fray in
    support, or remain out of the conflict for the duration.
    b) Any clan with no diplomatic level to either side of the conflict cannot attack either of the involved companies for 1 full day (24 hours) from the time of the initial attack.

    B) Company Maps (x-2, x-3, x-4, x-5, x-6, x-7)
    As per section I above.

    C) Base Maps (x-1 or x-8)
    i) Any ship(s) from the other two companies which enter the third company's Base maps are automatically placed
    in a War status.
    a) The exception to this resides in the Embassy Rule. This is determined by the Clan which sits in the 'Security'
    position within the Company Hierarchy.
    This allows for 2 (two) clans to have Ambassador status for a maximum of 10 (ten) days. These clans can be
    1 (one) from each of the other clans, or, 2 (two) clans from only one of the other Companies.
    b) Any Clan which has been given Ambassador status, must wait for 100 (one hundred) days before being able to
    have that status again.

    Stand-a-lone Ships / Players
    If a player/ship is not in a clan, then that ship cannot fire upon nor be fired upon by others for any reason.
    That ship may only partake in NPC and/or Collection quests.
    Once a player opts to join a Clan, they will have to wait 24 (twenty four) hours before participating in any PvP action.


    Please, if you do not like it just say so. I woul dlike to see constructive comments only.


    I am totally against MCC
    Just recently I was in 1-7 at what was supposed to be an MMO battlestation.(GE 1)
    However the owners also have same clan tag in EIC and VRU
    The base quickly became unsafe when multiple members from each co. showed up and can sit at base with impunity.
    This allows same co. members to shoot you without declaring war and without any penalties.Because they let the enemy clan shoot first.
    The battlestation should be redesigned to fire on ANY enemy co. ship regardless of clan tag.
    They could just as easily build an enemy base.(which is the way it should be)
    Having all these companies protected by and protecting the same base seems to be a form of "pushing" which" should not be allowed.
    If friends are in different co.and want to fly together ,fine , I have also been in groups with enemy co. members for mutual benefits.
    But I still never attacked my own co . during this.
    Make the clan tags the same color as the co. this way a battlestation can fire on it.
    If they want an enemy base , then build an enemy base.
    The alternative would be to dissolve the idea of companies all together.

    I found your idea hard to follow and seems a bit over complicated. There needs to be a simpler solution. I felt like I was reading a rental agreement contract or something.
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  20. ]Coldheart[

    ]Coldheart[ Forum Mogul

    Yes, I agree.
    I had to try and anticipate some questions or basic scenarios and that led to extra wording.

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