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Multi-Company Clans - What to do?

Discussion in 'Game Discussion & Feedback' started by OP32, Nov 7, 2017.

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  1. Odin®

    Odin® Forum Great Master

    @ -zombiedude- @ Sorry to say this ... But when you WAR more clans than you have members and for more than 1 second you ever think that your clan/members will ever show up to either protect a clan CBS or in basic maps ... My 11th year playing DO starts 10/25/2018 ... My Point is you make more friends/MCC and send end wars ... I know you have no idea of who I am ... when sending an end war , there is a text message area in the box .... 'Speak Your Mind' there . Wallets weren't wallets when They were noobs. If you and your clan and allies are that Bad to War everyone GL ... there is an old saying keep your friends close but your enemies closer
  2. MyBigi

    MyBigi Forum Connoisseur

    Quite an exaggeration i see xD
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  3. badwon[spt]

    badwon[spt] Forum Great Master

    Now that the US servers are merged we have many more MCC's or Mainly Corrupt Clans.
    We also have more wars now from these clown clans for the simple reason to give THEIR members more targets.
    MCC's, 100 day wars, ship bling, are all geared to those with $kill.
    This is post # 543 and there has not AND will not be any answer or action from BP
    These MCC represent $$ to DO and by now are most likely their main revenue source.
    This once great game has become trash..........
    In my humble opinion..........................
  4. bugcritter44

    bugcritter44 Forum-Greenhorn

    when first started this game , it was a company that U sign up for and the one U would help in a pinch. I can see the company taking over all the events. like back in the old days, now We have MMC . I would like to see people in mmc not allowed to play in these events. just give them a choice. the problem are the clans themselves taking over events. that why players signing up in MMC try to sign up with the most active players. I would be nice if dark orbit have more single player events that would stem the tide of the need for mmc. the door has been open , we just need to find a way of closing it. more single event would close that door .
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  5. meatpill-Warlord

    meatpill-Warlord Someday Author

    I agree that now that the servers have merged, the problem of multicompany clans has increased 100 fold. The true issue here is why they came to be and that is because of bots. If you were to look at my forums profile you will notice I only comment once in awhile which would logically lead one to the truth about me: I am a CASUAL gamer. Over the last year the following has happened:

    1. Many casual gamers have quit the game because they have lost confidence in bigpoint's ability to take action on botters and cheaters

    2. Because of these casual gamers leaving, the most toxic players have been left to "rule" their respective servers

    3. These toxic players ger bored of fighting the same people over and over again and bigpoint thinks the most logical thing to do is to merge servers together constituting more active players

    4. meanwhile bigpoint nerfs key drone formations and abilities such as ring, moth and cyborg, makeing them less effective against large groups and, therefore, making it even harder than it was before for casual gamers to survive.

    I believe the best solution is to do the following:

    1. Eliminate clans altogether after a free company swap period
    - I know this sounds extreme but hear me out. Eliminating clans altogether would remove this problem and force what I think is the most important part of the game: company pride and loyalty
    - if we get rid of MCCs AND alliances...what's the point of having clans at all? the system currently has too many loopholes that can be exploites

    2. Increase group size to 50 and ONLY allow same company groups

    3. Increase the number of pve gates such as hades to pave the way for a balanced game of pve and pvp...exactly what darkorbit was when it was fun in the old days

    Right now the biggest complaint I hear from players like me is that casual gamers cannot get anywhere.

    that's why I think bigpoint should change the nature of events and make them appeal to people who have complications in their personal lives. If that happens, bigpoint does not have to rely on the money big clans spent on ammo.

