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Roaming Blacklight NPC Disappeared

Discussion in 'Speakers‘ Corner' started by *-ΛLΞMDΛЯ-*[ΛTΛ], Sep 9, 2019.

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  1. *-ΛLΞMDΛЯ-*[ΛTΛ]

    *-ΛLΞMDΛЯ-*[ΛTΛ] Forum-Apprentice

    Hello! I was wondering what has happened to these guys, do they no longer spawn in upper & pirate maps? Haven't Heard of them for a quite while.
    \\ Urge IV //
    \\ Attitude XIII //
    \\ Capital I //
    \\ Regard CXI //
    \\ Observe X //
    \\ Find VII //

    Also does anybody have screenshots of these? Havent found any on internet
  2. The Red Baron

    The Red Baron Forum-Apprentice

    They are quite random for me during the last event i was roaming around x-6-7-8 maps found 2 of them in x-7 and 1 in x-8 so they are still there.
    You need enemy locator cause if your just roaming around hoping to just run into one that's probably not gonna happen.
  3. hi there they are still about i usually in 5-3 and i see 1 or 2 a day in there so they are still about just lucky if you are in map when they spawn
  4. *-ΛLΞMDΛЯ-*[ΛTΛ]

    *-ΛLΞMDΛЯ-*[ΛTΛ] Forum-Apprentice

    Thank you both for answering, I do have enemy locator but haven't had any luck founding those aliens. When they first appeared there would have been an notice in your log similiar to Deadly Battleray but I don't get these anymore.

    IRON-THRONE Forum Inhabitant

    Got 1 in 3-6 last night
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  6. *-ΛLΞMDΛЯ-*[ΛTΛ]

    *-ΛLΞMDΛЯ-*[ΛTΛ] Forum-Apprentice

    I as well found one couple days ago, \\ Observe X //. Do they all look like impulses with orange in them?

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