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Discussion in 'Newbies' started by »ØPŦ‡MU§_K‡ŁŁ_§[23]«, Dec 7, 2018.

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  1. Hi, long time no seen. I have been off last few months but new laser get me exited and I started to play again. Since darkorbit FORCE us to remove all seprom from laser and rocket with first quest for 1st out of 10 prometheus lasers I did some math out of my curiosity.


    So design formation, booster, pilot points doesn't take part in this calculation becouse its pointless. Reason for that is that bonus percents was stack on every other bonus, when you change dmg of laser percent bonus will stay the same only base number will change so overall dmg will change according to base number.

    Our goal is to make same dmg with promerium as we used to do with seprom, as you can see for that you will need only 4 prometheus laser instand of partydrill whats sound wierd but it isn't couse prometheus got huge bonus dmg of 3,5 times against new npcs.

    As you follow picture you can see that with 10 prometheus with promerium dmg goes up for 40% as used to be with full PD and seprom what is really amazing because you allow you to farm new materials much much faster. So 100k will now hit 140k.

    Suger on top of everything once you get full prometheus on new npcs you will do 190% more dmg. So 100k will now hit 290k.

    P.S. Darkorbit didn't pay me to say this; give up your seprom you will rewarded for it a lot, you will farm new material much much faster and dmg to everything on full set will go up for 15%.

    Greetings, »ØPŦ‡MU§_K‡ŁŁ_§« int11 GE5
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  2. The_4-3_Explorer[G]

    The_4-3_Explorer[G] Forum-Greenhorn

    They are the best laser atm but the nerf is coming. sad that laser like this isn't so ez to get. basically need daily login and zeta to get these prometheus laser.. witch are the best laser atm.. but like i said the nerf is coming.. so why waste ur time on a laser they gonna nerf... RIP blacklight teaser>>> before all the nerfs
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  3. WarriorAngus

    WarriorAngus Forum Duke

    Hi All,

    I must missed something. This is something new for me so I'm way behind I guess. When I looked at the new posts I saw a post about this laser. I went to look for it in the shop, ammo, and my ship's assembly, and closed the page to the forum. So I search and found this one instead of the other one. So I'm asking questions on this laser. So please be patient with me.

    Looking at the "Assembly" on the ship/sector page I see the Laser listed and the 25000-A-BL ammo. Do theses two go together? Plus in the "shop" neither one is listed so how do you get more ammo. Only on the "Daily Bounce?" You talk about Seprom too. It doesn't help the laser bonus. My ship is full of it, Laser, Rocket, and Shields.

    This Pometheus Laser:

    You need to make and use:

    Mack Light Trace (is this ammo)
    Rinusk (is this ammo or some crystal-gear need to make something) It is an item needed to make the laser
    A-BL (is this 25000x-A-BL) (is this ammo)

    One last thing. What is the NERF?

  4. NERF is reducing something, like they did in latest version with mimesis evasion from 80% to 65%, that is NERF, BUFF is when something goes up like drill formation, it buffed max dmg we was able to do in past with 20% bonus dmg.

    You can use A-BL ammo with any kind of laser, it just does double dmg to invoke and behemoth new aliens, like RB does double dmg to Demaner.

    Yes you got seprom on laser and rockets, I give up 26m seprom from lasers and replaced with promerium, now with 16 prometheus and 20 hyperplazmoid and promerium on laser with infection doing around 220k dmg while with 36 hyper, seprom infection was around 120k so its wurth it in long run.

    Mack Light Trace, Rinusk is something you use to craft things in assembly like you using case and cabels.

    P.S. this is just out of politeness, if you could make such a detail question you are smart enough to check out and understand.
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  5. Odin®

    Odin® Forum Great Master

    I have a ? …. Can the A-BL ammo be used outside the BL maps and what is the damage rating for PvE and PvP using Sep on status lasers … Here is my conclusion in the question . If I understand correctly you are saying that having the Sep on status lf4 lasers does the same damage as UCB-100 ammo/[X-4] … If I put Prom on my status lasers will they cause more damage or having the Prometheus lasers using this ammo … I know how to set a ship up … With all Respects ….
  6. Kante.

    Kante. Junior Expert

    So when you put promerium on your lasers, all seprom changed to same amount of promerium, so you have now 26m of promerium on lasers? Why not just skip the cursed quest and have 1 Prometheus laser less? How you doing in PvP with promerium against seprom?
  7. KilerStreak

    KilerStreak Forum Demigod

    The Seprom is "destroyed" and the Promerium you put in is there only. If you put in 1,000, you'll only get 10,000 shots. Seprom won't magically turn into Promerium.

    And you cannot proceed with the quest line without doing the first, "Within the Limits" quest.
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  8. Odin®

    Odin® Forum Great Master

    I don't think so …. Every time I've every changed/upgraded in refinery I lose everything there and is replaced with the changed amount , because it asks you if you accept the change for the trans-action
  9. WarriorAngus

    WarriorAngus Forum Duke

    HI All,

    I'm way confuse. I thought Seprom was the best for Lasers, Rockets, and shields. Now I'm wrong?

    Are you telling me that Promerium is better in Laser than Seprom? Or is it for this Laser "Pometheus" which is better.

  10. Odin®

    Odin® Forum Great Master

    Prom is the best for the new lasers but in order to collect these lasers you have to do the quests and meet the conditions of the quest. Other than that Sep is still king ....It's also a way to get members to rid themselves of millions of sep
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  11. Kante.

