Multi-Company Clans - What to do?

Discussion in 'Game Discussion & Feedback' started by OP32, Nov 7, 2017.

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  1. test020

    test020 Someday Author

    MCC is canon, really.

    and it's the only way to keep the standard DO UFE user busy without cosmetic design thing. so yeah, it ain't going away nor is getting a "fix" anytime soon.
  2. steviray

    steviray Someday Author

    I haven't read too many posts, but ill throw my 2 bits in. Ive played off and on for years. Almost since iits birth. MCC has been an option in DO as long as I can remember. Maybe since its birth. The problem isnt MCC. The problem is declining popularity with the game due to gimmicky marketing and game structure mismanagement.

    MCC are a natural result of the game as it stands now. Test said it well in the prior post. MCC is canon and nothing should be done.I dont like it either.

    All of em traitor's to company loyalty
    . WAR em allll. muhahahhahaha. WARRR EM ALLLLL. STAND TALL, UNITE, SHOW THESE TREACHEROUS SCUM THE STRENGTH AND HONOR OF LOYALTY. ROFMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. steviray

    steviray Someday Author

    The MCC member is branded an outlaw. The sollution is in-game already it just has to be revamped. These player would suffer MINOR non-accumulating penalties and pay extra for anything when playing on any of the home maps of the MCC clan member. Since the MCC clan member now has the Outlaw tag they could not exploit company loyalty perks, (like the LEO bonus) Restrict company clans to company members only and only allow listed MCC to recruit. MCC clans would only be able to use x-4,X-5 Nyx stations. Although i think a bad idea the pirate base in 5-2 (two way gate travel would be required) or a base could be placed in 4-4 allowing MCC clans a spawn point, the best idea i believe is force them to use the closest Nyx station to them using the X-4,X-5 restriction OR a C-B-S. DO could even come up with nifty new modules for clans to use. Not having access to a home base would make CBS installations critically important to a MCC clan.
  4. USS.Shiner

    USS.Shiner Forum-Greenhorn

    The people in the multi company clans are traitors/cheaters. They were allowed a safe have n to build their ships and now allow the enemy to hunt their own maps and help them kill their own noobs. The question is not about playing with their friends its about being able to cheat and being cowards who are safe on every map because there are so many of them.

    I agree with someone above no more spending until the multi clans are gone. If DO wants to pretend these traitors/cheaters are being honest about playing "with their friends" then DO can pretend they are still getting my money.
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  5. WarLord_Mark

    WarLord_Mark Someday Author

    The more players playing on each map the more players that can shoot at the MCC player from opposite company. problem solved . Many players leave a company just so they can hunt the larger population company. The MCC person can have 30 days to change clans or they will be a free agent. DO should make the game as intended a PVP with some hunting of aliens. DO could remove the option to recruit the MCC players . Problem solved. If you can only recruit from your own company then it will fix itself with time. No matter what DO does or does not do someone will have some feelings hurt and cry about it. So get on with it. Make a choice and do something, stop sitting on your hands. The players will always have something to cry about. Not everyone will always be happy with the choice so get on with it. MAKE A CHOICE. Some players have good ideas take a little from one person and some from others . Do something and do it sometime soon before more people leave. I like the game and don't want it to go away. The MCC are good and bad. Just depends on what side is shooting at you.
  6. souleater1

    souleater1 Forum Inhabitant

    There's good and bad, but here's the thing with these so called multi company clans, u don't know who's fighting who. If ur with a MCC u can't attack ur own company because u lose Honor an EXP when u shoot one of ur own company. Also is u don't participate with the MCC ur turned on as a parriah and kicked from the MCC. U can't trust ur own company who participate in a MCC. so in my opinion MCC'S should be abolished, this game was set up as a three company game each company competing with the others, for dominion, if u want it were u, u have Multi company participants who are not satisfied with there old company, form a new company of Merc's, misfits, outcasts, outlaws, this way u won't lose honor or exp points.

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