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New Spearhead Ship Designs in GG and for sale

Discussion in 'Official Announcements' started by Oddessey, Sep 12, 2019.

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  1. Oddessey

    Oddessey Team Leader Team Darkorbit

    Hello Space Pilots,

    There are 3 brand new ship designs coming to the game very soon. These are the new packages that will be in the game from Friday, 13th September until Monday, 16th September:
    • Spearhead Smite
    • Spearhead Osiris
    • Spearhead Epion
    • Spearhead Designs Pack

    Together with the new Spearhead Ship Designs, we’re also introducing 3 new ship upgrade modules that can be used together with the new ship designs:
    SHD-SH01: + 5% Damage / +10% Shield / -5% Speed

    SHD-SH02: +15% Shield / -5% Speed

    DMG-SH01: +15% Damage / -5% Speed

    There are different ways how to get these designs and the new modules:
    1. You can get them with a small chance in the Delta Gate, the Epsilon Gate, the Zeta Gate and the Kappa Gate the during a limited time frame (see below)
    2. They will be available during a special sale in the payment section with the following packages:
      1. Smite Spearhead Pack which includes 1 Spearhead Smite, 1 SHD-SH01 Module, 5,000 RSB-75 and 3,000 UCB-100
      2. Osiris Spearhead Pack which includes 1 Spearhead Osiris, 1 SHD-SH02 Module, 5,000 RSB-75 and 3,000 UCB-100
      3. Epion Spearhead Pack which includes 1 Spearhead Epion, 1 DMG-SH01 Module, 5,000 RSB-75 and 3,000 UCB-100
      4. The Spearhead Designs pack which includes 1 Spearhead Smite, 1 Spearhead Osiris, 1 Spearhead Epion, 1 SHD-SH01 Module, 1 SDH-SH02 Module, 1 DMG-SH01 Module, 15,000 RSB-75 and 10,000 UCB-100
    Important: All packages can only be bought once! In case someone buys the single design package and also the one with the 3 designs, the design that is bought twice will be exchanged into the Uridium value of the design!

    Your Dark Orbit Team

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