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New players have 0 chance in Dark Orbit

Discussion in 'Speakers‘ Corner' started by Chuckles-Da-Clown, Jan 10, 2019 at 7:15 PM.

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  1. Chuckles-Da-Clown

    Chuckles-Da-Clown Forum-Greenhorn

    So i decided to start a account here.
    2 days into the game now.
    You dont get much at all when you start.
    A basic ship and 0 Uri or credits.
    Doing the first few quests I got some ammo and items and thru the auction system won a GOli for only 10,00 credits.
    So it took me enough time to make it to 1-2 map with my few o level shields generators 1 flax Goli to promptly die.
    Calling out shame to player:
    17:48[​IMG][REMOVED] from the VRU shot you down.
    ON GA2.
    Here comes this player with all the Spartans , drones everywhere plus extras and kills me one shot. 1 Shot like a streuner.
    Improvements needed are:
    Protection against players of a certain rank or amount of time in the game.
    More items on registering to help survive the 1st round of quests.
    Like at least enough resources to start or at least a level 5 Skylab.
    The 100 Seprom from the newbie quest went on my rockets as shields are useless this level.
    Also immediately I was bombarded with adds prompting me for money so I could survive ,,Space Pilot ;)
    Side note my clan leader who is not a noobie put war on the MCC clan and now kills them 100 days no mercy or accept the end of war lol.
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  2. Bakjam

    Bakjam Exceptional Talent

    I'm sorry to hear you experience was ruined. Unfortunately I can guarantee you that things will not get much better. I would not be surprised if the most growth a new players makes, is located at the beginning. Now you were able to rapidly increase your power by switching ship and some basic equipment but more advanced equipment like drone designs and apis and zeus will cost you a lot more time. And even when you obtain those you are still not more than a basic player!

    Unfortunately, Bigpoint does not seem to understand how balance works. Yes, they made strong items much easier to obtain for beginners (triple LF4 chance, free LF4 and enhanced LF4 just for logging in, ability to craft RSB and cloack CPU's an increased chance for Havoc and Hercules etc.) but still. At the same time they are also adding stronger lasers. This doesn't solve anything, in fact it will only assure that the new players, who still start out with 0 equipment die even faster.

    We need sidegrades, not upgrades.
  3. BountysNoobShip

    BountysNoobShip Forum-Apprentice

    I find that hard to believe. You probably shot the enemy ship first. Those are intro level missions, and they give you protection until you finish them
  4. Undertest

    Undertest Forum-Greenhorn

    On the 30th of january, it will be my 2nd year anniversary in game.
    Heard rumours about new ships getting a whack of lasers, a goli of some sort, etc., etc.... I couldn't possibly get all that in another 2 years.... why not 'voucher gift' that stuff to existing small fry?
  5. Sgt_Ocker

    Sgt_Ocker Active Author

    New player protection lasts as long as you are doing the starter missions - approximately 3 to 4 hours.
    My first day on a nooby account i started when GA2 was down forever due to the merge - I was killed 16 times in 22 minutes in 1-2 and 1-3, by the same guy, less than 15 minutes after new player protection ended.
    I was in a Pirahna with no drones...

    You don't have to shoot first to be bullied by those who don't care about the future of the game. Just be in the right place at the wrong time.
    (the guys account was started in 2009 and had over 20k hours on it
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  6. WarriorAngus

    WarriorAngus Board Analyst

    Hi All,

    Like they all said. It didn't get better. Even if you dump a bunch of money into the game for improvements to level up your equipment, and buy keys to get more doesn't help either. Throwing money in a fire gives you a warmer feeling than here. I'm 18th level and a UFE too, which isn't much. Being a clan member doesn't help either. Have been one for years no benefits there either. Well I also don't ask for any too. The only clan member is MCC which is made up by several clans and companies. They are hunter killers group that kills everyone and new bee's are their favorite meal. Good luck, and keep the spending down. You will only want it back after you determine it wasn't worth it. I have put 1,000s in this game and I'm no better off from where I started.

  7. This is a funny post, you can tell all you want to do is pve and it's a pvp game. What does actually happen when you get killed? I know "your drones take a bit of damage and your rank goes down a bit" Wooopy. I started an account 330 hours ago and i started with just a tiny bit of uri purchase and i buy premium rebate and the odd box doubler when it's worth it. Box doubler, rebate ,and premium are cheap or can be won during some event's or from completing some quests. My ship is lvl 20 now am full lf4s and now 32 pp something like that I destroy most UFE don't have wacks of ammo like they do but i don't want to play everyday all day. I don't use a bot I just do event's that are worth it and quests. And if i get bullied by a mcc clan hey i just leave the map go do something else. I for sure don't keep logging into the same maps and let the same player kill me 16 times in 22 min just so i can come into the forums and complain that someone did that I think that person who just keeps coming back deserves to keep getting killed also is just as guilty for that happening.
  8. KilerStreak

    KilerStreak Forum Demigod

    Nah, it's incredibly easy compared to years ago.

    You can reach FE easily within two-three months, even without putting that many hours into it.
    Plus any newcomers using the code through BSGO get set up with tons of x3, Unstable LF4s + LF3s, several B02s, all eight Irises, and a Venom. Pretty darn good build. You can instantly start grinding for more B02s and LF3s easily from that starting stage.

    Just keep an eye on the chat and mini-map. Moment someone announces there's an enemy in the map you're in, or you notice a suspicious red dot, run. Use another map. By the time the PvP Company Protection runs out, you can choose between farming in x-3 or x-4, followed by x-5 very shortly. PvPers do jump maps, but not very often.