    To sustain an online community of a game, the most important group to appeal to is casual gamers

    In all honesty there are a lot of things that have to be fix. I don't believe one fix is realistic and maybe the 3suggestions I mentioned won't be enough. But it is a start. Now that I have no hope of getting somewhere, I am on recon when it comes to darkorbit, but because I used to love the game and don't want to see it die, I will continue to monitor this thread and offer suggestions in hopes that bigpoint will fix the problems
    Last edited: Nov 1, 2018
  6. finaly the dark orbit devs awake

    i say this for many years on dutch and german boards, mcc destroys all servers and the hole game.

    i play from start on dark orbit the time from lf2 up til now on a couple servers, most of time on the servers where i play the mcc clans only doing it to terorise the hole servers and to be the top rank number 1.
    with mcc ty can get all best players from the server together to get rank 1 in clan ranks and so ty can make war with all clans on the server.

    but 1 thing every one forgot why is dark orbit started. reg and join a company and fight against the 2 other company's, then dark orbit put clan wars into the game with only 1 reason.
    make wars with own company clans so every one needs many and many whites and rsb, with the only reason to get from gates and in shop with uri.
    DO always say its not true but thats the real life reason with the wars people need to build gates and buy uridium to defend 24/7 for the clan wars.

    wen do never maked mcc then there wil where now stil more then 1 miljon players just as in the past , you destroyd self the game.

    nut stil its good that do now see it not works with only merge the servers now all scumbs one 1 server and terorize all other players.

    stop mcc thats perfect, but its wrong to say we let the people the chance to switch without losing any honnor

    just as my clan there stil many clans what always where 100% 1 company and always fighted against the mcc.

    let people what want switch lose 20% honnor at least.

    1of the reaons why real simple dark orbit on this way you break again the game open there many players what not wil lose honnor and not gonna switch ty need to build a new clan in own company, wenn you let switch the players for free then you stil bring all strongest players together one 1 server in 1 company in 1 clan

    real simple wenn you wil break open all servers and make them active again drop the mcc and let the players what wanna switch company, let them lose honnor other wise all strongest players switch to 1 company

    almost nobody plays events any more with same reason mcc ty pawn every one away from the events

    best regards​
  7. Οήĸyо™

    Οήĸyо™ Junior Expert

    That's one of the Reasons I stopped playing. Along with the inept ability to do anything about the Bots and even let them stand with their rank. When a ships shoots NPC in the same maps for hours on end, ITS A BOT easy to see but they still do nothing just like the MCC's that destroyed the game .
  8. the-foe-hammer

    the-foe-hammer Forum-Greenhorn


    First get rid of the botters and other cheaters.

    Second get rid of MCC

    Third get rid of clans and let us work together as companies as intended. After the dest settles, allow clans again but not MCC.

    Not hard, you DO just need to have the stones to do something.

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  9. So this is my response to someone.

    So his points were basically this:

    1. Have a free company swap period where players that fall into group #2 can switch companies without losing honor

    2. Remove clans COMPLETELY -- a lot of people have suggested that we end Multi-company clans and alliances, so why not remove clans completely? There are three companies for a reason, but right now because there are so many MCCs, there are probably realistically more than 300 companies

    3. Increase group size to 50, and remove friendly fire

    4. Add more gates that are like Hades, giving players of the same company even more of a reason to work together, but still allowing MCC groups to participate in PVE

    So here is my response to each one respectively:

    1. I think this is actually the only good idea he gave, this means people can be with others in enemy companies if they wish without having to lose ranking/honour. However, this also comes at a price that everyone might all move to the same company and cause a huge unbalance within the companies, so is it really such a good idea?

    2. This is a stupid idea, DarkOrbit has always been known for clans and fighting with a clan and it generally makes the game way easier for newer players and people who struggle to gain anything when they are relatively new, so why would you punish them because of a concept that only became a thing because all the servers had a brief inactive problem?

    3. No, this is another really bad idea. This means maps will be full of people in huge groups and what concerns me the most is the thought of the Cubikon maps on busier servers like the ones I play on.
    Removing friendly fire is a bad idea too because if someone is disrespecting you or any other reason, you should have the right to fire upon them at the result of losing your valuable honour. This actually grants no positive to remove this.

    4. There are plenty of gates and this actually changes nothing for what the original suggestion (multi-Company Clan) is currently doing to the game. Yes, PvE would get stronger during some days but not everyone who does this can afford gates or wants to pay to do them and this means BP would have to release EVEN MORE things to get people to do them, otherwise it will end up like Delta where no one does it except for the LF4 event and very rarely Kronos gate.

