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Pirate Hunt feedback

Discussion in 'Game Discussion & Feedback' started by Solid_Eye, May 15, 2017.

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  1. Solid_Eye

    Solid_Eye Board Administrator Team Darkorbit

    Hello everyone,

    Please feel free to leave your feedback relating to the Pirate Hunt event here in this thread.

    Please keep in mind that forum rules are still in affect; you can offer fair legitimate criticism without resulting to insults/flaming/etc. Our goal is to ensure your feedback can be seen, and we do need your help to do that.

    Happy Hunting!
  2. It's not working in GA3 , says the event started but no missions no new window?
  3. Solid_Eye

    Solid_Eye Board Administrator Team Darkorbit

    Give it a few hours, most event things for East-timed servers have been running three hours behind at least.
  4. Ok thank you :)

    you're welcome :) -SE
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  5. Odin®

    Odin® Forum Great Master

    Question Solid_Eye , from your quote " The Alien Hunt window will remain active on the UI and when opened will display the rewards you have won.By closing that window or pressing the OK button it will cause the window to disappear until the next Alien Hunt event." can we open the window during the event to see our personal points achieved during the event or will it stop and we are locked out till the Next time the Pirate Hunt event returns ?
  6. Solid_Eye

    Solid_Eye Board Administrator Team Darkorbit

    Hi Odin®,

    I would have to imagine that means until you next open it, or maybe relog (I haven't gotten a chance to go ingame and check it out myself yet).

    We have no idea when the next pirate hunt event might run so I have a hard time imagining they would lock us out of it for an unprecedented amount of time.

    I hope that helps
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  7. BestGArenEUW

    BestGArenEUW Forum Baron

    The Uber pirates are not worth. They are 8 times stronger than normal pirates, although you only get 4 times more Uri and 4 times more points. They should change them into "Boss" pirates or double the current rewards. The Palla in their cargo can't compensate the low rewards. E.g. you receive 2 Palla from the cargo of the Uber Interceptor, you will gain indirectly (100*(2/15)=) 13 Uri. So 67 Uri are missing for being a worth NPC.

    At least they are not aggressive. Nevertheless I will be just to weak for doing the daily level 12+ daily quest, because even in a FE group we can't kill the Uber Annihilator.
    Last edited: May 16, 2017
  8. Well in GA3 there was only the first 2 quests and that's it, second day no quests. Finished both "After Effects" quests and have not seen any more quests. Any Idea what's going on?
  9. BestGArenEUW

    BestGArenEUW Forum Baron

    They unlock 1 quest per day.

    I have predicted only coming experiences after "touching the Uber Annihilator"with a group.
  10. there are daily quests it says so that means just those would be available everyday with the other quests. So no there should be more and today is second day and there is nothing showing for quests.
  11. BestGArenEUW

    BestGArenEUW Forum Baron

    Perhaps you will unlock it after you do all other quests of the story line? "Daily Quest" would be a wrong term.
  12. Dead~~zone

    Dead~~zone Forum-Greenhorn

    this is just another quest/event for the botters, seriously they bot 24hrs a day 7 days a week and you reward them, great job dark orbit.
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  13. Odin®

    Odin® Forum Great Master

    The reason I brought the subject up is I'm trying to win the event and if I prematurely open the Event Icon I would be rather upset when I close the window and and I loose everything :(

    If I find a bot I'm just gonna pop the bot and film it and send it to support
    Last edited by moderator: May 16, 2017
  14. Kyro

    Kyro Forum Pro

    As far as I can tell you can open/close the event window as much as you like, it doesn't disappear or anything. Nor do you lose any points, though I cant say for sure since I have no points to lose but it makes no sense that you would lose progress by opening/closing it.
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  15. Odin®

    Odin® Forum Great Master

    I figured out the answer to my question Solid_Eye .... When I clicked on the Event Icon the drop-down menu displayed my current number of points earned as well as the clans total ... by clicking on the Hall of Fame it displays the current top 100 players ... at least I'm in the top 100 ....

    I just figured that out Kyro thank you
    Last edited by moderator: May 16, 2017
  16. Maddust

    Maddust Forum-Greenhorn

    that doesn't prevent non bot player to do 24/7.

    a crap event for 24/7 player. thats all I have to say.

    PSKSUNDANCE Forum General

    This event should keep the 5-2 map active. That said, there will be lots of hunting there. I personally spent a lot of time in there in order to build/upgrade my equipment. It is good I will have lots of company for the next few weeks.
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  18. neoonoma

    neoonoma Forum Great Master

    The uber pirates were created for that reason,even the Dev at Discord said that it's better to tackle the ubers since the botters can't kill them.

    Yeah,personally i am not very satisfied with the event(since i have to use tons of elite ammo to go to top 10) but at least this makes people actually play the game and doesn't allow people to just go to shop and buy everything with uridium without effort.
    Last edited by moderator: May 17, 2017
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  19. Odin®

    Odin® Forum Great Master

    Doing the ubers does cost more elite ammo if going solo but outfit up and everyone in the outfit gets kill points and less elite ammo is used JOB 100 ammo is very cost effective , and doing uber anni is pretty easy . I use the Diminisher and plenty of sep ammo. It may take a little longer circling a jump gate but at least you don't have the rest of the pirates hitting on you if you're going solo. I try and leave the uber sabs alone . That slow slowdown gets me in trouble . I just left the map and I was 86th but that will change before I get back with everyone hunting . The game changer is when certain players sit back and watch your shields and hp drop then they come alone and pop you for easy kills that's what rubs me raw.
  20. Kyro

    Kyro Forum Pro

    The following "feedback" does not just apply to this event but to any similar future event as well that has like clan/group rewards, which I really think would help discourage people from using bots:

    It has been said that bot users will be basically disqualified from winning rewards*, but I would actually like to see the whole clan they are/were apart of to be disqualified as well(both clan and individual rewards). It is pretty hard for people to not know about if someone bots and if they genuinely didn't know, then I guess they need to start bookmarking player profile pages. Not only would this obviously discourage players from using bots but it would also discourage other players from working with bot users, cause some players seem to not care about it.

    Though of course if were to disqualify the players who seem to not care as well, then yeah they definitely will start to care. Which players caring about this will mean bot users will have a hard time doing these kind of events, cause no one will want to work with them. So any down side to doing this is more than worth it in my opinion.

    *The actual wording used was "reviewing the winners accounts" may of been mentioned on the last Twitch stream but I know it was said by a community manager on Discord. Of course I hope this isn't just looking to see if they have any past bans or if they have been caught for botting before, cause what people really care about is the current bot users not getting any rewards/winning. Which really there should be a list for players you pretty much know use bots and to just disqualify them from events.

    Some people may say "oh but what if they don't actually bot", well then I'll just say those players should stop acting like bots. In reality I realise this is not as easy as it sounds to make an accurate list, but at the very least could do this for the players that you have no doubts about that they bot.

    Edit: I'm not gonna bother with making more posts on this in this thread, but when I say "acting like a bot" obviously I don't mean not shooting back or just not trying to escape... If you have watched how bots move and their behavior you should know that it is not easy to imitate them(or that, you can't).

    (another easy way to tell if someone is a bot: go in a Spearhead, be cloaked and use Ultimate Cloak, hide under aliens and watch the bot run as soon as Ultimate Cloak wears off. Of course try doing it again and again, watch them run straight away every time...)
    Last edited: May 17, 2017
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