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Offical Update on the Cross-Server Testing

Discussion in 'Headquarters Archive' started by Solid_Eye, Oct 9, 2016.

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  1. Solid_Eye

    Solid_Eye Forum Freak

    Hi guys,

    because of popular demand, here is a quick update on the Cross-Server functionality we are currently working on.

    First of all we would like to remind you that we are just testing this feature with a basic prototype. There is still plenty to do to implement all the standard features required for groups to play together, we need to ensure that missions and all the other game-features are working as they should.

    This will take a few more weeks to develop. So please don’t expect it to be ready next week. :)
    Concerning the plans for this feature, we can say that our designers have a few ideas that we want to try out, but for the time being, the Cross-Server zones will be designed for you to enjoy all-out PvP. We will then gather you feedback, look at the statistics and go from there.

    The feature is designed to be flexible enough for several game modes, map structures, PvP or PvE, and in general should resolve a lot of the imbalances in server population.

    As we said the actual movement of player data from one server to another (“server merge”) would be the hardest route for us to take and would take several months to implement. For now we have decided to go with the least problematic solution. The potential risk for really severe issues would be too big. We can see about this later.

    But as the reactions to the current tests have shown, the current solution is generally accepted.

    Just keep an eye on our Facebook, Twitter and Twitch channels for updates or join us on Discord for updates on testing times and more.

    Your DarkOrbit Team
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