    My summary is that the best way to deal with this is to do exactly what you are thinking BP, remove the option to join other clans if you are not in the company that clan is set to. Or force them to set their clan as an out-law so they are against everyone, meaning everyone in the game can attack them without losing honour and credits but they cannot do the same to their own company.

    You have to do something about this soon because it is causing a real unbalance within the game when you attack someone as an ultra-elite player and get attacked by 3 people who are on your company just because they are in that clan.

    It would bring the game much more together and more fun in general, it might even stop people who are cheating from doing it so much if they know they can actually fight and play with their own company instead of against.

    My main concern actually is how this is going to effect the new players, please make sure it does not effect them; that is my main concern with this coming change(s).
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  10. panzertank

    panzertank Forum-Apprentice

    I just send war to all the MCC clans. It is so much fun cause the are in every map and i have endless amount of kills
  11. -[neverbeam]-

    -[neverbeam]- Forum-Greenhorn

    I think we should remove MCC and give people a one time ticket to change company is the best idea. If you happen to be on vacation in the switch week you are basically screwed.

    Furthermore I think dark orbit should focus on bringing companies together.
    I suggest that DO either implement clan quests or Company quests.
    In these quests you are suppose to shoot a huge amount of aliens or enemy players in pvp maps (So we dont slaughter new players) and if the goal is reached the whole company receives a given reward.
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  12. badwon[spt]

    badwon[spt] Forum Great Master

    IS there any body out there............................
    post # 552 and counting...............
    DO , you need to "DO" something about this..............
    .....in my humble opinion......enjoy what you can.............
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  13. -Lockraven-

    -Lockraven- Junior Expert

    I too wonder if anyone is even caring about this thread.
    OP32 you seemed to be instrumental in the changes we've seen so far, you started this thread to hear what players had to say, so I ask ...Are we going to see anything done about MCC's or not ?

    Waiting not so patiently here, seems many are.
  14. Odin®

    Odin® Forum Great Master

    MCC is a plague ... DO is Preparing / Launching its version after the merge , The DO version of another Leader in a simulation Space shooter game ... A Pay to Play Browser. The Merge was to install the precept of a client /user and reduce the Free to Play for current Members ... OP32 is a Hacker now a DO Developer .... Screen Shot Taken @ 3:06 pm /11/11/2018
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  15. meatpill-Warlord

    meatpill-Warlord Someday Author

    1. on the clan issue, what is the difference between working with YOUR clan and working with your company? I don't see any difference at all. in fact, with a group size of 50 plus other necessary balance changes, you can have an opportunity to work with MORE people not just the ones in a 50 man clan.

    2. on the friendly fire issue, most people know...this is a game. they made the ignore command for a reason. so honestly the only reason friendly fire exists is because bigpoint allows it since it makes people buy more ammo. as a result, some players have the delusional notion that they need to assert respect by popping people. removing friendly fire will fix this :D

    3. they also need to increase the number of maps with shared npcs such as cubikons, maybe make then harder to kill with more rewards.

    4. this is a very fair statement, but I also believe anything is possible

    The real concern here is balance between casual gamers and gamers who just play for rank. My solution was only a draft but with a few tweaks it can be tailored to appeal to a wider audience. My point was, whatever the game is doing now. it caused server merges to be a necessary and ONLY temporary remedy to the activity proble. a lot has to change if bigpoint wants to expand darkorbit
  16. Sgt_Ocker

    Sgt_Ocker Forum Inhabitant

    On the "removal" "fixing" MCC - It will have little to no effect.
    If I belong to an MMO clan all I need to do is create alliances with VRU and EIC clans Boom - MCA (Multi Company Alliance).

    My clan is MMO, yesterday i spent the afternoon (my time) in 2-6 defending a base we had built, it is an MMO base. No war targets turned up to kill it but two clans with EIC and MMO members did. 4 times I was popped by an MMO pilot we do not have war with that belongs to the EIC clan we were fighting - He lost a whole 800 honour, out of his 4.6 billion. Bottom line, unless a player goes on a same company killing spree the honour they lose for same company kills is a joke and will never be a deterrent.

