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  1. WarriorAngus

    WarriorAngus Advanced

    Hi All,

    It looks like D.O. has found a new way to make more money.

    I didn't check the post on the new P.E.T. update. So when will it take effect so our P.E.T. can gain new levels? I have been playing this morning USA East time 0717, and I haven't gain one experience point. I'm still at 15th Level with experience point at 27,008,082/27,008,082.

    What I like to know, my P.E.T. has been sitting at 15 Level for a long time, and There are others player's P.E.T. have been at the same level longer than me.


    Are we going to get a promotion upgrade because of all the experience points that I/we have gain over the period we have played and killed?


    Is it a start over and now we have to build up from were we are and get nothing?

    I THINK.....

    We should at least get one promotion upgrade for playing all this time.

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  2. I dont even want to lvl up my pet anymore cause its going to cost more to repair and 350 uridium is allready to much
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  3. the cost will be the same from levels 15-20, don't worry about that
  4. kris0m

    kris0m Forum-Apprentice

    first of all I want to ask why is the fuel protocol so... they have just updeted it and the 2 level is 12 k for 3,5% and the lvl3 is 42 k for 4 % so 0.5% are worth 30k?
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  5. ATEER

    ATEER Someday Author

    It is more lasers. 12

    OMG man. have you read the post about pet?
    Your pet needs more levels first. then you will have more slots
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  6. kris0m

    kris0m Forum-Apprentice

    my pet is lvl 17 atm atleast one laser should be showing man.I will log out of my profile to see if it will update but since I got it to lv17 it has still not updated. you have to go out of your account and go back in so it updates.. just checked it and it's all good now.
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  7. HelpMeHelpYou

    HelpMeHelpYou Emperor of the Forum

    For those that have not read the >FAQ< I have provided it for you. I would say there is a glitch in the update if the EP is not changing as of NOW.

    First you are not required to buy each level so you only buy what you want, after PET reaches level 8, and half a percent is pretty good for the long term usage of the PET after level 8.

    I hardly ever have him in attack mode so I could care less about the lasers, he is either collecting boxes, pointing me to my NPC's, collecting Pally, or blowing himself up (Kami).

    There seems to be some LAG between the Client and the Back Page and refreshing the Hangar seems to help this sometimes. But YES at level 17 and 19 you get another weapon slot and every level gives you another generator slot, IF you want to invest $100 USD into the game on MHH.
  8. kris0m

    kris0m Forum-Apprentice

    Yep there is but the refreshing of hangar didn't work. I know most bugs cus I read the forum every day I play every day and if it miss something usually some one tells me in ts that same day. I don't post in the forum that often because some ppl don't understand things and just want to say anything. I clearly know that I don't have to buy each level of the protocol /gear. when did I say you have? I just pointed out that they didn't think it stuff enough because of the price and the quality it is. Before you had a reason to buy the lvl3 now if you ask me there is none the lvl2 is much cheaper for weaker players and it basically now does the same you will not feal the 0.5 % on fuel consumption . And for the last part man I am ufe doyou think I care how much uri it takes... I have never bought uri from shop and never will. They are not that expensive after all you can easily grind 100k in around 2 hours. and to both of you thanks for info that I already knew I just pointed out the stuff that are not right as of the time I wrote them.
  9. -ЩarΛnt-

    -ЩarΛnt- Junior Expert

    Level up PET further?
    I wish I could level it back down to level 8. It's much cheaper to fly it then.

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