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Multi-Company Clans - What to do?

Discussion in 'Game Discussion & Feedback' started by OP32, Nov 7, 2017.

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  1. ZÿИΛPS™

    ZÿИΛPS™ Board Analyst

    What's the point of outlaws with MCC's?
  2. Sgt_Ocker

    Sgt_Ocker Active Author

    Your question has no context.
    I don't think anyone is suggesting making them "outlaws", rather it has been suggested their company affiliations be removed. This would in principal create a 4th faction in DO, an "MCC faction" for want of a better name.
    This direction is liable to cause more problems than exist now as on many servers MMC's are the top 10 clans and giving them the freedom their own faction would give would be game breaking.
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  3. Sgt_Ocker

    Sgt_Ocker Active Author

    Sooo; The most recent event "Battle for Influence" showed up something that really needs to be addressed, sooner rather than later.

    Server has less than 400 active players (those who in some way contributed to the event). Of those the top 9 clans make up over 60% of active players, all have NAPS or are allied. None states they are "All Company Clans" yet all are MCC.
    The number 2 clan on the server has 2 sister clans which together make up 1/5th of the active server population, 2 of the 3 clans are in the top 10.

    Now it seems to me I have 2 options for my future on this server.
    1.. Join one of the top 10 clans [Not my first choice, I really don't want to become part of the problem]
    2.. Stop playing until DO get around to doing something about the MCC monopoly and domination.

    Server merges won't fix this issue as all servers have dominating MCC. When you merge 2 servers with low populations the most likely outcome is, the dominating MCC's from each have some content fighting each other to establish a pecking order, create new alliances/Naps on the new server and before you know it the dominating groups have grown larger and those outside the "circle of friends" have less of a chance to play within a balanced, level playing field.

    Yes DO is a PVP game, domination of your enemies is the goal but when your enemies make up such a high percentage of the server population, you're fighting a losing battle

    Going by DO's history of addressing issues (this thread alone is coming up to 1 year old, has nearly 500 replies, with not a single post/reply from the creator of the thread or anyone else from DO) I won't live long enough to see them find a fix for the problems MCC's have created.
  4. WarLord_Mark

    WarLord_Mark Junior Expert

    I think we all should understand this is a game. I love it and just want to relax when I play. I joined a strong clan and its easier and harder depends on your clan. Most clans have a lot of wars. Get ready to fight and have fun. This is what PVP is all about. If you don't like the server your on wait until they merge. Perhaps it will be better or not. It just means more players to join a clan max is 50. The more clans there are the more wars you will have. Enjoy and relax , its just a game.
  5. Sgt_Ocker

    Sgt_Ocker Active Author

    Tell me, how much "fun" would the game be for you if you hadn't been playing for 8 years and weren't in one of the top ranked clans?
    How much "fun" would you have if all the top clans on the server were allied MCC clans and you had to fight all 3 companies (3 or 4 clans) every time you logged in?
    We don't all have full sets of LF4's and 10 drones with Spartans and 8 friends online at a time to get maximum boosts and stomp on everyone not in our "circle of friends".

    The game is very different for many of us to what it is like for you and your friends. I like to have fun when I log in to play but it isn't fun getting killed every 10 minutes by guys, many from your own company, with no war needed as they don't shoot first - they just kill you when one of their MCC clan mates shoots at you for them. You have absolutely no chance of fighting back against odds like that.
    And the "FUN" factor wears off quickly.
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  6. Darkomaani.

    Darkomaani. Forum Connoisseur

    Decided to check what is going on after a year because merge happened yesterday and noticed this.. gave it a little thought.

    1. Remove the MCC option from clan settings (if there even is a setting for that, I can't remember).
    2. People from all companies are still allowed to join clans.
    3. Example: EIC player joins a clan which is set to MMO. EIC player now deals 30-50% (it has to be something significant) less damage to all EIC players.
    4. Other EIC players still deal full damage to the EIC player who is in a multi-company clan.
    5. Give one-time free company change for every player.

    In clanwars this would give an advantage to single company clans. Even with lesser numbers they have a good chance of fighting off the bigger clan thanks to damage advantage. This includes spaceball and hitacs etc.

    People from different companies could still enjoy the game togerther as friends. There would be absolutely no penalty for MMO and EIC player hunting together in VRU maps for example.

    This should naturally limit the amount of multi company clans as they would be discouraged by the game. No one should be mad if this was done. It is same for everybody and eveyone is allowed to change company if they so decide.

    Now one thing I realized while writing this is "what if they just split the clan and make 2 single-company clans and remain terrorizing the server" ? This is indeed a possible issue. But it is impossible to solve it perfectly. One possible solutions:
    1. if there are players from two different companies in a group (lets say EIC and MMO), all players in the group will receive -50% damage penalty to all EIC and MMO targets which will remain active as long as 5 minutes after leaving the group.
    This would make it extremely difficult to communicate between two clans from different companies and resulting in people being less happy to participate in such actions. This would prevent EIC player from helping his MMO friend if another EIC player wants to kill the MMO player when they are killing lets say Cubikons in 2-6. The 15 minute penalty would mean they cannot just abandon the group and rejoin.

    IMHO this would be a perfect way :)
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  7. HelpMeHelpYou

    HelpMeHelpYou All knowing Oracle

    @Darkomaani. you have forgotten most of these players use an outside service for communication like TS3 or even D O's Discord Channel allows headset communication instead of typing text.
  8. Darkomaani.