    So in my humble opinion (and from personal experience) MCC aren't going away so we need to deal with it at a more basic level. If DO wants to keep the Company first format then they need to deal with same company killing. Make the penalty for same company kills a real deterrent - 1 company kill = 1% honour loss which doubles for each kill within a given 24 hour period. The guy with 50 million honour is going to lose 500,000 for a company kill. The guy with 4 billion honour is going to lose 40 million.

    Company loyalty - Fighting for your company instead of your clan. WHY?
    There is no real incentive to fight for a particular company - When was the last time anyone saw a TDM result? TDM 2018-11-02 results. MMO 0, EIC 0, VRU 0 and it has been like that for as long as I can remember. More than half the players in the top ranking of TDM, don't play the game anymore (the guy ranked 12 in user total hasn't played for a few years).
    It is really quite simple to reduce the effects of MCC (one of their reasons for being) - Make events that give rewards based on COMPANY standings.
    EG; Hitac, it now pays immediate rewards to the MCC who dominate the event. Why not change it so that the major rewards are all paid out at the end of each day based on company standings. Players still get (reduced) rewards for killing hitac but at the end of each day a bonus (the good rewards) is paid to the members of the company with the highest kill count. All members of a company logged in that day could also get a bonus (not 10% to sale of cargo, that sucks) to encourage more to be involved in events. 10 newbeens shooting 1 enemy UFE trying to kill a hitac in their maps, is what we should be seeing. If the enemy UFE doesn't want to get annoyed to death by the newbeens, he brings his own to deal with the enemy.

    Give players a reason and some incentive to fight for their chosen company, MCC will disappear all on their own.

    DEXTER-MORGAN Active Author

    Or remove clans from the game! They serve no purpose other then to group people together, they are the cause of endless arguments and bullying, remove them from the game, remove clan bases and instead have company bases which we can build in nme maps. This will bring companies back together again. Also remove the ability to pop your own company or add serious consequences for those who do. As it stands now the game is a complete joke and makes no sense at all! Whats the point in choosing a company to be loyal to when you are being attacked my your own company all day long when you dont even have a war with anyone. Whole game has gone mental and this along with the botters will be the final straw that kills this game off once and for all.
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  18. thor714

    thor714 Padavan

    i agree. the only groups that should be allowed should be against npc's or gates. i'm a player since 11 and have only been in a clan once. it didn't last long for the very reasons you stated. arguments,bullying and infighting. remove the ability to take someone else's npc target lock or share rewards unless invited. if you jump someone else's cube,you only help him get his rewards faster. i hope to see company loyalty come back. after all, you had to choose one to start the game.
  19. willi_101

    willi_101 Someday Author

    To me being in a MCC is just another way of playing, the unfortunate thing is that the balance of power is with the MCC’s The issue I have is that if you are attacked by someone in a MCC who is not in your company, once you shoot back someone in a MCC who is in your company can then have a crack at you. Why not
    1. show someone who is in a MCC as a white dot on a the mini map (or some other colour other than blue or red) so as everybody knows they are in a MCC.
    2. have their name tag show white or some other colour as well or some other marker so as you know they are in a MCC
    3. remove the penalty from initiating a fight with a MCC member in your own company or even better, give a slightly higher reword for defeating a MCC clan member as oppose to an ordinary enemy.
    Give the power back to the individual players and the clan companies. Give an incentive to the players to go and hunt MCC’s and let the players sort out the MCC’s out

    DEXTER-MORGAN Active Author

    I don't understand what is so complicated about this! look......

    step 1. remove the ability to shoot your own company! why does anybody need to shoot their own company? there is no reason for this!
    step 2. make it so you can not join a clan from a different company!
    step 3. make it not possible to have alliances or naps with clans from other companies! why would you need to be allies with an nme clan!
    step 4. give people ONE opportunity to move company with no rank point loss.

    Why is it taking so long to sort out? just do it!

    There is NO game at the moment its just a collection of ships all bullying each other for no apparent reason!

    we have eic clan bases in our maps that are defended by our own company!
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