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    PSK~SUNDANCE Count Count

    As you use your pilot points, they require seprom. The second set calls for 100 at first and then grows by 100 for each point. The 3rd set calls for 1000 at first and increases by 1k for each point after that.
  2. GreenandGrey

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    The effective uri value for each gate part is as follows:

    kupper 800 per gate part, 100 pieces
    Delta 351 per part, 128 pieces (not including aliens)
    Epsilon 252 per part, 99 pieces (not including aliens)
    Zeta 423 per part, 111 pieces
    Kappa 266 per part, 120 pieces
    Lambada 866 per part, 45 pieces
    Hades 977 per part, 45 pieces (assuming 6 players)
    ABY 953 per part, 55 pieces (AVERAGED)
    962 for gamma
    1095 for beta
    773 for alpha
    (note that gates with lower number of pieces are effectively more valuable due to less lost spins on multipliers. The values shift drastically in favor of zeta if you want to include booty keys and log disks valued at 1,275 and 255 respectively on double gate day)

    With alpha scoring lower than that lambada gate you so adamantly advise against using the multipliers from alpha doesn't seem like such a bad strategy if it actually gets you more beta and gamma pieces. Does it? What happens if you use a multiplier on an already completed gate if it spins a piece?

    If anyone can get me the alien uridium values of delta and epsilon I'd appreciate it
  3. What's more useful information is the expected costs to build each gate. 15.365 is the magic number. Multiply by the number of gets parts to get the expected number of spins. Alpha beta gamma is impossible to work out though. If you are interested I'll explain how I got that number but I'm pretty sure its correct.
  4. GreenandGrey

    GreenandGrey Someday Author

    Does using uri for spins at 85u each yeild profit at all if you do ABY?
  5. not a chance you will lose a fair bit. i wouldnt advise ever spending uri until you can get rebate and wait for discount. if you seriously cannot afford it, or are unwilling to spend anythign whatsoever then just wait for the best discount you can
  6. neoonoma

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    Generally speaking,it would be best to keep your uridium and spin with energy gained from collecting palladium.But if you want to spin with uridium it would be the best to have 40-50 uridium per spin.Anything more is a waste.
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    Hi Jman I have some questions and clarification . You say to save spins for Zeta Gate but don't you have to complete the other gates first? Alpha Beta Gamma Delta etc... Also you said to save booty boxes for Zeus Day . I don't recall receiving any drone parts from green booty boxes so which booty boxes are you referring to . I do find the guide useful though and the doubler and rebate pkgs are great suggestions. I am building my drones through the assembly . Therefore I am grinding away for scrap etc. And I had never considered auction before so thank you for that suggestion also. I am trying to play for free with the exception now of the occasional rebate or doubler pkg.

    oops addressed the wrong person . I meant Spider man sorry . I am new to forums
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    Seems really good, thing I found useful was the upgrading because I've never really upgraded anything before so that was helpful thanks :)

    PSK~SUNDANCE Count Count

    You can do gates in any order you wish. Zeta is focused on for the Log Disk and Booty Keys, which are doubled on GG Doubler days.
  10. littleDaz

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    Great advice and helpful, thanks for taking time to write it out. :) mostly i'm on the right track but a few things and all about gates i didn't know will help greatly, Cheers SM.
  11. Kante.

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    I didn't even finished first sentence of your guide and I disagree. Build your Skylab to full power instead. It will give you the credits to buy everything. Much more then ore or cargo box. Goliath is poor ship for beginner. Leonov is much better choice. Leonov effectively double you laser and generator power. Goliath make target from you. There are many quests to pop Goli. You may look at the unavailable mission for your self.
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