    Kante. Junior Expert

    I misunderstood Optimus "Our goal is to make same dmg with promerium as we used to do with seprom" So we can put 1 prom on laser, 1 on rockets and then put boatload of seprom on them again? Or is prom better then sep for the Prometheus lasers?
  12. In order to get 10 Prometheus lasers from quest Darkorbit want you to put promerium on laser and rockets, that means remove your seprom. Since amound of seprom is limited, you goal is to make prometheus laser do more dmg with promerium than Hyper used to do with seprom in order to farm new materials for craft more prometheus, ammo, ship, booty for ship designs faster than you would with hyper and seprom.

    In practice you don't really feel that change if you shoot in a group and kill only impulse and attend but when you move on big one on other side of map than start different story, it got ton of HP and does cca 150k dmg what is a lot and people must go in and out in order to kill it. Big one spawn every 15min while attend with 8 impulse each spawn every 5minutes. So if your group take 10-15 min to kill big one, than you missed out on 2 rotations of attends which always come as 3, which give much more materials to craft lasers than you get on big one. So what you want it go kill it and come back under 5min to farm map as best as game allowed you and for that you need prometheus lasers or huge group what will never happen because not everybody can get box and if you don't get box you just wasting time and will just leave map.
  13. Kante.

    Kante. Junior Expert

    Thanks. All clear.
  14. Thunderheat

    Thunderheat Someday Author

    dude you better not be making up stuff only say it if it's fact. no developer ever said anything about the prometheus laser getting nerfed and no laser has gotten nerfed before.

    can anyone clarifiy if the prometheus is actually getting nerfed soon
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  15. Odin®

    Odin® Forum Great Master

    There has been NO announcements of a nerf ... The discussion was about how the prometheus laser operates on the BL maps and on the regular maps . Q&A have arisen as to the range outside the BL maps and are being compared to that of the Scatter Laser3 and an LF4 in some discussions
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    -BLACK_SKORPION_BG- Forum-Apprentice


    Great lasers, nothing broken at all! (That's the pet's damage)
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  17. WarriorAngus

    WarriorAngus Forum Duke

    HI All,

    I don't know? To give up all my Seprom for Promerium again. When I was a young pilot I used ore I could get and make. It was all I could get and have. Once I started to build my Skylab and produce Promerium that is what I used. Then I found about Seprom and it was hard to change to that ore. So, I started to change my ore losing all that I worked so hard for. Now my Skylab is at 20th Level making Seprom for me. All that time and money wasted to build the space station for Seprom. You want me to go and use Promerium again why did I need to build my Skylab. Now I have Millions in Lasers, Rockets, and Shields, and DO wants me to give it up for a weapon I don't have or may never have. It is another way DO trying to mess us up.


    You will need at least 7 Prometheus lasers (Citadel) to load all its slots up, and others ships (I own) up to 15 lasers slots. That is not counting your drones where you could have another 16 lasers slots, and your P.E.T. which I have 10 lasers slots (less on lower level ships). So that is 41 Prometheus lasers I need to just fill my laser slots for one ship. I fly 2 mostly, but on my main server I fly up to 4 ships (which are loaded and ready for battle). So TIMES that into the formula too and the numbers goes up and up and up for the need of Prometheus lasers unless you change out each time to fly a different ship. What if I just do my main ship Laser Slots with Prometheus lasers, that means I have 26 lasers that needs Seprom and only 15 needs Promerium. So I still have a greater need for Seprom. So to make your Prometheus lasers work better you need Promerium , but until you have at least half or more lasers why change ores' until then. What if you use a combination of lasers. Some that work better with Seprom. Then you have some that isn't running at full power. As for myself I use several types of leaser on my ship as well as my drones and P.E.T.. You need to think in what you are doing.

    Oh, don't forget the Rockets which works better with Seprom . Mostly you fire is 5 at a time unless you have a Citadel then it is 10 at a time. Oops there goes another reason to keep Seprom. I think I read it somewhere that the rockets needed to be change too. I don't know if this is right, but I still put it here.

    Looking at the post LF-4 or the new lasers vs Prometheus lasers are about the same in damage unless your in the BL. Then I really don't know which is best. BUT I haven't gone into the Black Light, and if I do there is still be more use in the normal space more then in the 3 Black Light Space. There are 33 sectors we can fly to and fight and kill, and sometimes die. So there are 11 times greater need for Seprom in the game because we have more space that works well in the non Black Light space. So I say go with what you know.

    The last thing I'm going to say. With the Prometheus lasers you need the Prometheus lasers ammo which we are getting in the "Daily Bonus." What they are giving me isn't enough for a normal day of flying in normal space. So you have too use normal battery packs to load your Prometheus lasers. The last time I check they weren't selling the ammo for Prometheus lasers and DO isn't going to give it all to use. It's not their way. They want you hooked so they can get your money. Maybe it is a bonus for kills or you can find it in the black light I don't know.

    Unlike DO sold the LF-4 MD, HP, DP for awhile and I know all the wallet warriors bought them all up. I didn't because you have to have the money for it and I don't. It is another way DO favors the wallet warriors over the average player which we out number the wallet warriors. So Like in real life the many get step on for the few who think they are above us.

    Sorry for it being kind of long.

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  18. Odin®

    Odin® Forum Great Master

  19. WarriorAngus

    WarriorAngus Forum Duke

    Hi All and Odin,

    I read most of the Post that was linked. It seem a nice set up. Didn't understand most of it. What I did I kind of like it.


    Could DO make this ship separate from the rest. What I mean that we could load this new ship that we might get with Promerium. So we don't lose the Seprom on the other ships?

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  20. -B3lz3buth-

    -B3lz3buth- Forum-Apprentice

    Nope not OP at all -.- Watch it with no sound, that song is one of the dumbest I ever heard lol

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