    Darkomaani. Forum Connoisseur

    You cannot see HP, you cannot click and travel to your teammates exact location, you cannot share rewards.. having no group makes a huge difference. "hey I am upper left corner of the map come help!!" yeah.. there is a very good chance you will not find the guy before it is too late.
  9. ZÿИΛPS™

    ZÿИΛPS™ Board Analyst

    They could consider significantly reducing the hit/miss ratio for same company Pvp...
    Better still, delete the idea completely and let the players have a one off free jump to differently company..
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  10. shadyvill

    shadyvill Forum-Apprentice

    abolish all company and call game anarchy. spaceball can become murderball. lol
  11. ZÿИΛPS™

    ZÿИΛPS™ Board Analyst

    Even better idea; start giving uri for enemy 'company clans' ship kills. On the other hand; MCC's shouldn't benefit from the uri incentives. Lol, see how fast they revert back to the old ways...Unless, of course you have the players that solely hunt other ships and like having bad guys from other companies helping them kill their own company.

    If you don't give URI as an incentive, you could give a my little pony key with a rainbow horse to a new map full of treasure chests with sparkly hundreds and thousands in fluffy golden cases (not)...
  12. Odin®

    Odin® Forum Great Master

    Everyone has a choice Sgt_Ocker ... Those of those that play this game will always have a moment to FIND that particular MOMENT .. My generation used to call it "GROVE" , a place where you can find a spot and actually vent some frustration/s have some fun and relaxation. Quitting has never been a goal of mine ... I just carry on ... with or without a clan. You decided to leave the clan [will not post] .... I valued and still do value your presence in the clan . My point is this Clan comes first. You Bailed and so have others on the clan and you did it without say GOODBY or anything . The clan is doing good and safe from WARS and has active members.
  13. a-nub-who-tries-hard

    a-nub-who-tries-hard Forum-Apprentice

    I don't see why this is so complicated. Just give everyone a pass for moving to one company for no honor loss and no uri, delete the multi-clan function, and remove the ability for people outside of the chosen company to join it. Like, this isn't even hard. It wouldn't even be hard to develop since its literally just removing a couple of options and crediting people with a free pass.
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  14. meatpill-Warlord

    meatpill-Warlord Someday Author

    I like your idea but I think you are forgetting something: Say you are Vru and there is a multicompany clan that has 5 or so vru players online and they want to prevent you from doing events. All they have to do is get ONE eic or mmo ship to shoot the clanless vru with 1 rocket and kill him. then none of them get negative honor the way it is set up and the eic/mmo gets the kill with positive honor. something to add to this solution would be to have the players who shot the noob first to take damage equal to the amount they deal.
  15. Sgt_Ocker

    Sgt_Ocker Active Author

    Yet another "event" ruined (before it even starts) for the majority by an MCC.
    Conversation in global regarding Demeaner event.
    [MCC][player 1] i will war everyone
    [NON MCC] removed
    [MCC][player 1] demanor is ours
    [no clan]xD
    [MCC][player 2] demaner is ez
    [MCC][player 1] im serious
    [MCC][player 1]anyone who shoots getting war
    [MCC][player 1] besides boo
    [NON MCC] why cant i farm
    [MCC][player 1] becuase we want it

    Is DO still on the fence about this or are they really prepared to sit and watch as their game continues to fall apart?

    Names removed but if anyone from DO wants clarification I did save a screenshot.

    Currently these same guys are shooting anyone trying to cube - But not cubing themselves.. They do it simply to deny content to anyone not in their circle.
  16. MyBigi

    MyBigi Forum Connoisseur

    Its a valid strategy, if they want to stay at the top, they have to kill everyone else and try to slow their progress.
  17. thor714

    thor714 Advanced

    i dont consider anything MCC valid. everyone picked a company to fight for AND protect.then......................
  18. I am just so disappointed in the crooked turn this game has taken how can you expect fair hard working players who have built their ships up from scratch( which means no acct sharing, no buying ships, and no cheats) to continue to put money into this game???? Forums has become a joke all we get is no accusing others players jesus it is not accusing when we all know it to be true. And as for discord what a laugh why don't ya'll just exchange phone numbers because certain players on our server as I am sure it is true on other servers get certain privileges. As for this event as past events only 1 clan can participate how is that fair??/ This game is for the cheaters and it is sad makes me sick. What is so hard to make a game fair for every single player if these sad sacks are cheating on a game I feel sad for them is that how they are I mean come on and what about the botters they are back hmmm. Don't give us events if we can't all do them, don't give us excuses. don't erase our post, don't blow smoke, fix the darn game once and for all......Target the cheater clans like boo.......... Make the game equal for all of us. Make us want to play more . Put ships on the map and see why we are actually putting up with and why we are so frustrated help us out and we won't complain after all we have been here for years do us a favor for all the crap we have put up with.....No not a favor what we deserve a fair playing field!!!!!!!
  19. ZÿИΛPS™

    ZÿИΛPS™ Board Analyst

    I agree...Since the merge the games got so confusing. I guess gates is the only event left for players who don't want their ship destroyed by own company as part of the bigger entourage they belong to...

    Please stick to your guns <<<<End MCC's, and allow free swap to company of choice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!<<<
  20. Sgt_Ocker

    Sgt_Ocker Active Author

    It may have been a valid strategy when the game was active and had more players than it could handle. The server I'm referring to has less than 400 active players - The top 4 clans are all MCC and allied - Their only content is denial of content.
    When DO was a decent game these clans would have been hunted and kept in check, now they run the servers with everything from BS in every possible system, dominating Spaceball and denial of content for anyone not in their circle.

    Roughly 150 of less than 400 active players belong to these 4 clans - What is left for the rest?

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