Multi-Company Clans - What to do?

Discussion in 'Game Discussion & Feedback' started by OP32, Nov 7, 2017.

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    steviray ... What is left of the Original Developers of this game have moved on and so has most of the IT coders ... All that is left are maybe a few good Die-Hard Originals that have some Respect and Moral Compass and Intelligence and get paid for the everyday operation of this game and over the years have stepped up to an abandoned hand-me-down [understaffed overworked] group of folks from all around the world that try and in most cases stopping the 'Bad-Guys' from destroying this game.
    Until you sit in 'Their Shoes' ... The Merge and MCC as well as all the game features and 'Alternative' methods of 'Legal' gameplay continue it is up to 'us' members to assist in the 'Future' of this games survival and in a positive progress that I hopefully meets my standards of Fair Game Play with rules of 'Conduct' for all to obligated to .... JMO ----> to be continued...
  2. ♥Wattebausch♥

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    First, I am sorry for being lazy cuz i dont have read the whole thread.
    Because of this i am not certain if this was proposed already but i think the simplest solution for the problem would be:

    - the clan has to be a specific company (the company of the leader by default but can be changed) and all joining members will have thier company temporarily changed to the clans company (e.g. clan is VRU and some MMO member join the clan and they get changed to VRU for the time they are in the clan)
    - the members which company has changed this way have to stay for at least 30 days in the clan or they have to face consequences for leaving early like losing 10% of thier honor also labeling them "Outlaw" reducing thier PvP-DMG output by 50% for a week.
    - the clan leader should also be careful accepting members of foreign companys as they should have to pledge for them in form of 20% of thier honor which will be removed if they kick out the member before the 30 days have passed

    for all the cases where a penalty can happen there should be a warning before one can proceed (e.g. the clan leader accepting a foreign companys player as member)
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  3. steviray

    steviray Someday Author

    I do try and put myself in their shoes. Despite how i feel about the game ive still been willing to contribute to the game. I do like the direction the game is going. Things need to be tweaked, streamlined, refined a little. But the pieces are there. I do think of the guys behind the game. Trying to put together a workable game one bit at a time, trying to satisfy millions of people with millions of different ideas on how the game should evolve. It disappoints me further tho. BIGPOINT had a good thing at one time. As seen with their explosive growth in the early years and their news making release of the Zues drone. But instead of taking that investmest and building a stable well structured game environment they catered to the "gamer" element and now the game is Broke. This isnt Eve or Warcraft. There arent enough activities and versatility within the game to allow this type of game play to go unchecked. Players dont have a chance anymore. Not like they did in the early years. Im the occasional Die-Hard player. What i say comes from years of poking my head in the door to see whats going on and waste a few hundred hours and take a break. Im not privy to all the conversation that goes on. Thank You for the insights. its about time for me to go harass the the "gamers" on my server, cant kill em but i can try and slow them down. When i run outta ammo, i guess ill start chuckin spare parts maybe ill hail-mary an engine and cause a blowout. LMAO.
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  4. Odin®

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  5. HelpMeHelpYou

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    D O has 2 options when dealing with the MCC.

    1. Allow them to continue as they are and allow the game to die to one server

    2. During the MERGE Process they leave one of the empty servers to be run by ALL of the BULLY MCC's. I am not saying all MCC's need to be left behind some are just friends that play together but do not want to be in the same company, for different reasons. I know when I started I wanted to leave MMO due to the same company killers, so I created a second account in VRU and found a good Clan and had fun but then the Clan went Inactive and so much for the fun.

    The whole thing is these people have had the run of the game for so long (since the Old School Top Rank fell) and been part of D O as long as I can remember. The disbandment of them is not going to change anything in the way they play. You will have the same people doing the same thing they do now with the exception that they now have 150 (3 Company times 3 Clans) members instead of 50. They need to be left in their entirety on a separate server to control, if they can, like they want but has to be separate from the mass populous of the game players.
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    •BUZDU•NUMBER•ONE• Forum-Greenhorn

    here is something few of you mentioned, the amount of npc s you have to kill to get uri and how much uri you need to become ufe now. a simple way to fix is by adding different npc's and doubling the current npc rewards, it has been one of the main things that has been consistent in the game and it is time for a change in order to adapt to current demands, most mcc clans get together so they can farm and gain uridium because there are only a few profitable ways of acquiring it ,otherwise you need to buy it or use programs like some players chose to do ...
  7. **Scarab**

    **Scarab** Forum-Apprentice

    its not rocket science ban the MCC and make it so 1 company can only shoot the 2 opposing companies, simple.
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    I guess I'm old fashion. I never cheated on school exams or anything that I considered IMPORTANT. So why would I cheat on a game that is meant to be a fun competition of skill and strategy. Yes , I get popped a lot , but , as I have progressed I have had my share of kills too.
    There's a certain satisfaction you get when you win without cheating that I don't think you can get when you do cheat. ('cause it's not really a win). I enjoy the game and I just hope that DO will give me some time to catch up with all the new stuff they have added before adding anything new that gives the "Wallet Warriors " the advantage.
  9. WarriorAngus

    WarriorAngus Forum Expert

    Hi All,

    We do nothing because DO does nothing. We had made suggestion, asked for help, and tried to come together to help each other. Does it help? NO! We are on our own because DO has abandon us to the MCC's. They have the money and it is all about the money. So DO won't help. Wallet Warriors Wins.


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