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no abr

Discussion in 'Technical Issues' started by Uηidєη†ifiєd, Nov 3, 2019.

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  1. Uηidєη†ifiєd

    Uηidєη†ifiєd Forum-Apprentice

    hello i seem to not have got my ABR from kronos, it says on the FAQ that it drops ABR


    03.11.2019 - 10:55[​IMG]Received item: Ammunition - UCB-100 (25,000)
    03.11.2019 - 10:55[​IMG]Received item: Ammunition - Uber-rocket (1,000)
    03.11.2019 - 10:55[​IMG]Received item: Ammunition - RSB-75 (10,000)
    03.11.2019 - 10:55[​IMG]Received item: Schism Crystal (10)
    03.11.2019 - 10:55[​IMG]Recieved 1 recipe Spartan Drone Blueprint
    03.11.2019 - 10:55[​IMG]Received item: Schism Crystal (25)
    03.11.2019 - 10:55[​IMG]30 log-disks collected.
    03.11.2019 - 10:55[​IMG]You received 1350000 honor.
    03.11.2019 - 10:55[​IMG]You received 24000000 EP.
    03.11.2019 - 10:55[​IMG]Extra energy for galaxy gates received (500)
    03.11.2019 - 10:55[​IMG]20 green booty key(s) collected.
    03.11.2019 - 10:55[​IMG]Kronos Gate completed.
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  2. [BLK]TheOriginal

    [BLK]TheOriginal Forum-Greenhorn

    Tell me about it, i have got 0 from 12 gates now. I want my abr
  3. sacakk

    sacakk Forum-Greenhorn

    i have got 0 from 23 gates hahahaha
  4. Sgt~Ocker

    Sgt~Ocker Active Author

    An update on what is planned for all those who didn't get ABR at the weekend would be nice.
  5. -Fleabird-

    -Fleabird- Forum-Apprentice

    yes please

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