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New ships Saturn e change ships and formations in game

Discussion in 'Update & Idea Pool' started by recursos☺☺, Oct 14, 2019.

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  1. recursos☺☺

    recursos☺☺ Advanced

    New ships saturn:
    Phoenix Saturn
    Liberator Saturn
    Piranha Saturn
    Nostromo Saturn
    Bigboy Saturn
    Nostromo Embaixador Saturn
    Vengeance Saturn
    Golyath Saturn
    Pusat Saturn
    Centurion Saturn

    Now all turn Evil You with out upgrades,skills or bonus,you reward Evil you with you ship tipe Saturn.
    Saturn now have bonus +20% shield when use,no have bonus hp.

    Change Solace:
    Now when in use give +5% bonus if hp,no have bonus shield.Now skill:
    Nano-Cluster Shield Repair:When active repair immediately shield energy you and your group.
    You:35% shield
    Your group:17,5% shield
    time:1 second,and cooldown 90 seconds.

    Change Formations:
    Decreases damage you ship in 20%, but reduces speed by 15%.

    Experience is increased by 20%; however, laser damage, hit points, and shield points are all decreased by 20%.

    Shield points are increased by 30% and regenerate by 1.25% per second. Cooldown times for rockets and rocket launchers are reduced by 15%; however, laser damage and speed are both reduced by 25%

    Your shield regenerates 1% of your max shield power per second, up to a maximum of 8,000 per second. But hit points are reduced by 50%.

    Change All Citadels:
    600.000 hp and nano hull
    6 slots lasers
    3 lauchers missiles
    25 slots gerators
    200 speed

    Change All Aegis:
    200.000 hp and nano hull
    8 slots lasers

    Change Hammerclaw:
    14 slots lasers
    15 slots gerators
    295 speed

    Change Pusat:
    17 slots lasers

    Change Leonov:
    8 slots lasers

    Tartarus price:300.000 uridium.

    Desruptor:400.000 hp and nano hull

    Berserk:250.000 hp and nano hull
  2. I was confused at first when there was an announcement tag and it was just a suggestion.

    You don't have to suggest a saturn type ship for every ship available in the game, D.O plans to add 100,000 HP on all ship's base HP base on the rising difficulty and high damage capabilities that every player can deal now that there's certain ammo types that could deal more than 100,000 damage per salvo.

    Hammerclaw is an already deadly ship with 20% more HP as an added bonus to its healing abilities, and since it is based on the aegis, with an added 2 laser slots for a total of 12, but less generator slot (from 15 to 14) it is still the best ship out there to support other ships that is in your group.

    Pusat is deadly as it is, with the right configuration, enough preparation and planning you can do very well with a pusat vs a cyborg caught off guard since its a hit'n'run ship so your purpose is to kill whatever ship you see in an instant and having the ability to be faster than them rather being able to only caught up with them since the gap between that few seconds means you get less chance of killing your target in time before either you get killed or they get to jump on a portal.

    I agree that Solace should have an increase in HP atleast instead of a shield boost, but because the centaur goliath has +10% in HP without any other abilities, if Solace gets an HP boost no one would want to fly the Centaur anymore besides being it a nostalgic feel when having it around.

    I don't think most of the suggestions you have shared us is relevant at the moment, considering too many changes at once will drastically affect the game long term either negative or positive way and all of it depends on how many players would be disappointed or happy about the update, and since many players have already suggested a lot of things on this forum, and not one is even noticed by the developers i don't think there will be a chance that your suggestion will be heard, same as everybody else.

    Still its a good thing that you are eager to suggest your ideas, keep it up.
  3. Bakjam

    Bakjam Old Hand

    I feel like the Pusat is MORE THAN strong as it is now, let alone if we add more lasers. Citadel HP increase I can definitely agree with but even +100.000 is far too low, it is just not suited to tank the current damage outputs. I would like to see 700.000 as a bare minimum.

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