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Multi-Company Clans - What to do?

Discussion in 'Game Discussion & Feedback' started by OP32, Nov 7, 2017.

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    RADETSKI Forum-Greenhorn

    when I open this topic I only see that started in 2017 and from then until now quite a lot happened, but nothing about this problem and probably nothing will happen, just those of us whom do not like ,will stop playing. the biggest problem is that you do not know who the enemy is for peopole in MCC there is no negative honor .When there is such a great inequality in such a structure, this uncertainty will have consequences.If they think they can afford that this can continue no problem, but most likely without much of us.In my opinion, nothing will change and the outflow of players will continue
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  2. -Lockraven-

    -Lockraven- Junior Expert

    @OP32 We're still waiting for a response, all of us on this thread would love to know if anything is ever going to be done about the MCC's .
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  3. -=MarcVenture=-

    -=MarcVenture=- Active Author

    As with the 'special thread to get us to shut up and take it' over in speakers corner this was nothing but players talking to the wall. If you want anything done about the major issues with this take your money, smash it into wall as hard as you can and you will get as much back as we have gotten from them on this.
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  4. Sgt_Ocker

    Sgt_Ocker Padavan

    Unfortunately MCC is a difficult problem to deal with.
    On one hand everyone has the right to team up with whoever they choose to play a game.
    On the other hand, MCC on some servers have become very destructive to the game overall.

    Simply stopping people forming MCC will have little effect other than the possibility of many players just not bothering to play anymore - "If i can't play with my friends i won't play at all" or they would simply form clans in each company all with the same name and with a decent teamspeak server or Discord, continue on as if nothing happened. Instead of xxx clan being in the number one slot, xxx clan would have the top 3 slots

    The biggest problem we face is the lack of direction and goals in the game - It is supposed to be a Company based game, VRU vs EIC vs MMO. Instead what we have is, TOP CLAN is all that really matters and if having all 3 companies in that clan to get to number one is the easiest way, that is how it will be done.
    On the back page we see Top players and Top clans but where is the Top Company?

    The Dev team have several options open to them to get the game back to its roots [Company vs Company], all of which would reduce the impact MCC have on the overall server/s but these type of changes take time.

    As i have said in previous posts - DO need to get the focus of the game back to "Company" first. This on its own would severely reduce the impact MCC have on servers
    1/ There needs to be rewards for players who choose to fight for their chosen company.
    2/ Company events, when was the last time there was a TDM that actually had anything in the results section? Invasion, needs to provide some sort of incentive for players to participate.
    3/Company killers including those who assist someone from another company need to receive harsher penalties, whether they get the kill or not they should be penalised for shooting at their own company members.
  5. Lithinir

    Lithinir Forum-Greenhorn

    You guys need better scripts or something, cause I'm seeing one, two, and three-star players botting every day, and later on they're in the top ten clans for gates. It's ridiculous. How are we to compete?
  6. I-Hate-Spaghetti

    I-Hate-Spaghetti Forum-Greenhorn

    Multi company clans are killing the game, do something...
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  7. test123

    test123 Forum-Greenhorn

    Please remove MCC :)
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    ŹÀPHØÐ Forum-Apprentice

    totally agree, been away for months. MCC still active, so i wont be restarting. Sorry devs, no matter how many new ships or weapons you come up with
  9. okti

    okti Forum-Greenhorn

    The problem is not that it's difficult to remove MCC, the real problem is that they just don't want to do it
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