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Questions for Twitch stream [April]

Discussion in 'Game Discussion & Feedback' started by Solid_Eye, Apr 7, 2017.

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  1. Solid_Eye

    Solid_Eye Board Administrator Team Darkorbit


    If there's any particular questions you might have for upcoming twitch streams please feel free to leave them here. The team can check them out, and we can forward them as well^_^

    You can check out past queries that were raised in the earlier thread, and check out past streams as well if you're looking to see if something has been covered recently.

  2. batata

    batata Forum Inhabitant

    Are u planing to do something about ufes sabotajing weaker players? Or u dont care bc "it is a pvp game" and u whant them to spend money?
    Are u going to make the matching system on refractions actualy work? It is annoying to be "matched" with ufes when u are FE or less.
    Will u consider creating a ufe free server so we can enjoy the game again?
    Will u fix the graphics to something space / scify related instead of the cartonish thing we have now? Maybe the old client graphics back?:rolleyes:
    Last edited: Apr 7, 2017

    OILDAILY Forum Great Master

    any chance of upping pp 60
  4. BMλŋ916-ƒliesUSƒlaǧ

    BMλŋ916-ƒliesUSƒlaǧ Forum Commissioner

    Any chance we see something positive done about false pushing bans? With players that were changing their names after popping 3 or 4 times then coming back to the same player over and over. Or those that just wont quit and keep coming back no matter what map we move to. Then we also have a bug in the "kill reward" system which I have video proof of.

    And the only way to avoid getting slammed with a pushing ban in these situations is to log off for the day but I don`t like the idea of another player getting to decide when I have to logout.
  5. £ôśţ✪Ĉâüŝє

    £ôśţ✪Ĉâüŝє Forum-Apprentice

    Would like you to address PvP program users( autolockers,ammo changers). I believe we are over do for a fair fight.
  6. hushing

    hushing Forum-Apprentice

    Hello DO team,

    Can you address the FS-03 shields regeneration bonus bug?

    The regeneration bonus is not 6.25% and regeneration process doesn't start after 5 seconds without taking damage this time is much longer.

    It should be as it has been stated in Saimon Rebellion – FAQ?
    • The regeneration bonus applies to the amount of shield recovered per second after not taking damage for 5 seconds.
    • The bonus to the regeneration is additive, meaning that carrying two FS-03 shields will increase the amount of shield recovered by 2*6.25% = 12.5%.
    After all this is what has to be the orginal purpose for releasing this new shields, to give the players other tool to use in the game.

    So, could you please send this information to dev team to fix the problem as they have fixed the problem with Spectral lancer equipped in drones, although they didn't fix the problem with Spectral Lancer Lasers when they are equipped in PET.

    Please for more information have look this treads
  7. •»Radiance«•

    •»Radiance«• Forum Mogul

    Hehe, I think I saw this post of yours 3 months ago :D

    I also addressed this kind of question of yours in the previous "Question for Twitch" but it was not answered. Nevertheless here is again my testings and findings regarding the fusion shields http://www.bigpoint.com/darkorbit/b...aser-fusion-shields.116016/page-2#post-905559 . A full Fusion Shield config with all shield bonus multipliers (ring, herc, booster, PP, etc) could make a Full Shield regen time of 5 seconds (if with 100% shared regen boosters its just 4 seconds full shield regen). :eek:

    Here is a quick updated chart of mine for shield regen bonus with Fusion shields.

    Shield Regen Facts:

    1. Normal shield regen rate is 4% of total current shieldsper second.
    2. Each Fusion Shield 3 only adds 0.25% regen rate (it is 6.25% more of the 4% basic Shield regen, as 4*6.25% = 0.25%) to the basic 4% of total shields per second and not plain 6.25%.
    3. The Shield Regen Rate of shields equipped on your ships and drones adds up but the PET does not and only for itself.

    Shield on ShipShield on DronesHave an Additional Shield Regen Boost?
    NoneNoneNo Shields :p
    NoneBo2No (Basic 4% only)
    NoneFS3Yes [4% + (0.25%*x numbers of FS-3 equipped on drones)]
    Bo2NoneNo (Basic 4% only)
    Bo2Bo2No (Basic 4% only)
    Bo2FS3Yes [4% + (0.25%*x numbers of FS-3 equipped on ship)]
    FS3NoneYes [4% + (0.25%*x numbers of FS-3 equipped on ship)]
    FS3Bo2Yes [4% + (0.25%*x numbers of FS-3 equipped on ship)]
    FS3FS3Yes [4% + (0.25%*x numbers of FS-3 equipped on ship and Drones)]
    Also with there previous fix, Spectral Lancer Lasers now works fine with Ship/P.E.T. but NOT on Drones. I recently reported this problem last month and support said that they look for this issue and will fix it. :rolleyes:
    Last edited: Apr 9, 2017
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  8. BestGArenEUW

    BestGArenEUW Forum Baron

    Will the shop prices be balanced?
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  9. $money-man$

    $money-man$ Forum-Apprentice

    I have a couple questions/issues I would like to see addressed:

    1. Pet locator is still not fixed as it seems - they work in some maps and not others, is that something just still being worked on?
    2. Pets have always been glitchy - here are a few I can think of off the top of my head:
    • They glitch out after they kami and you cant use it till your relog again
    • They hold a players lock AFTER they EMP
    • They still get off another shot or 2 AFTER you destroy a player(meaning you kill someone and their pet still shoots you even after they go boom)
    These are glitches that have been in the game for WAY too long, and something the dev team really needs to consider fixing, as they have just become annoying at this point.

