Old School Players???

Discussion in 'Meet the Players - Who's Who' started by Thrillber, Jul 11, 2014.

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  1. derthvader

    derthvader Forum-Greenhorn

    dertvader like 2009 hi took long break totaly diff now
  2. ÆRabidKitten

    ÆRabidKitten Forum-Greenhorn

    User since:27-10-2008

    USA west been known as many a name currently flying as -PØK€YJØ€- but yea been around for awhile always on the same server
  3. AtomicZoe

    AtomicZoe Forum-Greenhorn

    East 1 Same name since 2009
  4. Petrify-xGEMINIx[GUN]

    Petrify-xGEMINIx[GUN] Forum-Apprentice

    Player stats
    User since:09-12-2008
    Player activity:199 hours
    Rank:Chief Captain

    ORIGINAL ACCOUNT: 2007-09-09

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  5. 7of9

    7of9 Forum-Greenhorn

    USA West 12-22-2008 VRU and still plugging along... Miss some of the Good ole peeps

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