    At the same time, work on the Skylab. Steady stream of credits, even when you're forced to "not play."
  9. Chuckles-Da-Clown

    Chuckles-Da-Clown Forum-Greenhorn

    Wrong answer hero lol
    I was killed 1-2 and 1-3 without hesitation or even a chance to lock and fire.
  10. Chuckles-Da-Clown

    Chuckles-Da-Clown Forum-Greenhorn

    Seems the BSGO is the Battle Star Online code that those pushed from that game got as a offering.
  11. Sgt_Ocker

    Sgt_Ocker Active Author

    I did switch maps, several times and for some reason this guy kept finding me (and quickly too).

    My intention wasn't to "complain" about it but more to use it as an example of what can and does happen to new players.
  12. Yes i know you were not here to complain but when you say you were switching maps did you do it while the enemy was watching you? Maybe that's how they found you so easy a quick log out would fix that.
  13. Sgt_Ocker

    Sgt_Ocker Active Author

    I tried everything I could think of to avoid this guy (including asking in company chat for assistance but we all know how much help that is). At one point I even went from 1-1 to 1-3 via 1-4, as i approached the 1-3 portal in 1-4 he intercepted me. Just good luck on his part there I'd say.
    As ALL the low level missions at least start in 1-3 a dedicated hunter knows where to find new players if they are his target of choice.

    Remember, it was a brand new acc that only had what the starter missions gave as rewards (I wanted to see how new players with no prior experience managed, so played it as a brand new player by following exactly what I was told to do by the prompts and mission layout). With the 2 speed Gens and 3 shield Gens you get from the missions, you're not surviving longer than it takes for someone to target you. Add to that, since the merges Auction prices have gone through the roof (20 mil + for a BO2, 15 mil + for an LF3 - New players with no prior experience have no chance)

    The only real option open to me to successfully avoid him was, log out and come back "later" or in a few hours or the next day - Or as happens way too often, not at all.
    As a brand new player having just started the game, I had finished the starter missions and wanted to test out my new found power and ship by playing the game and doing some missions - Nowhere in the DO introduction does it say, after the starter missions are completed you can and will become fodder for anyone (including your own company) who wants to get easy kills or has just had a bad day and wants to take it out on someone.

    The sad truth is, there are a lot more players who will kill new players over and over than there are players who will help them. Most of these guys won't willingly change the way they play so it comes back to DO to do something to attract and KEEP more new players.

    *Missions and their rewards need a review to be more in line with the equipment available now, not as it was 10 or 12 years ago, when an FE Goli was something to be proud of. Today, an FE Goli is little more than fodder for hunters, bring the game for new players into the 21st century.

    *Starter missions need to pay far better rewards. It might encourage more to spend a bit early on if they saw the rewards of playing the game were worth it. When you see someone in global ask "Is it worth spending money to build up my ship" and the resounding response is "NO" from every corner of the Galaxy.....

    *The "Starter Packs" offered in the Shop desperately need to be brought up to today's standards - Replace LF3 packs with LF4's or even Unstable LF4's - LF4's are the new LF3 (have been for years now). Add a single pack at a "reasonable" price that includes LF4's and BO2's.

    *There is no point including PVP missions for players below lvl 15, unless of course the BSGO starter pack (should include at least 10 G3N-7900 speed gens) becomes standard for new players. There is nothing worse than getting to a point where you can start successfully getting pvp kills and having missions that pay 53,100 EP, 90,000 credits and 50 Uri.

    I apologise to Ice for going on but the subject of getting and keeping new players is one I am quite passionate about.
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    ΣVÏŁ_ŠİŦĤ Forum-Apprentice

    I started playing this game in 2009 when there was no demil zone in the x-1 maps. you could not fly off the base without someone trying to pop you. The biggest difference I see here today is we have to many cry babies that think they are going to start playing this game and get everything handed to them on a silver platter in one month. Hate to tell you all this but that's not how anything in life works.

    You have to work hard and play smart I learned from probably one of the best players ever on this game GRUMPY he taught me to box and grind out npc's and to focus on one thing at a time not to get distracted trying to get designs or other useless items I did not need. We all had to work to get to where we are on this game and frankly I don't hunt noobs but when they shoot first or are in my maps they pop simple as that.

    The biggest issue I see today for new players is the fact you can't get to the npc's due to the massive amounts of NPC botters in the maps it is impossible for you get to pop anything in the lower maps and in the x-7 maps forget it. That is your biggest obstacle we didn't to deal with in 2009.

    So focus on one thing at a time and grind it out no one is just going to give anyone everything to be an UFE in 3 months and maybe not even 1 year. took me a long time to slowly build up my main account to UFE and my second account I got to UFE in 6 months so now it's way easier to build up your accounts than it was back in 2009 through 2011.
  15. Sgt_Ocker

    Sgt_Ocker Active Author

    Sadly you totally missed the point of the thread.
    The ONLY thing you got right is the part about botters.

    The game is very different to what it was in 2009 - 2011, I was here then too, 2009 to 2014, came back July last year.

    To get ahead in the game today as a new player - You need to do your best to avoid the 90% of older players from 2009 onward who believe the game now is the same as it was for them as a new player .

    Also as you said, you need to compete for npc's with the overwhelming amount of botters and MCC. Try to remember, when you started in 2009 what would happen if an enemy came into the map you were in - Reminder, they were killed or at least harassed until they left by the stronger players of the company - Today, those stronger players are usually in the same clan or allied to the enemy who come hunting and will often help the enemy kill you.

    I too had a mentor when I first started, he actually went out of his way to help me - Today, there are few older players will put themselves out to help new players.

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