    3. When are the new ships coming out? They were out at the beginning of the Hitac event, and have been gone since then.
    4. Uridium prices need to change, for real money and in the shop.
    5. UBA's matchmaking is still unfair. Someone with max equipment(all lvl 16 LF4s, lvl 16 BO2s, all 10 drones lvl 16, ETC) can still equip a nostromo or smaller ship and be put against players that are not even close to their level in terms of gear. Matchmaking should be based upon rank. Captains with captains, majors with majors, colonel with colonel, etc. These is a much better chance of you getting pair against someone with equal gear that way. There will always be unbalance and unfair fights but that is unavoidable. While I am on the top of UBA, I also found myself losing fight 1, then taking FOREVER to reconnect to the arena, not giving me enough time to repair both configs. That is basically and automatic 2-0 for the opponent because these fights are always close and if you only have 1 config, you will lose. Plain and simple.
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  10. KiritOo47

    KiritOo47 Forum-Apprentice

    I would really love to know, If you guys can make GG spin purchasable with credit, like maybe 100M credit= 200 spin or something, it will give us a 3rd good option to make GG, not everyone has time to palla, or to crazy Uridiam farm even with uridiam it takes quite a lot of uri to make gates, Also point to be noted some GG gets persistent with last parts.:D
  11. Bloody~Bones

    Bloody~Bones Forum-Apprentice

    I have a few questions that I hope the DarkOrbit team addresses: Priority =1 to least priority 3

    1) Will inactive servers be merged soon? Is darkorbit working on a solution to the tons of small inactive servers that people are steadily quitting on due to boredom? I think their are only two main servers which don't need any merges Ge1, and Ga1. But, what about the GB servers and US servers? Whats the point of having so many inactive and empty servers? If you guys merge the inactive servers, come up with a way to protect new players, then you can advertise the game again and start rebuilding the player base (with active servers).

    2) New players quit because they are overwhelmed by the amount of grinding and money it takes to be competitive. Killing noobs isn't fun for anyone. This needs to be addressed and soon. (I don't want to hear the skill-less 50 + year old money players talk about how in their day they had no demil in x-1 etc etc) In those days I was full fe in probably 1 month with limited money spent. You could become fe with just a boxing doubler and boxing in the b maps. I came back years later to get a ufe ship, it's approximately 12-15x more expensive. For new players= 0 chance of becoming ufe unless they spend a car payment on a mega.

    3) bonus boxes: they are currently set to deter botters, fine: but, why not reset them to how they used to be? when you can make 25k uri in a hour in the b maps? lets say for 3 hours or so then the uri rewards falls dramatically? resets after a server restart. Right now box doubler is not nearly as worth what it used to be.
  12. TF2274

    TF2274 Forum-Greenhorn

    What will happen in the merge if someone has multiple accounts? For example, let's say I had one account in east 1 and one account in east 2. What would happen to them both? Would one go away? I know honor and exp are getting reset, but would the stats that aren't getting reset merge?
  13. badwon[spt]

    badwon[spt] Forum Great Master

    It was good to read that DO was going to fix the game before introducing "new stuff".

    It would be nice to see a weekly post by "someone in the know" as to the progress of fixing the glitches.

    The initial post should list ALL the reported "current glitches" .

    Priority should be set and then progress report posted every Friday.
    (without exception)

    By posting this DO will rid a lot of "bad feelings" that are currently allowed to FESTER because communication is often lax.

    Usually on the forum, items are closed as they have been reported to Support.

    Butt then they fall into a black hole and are never heard of again.

    This proposed weekly posting would give SUPPORT some ownership for the current " in game problems".
  14. hushing

    hushing Forum-Apprentice

    Hello DO team,

    I have few questions regarding - Plague Alert FAQ.

    When this event will start and what is duration of this event? Can somebody update the FAQ with this info?
    Will be Alloy Boxes be visible to everybody or only for player who kill the Plagued Kristallin or Blighted Kristallon?
    How many wives are inside of this Quarantine Zone portal and what NPS?
    Will PET able to pickup this Alloy Boxes or not?
  15. ]Coldheart[

    ]Coldheart[ Exceptional Talent

    When is this event that will supply Indoctrine Oil at a much easier rate to take place, May or June?
    (there has not been one yet)

    Items/events that players like, seem to be getting nerfed. Will the Q-Zone get the same axe treatment to balance the load out?
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