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New shield gen.

Discussion in 'General Issues' started by STARLIGHTHUSTLE, Nov 6, 2019.

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    has anyone done any comparisons between an upgraded BO2 and the new BO3. I am trying to decide whether or not to add it to ship before or after upgrading it.
  2. Archangel-Warrior

    Archangel-Warrior Active Author

    A base BO3 has a Shield Strength of 11,450 whereas a fully upgraded lvl 16 BO2 is 11,500 however if you upgrade the BO3 just once to level 2 it will produce a Shield Strength of 11,564.5 and therefore an improvement over the fully upgraded BO2.
  3. EvilHotDog

    EvilHotDog S-Moderator Team Darkorbit

    Thanks for helping the OP and the detailed response.

    Does the OP have any further questions or may we close?



    TY Archangel and TY EHD .nothing further ok to close
  5. skubo

    skubo Forum-Greenhorn

    so then I should replace a full set of l5 puple with l2 yellow one at a time on drones or ship first , 5 yellow by end of month

    no loss when mixing shields like weapons
    and upgrading new stuff first. drones at 16, 1 yellow l5 already
    is it better to have 2 of the same type on a drone in case it counts as full set ship

    been following old guides the bible could use an update with the new stuff ores ,parts best uses first.

    another way to compare the power change
    what level should the yellow be for a cube or icy


    Since I believe the info I got is accurate,I WOULD start replacing my old gens with new ones starting at lvl 2.This way you don't lose any shield strength and start the process of rearming your ship with new items. What concerns me is the price of rearming after all the past upgrades. I think we should get some kind of credit for older Gens. like they did with the new lasers. (i.e. one LF4-MD would cost you one standard LF4 plus uri and the log disks.) Reduce the cost of assembling a BO3 by adding a/an fully upgraded BO2 to the recipe. Since the BO2 will now become obsolete , this would make sense. Just like when the LF4's were first introduced, now I have a ton of unsold LF3's wasting away in my inventory. I saved them in case DO ever comes up with away to auction or donate these to newer players. I have so many credits selling them is not a priority.
    In regards to cubes and Icy's , I can kill a Cube by myself in my "battle con. fig. #1" all shields on ship (BO2 lvl 16) and all drones with LF4-MD's. I only use LF4-PD on PET . You may be farming Cubes but, you have to be armed for a fight against another player.
    Don't confuse mixing items on drones with full ship set up.To the best of my knowledge , mixing items on drones is okay. Ships lasers for instance need to be the same.
    One more thing , the DO bible is still a good source of info. Any newer items can be found in forum if you look at the most recent posts.
    REMEMBER; if you are having a problem , there is a good chance that someone else is having the same problem.

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