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  1. Sapphire

    Sapphire Forum-Apprentice

    Hello guys!

    I am Sapphire. A guy from somewhere between a zoo and perfection, who has played with computers since 2004. My family includes a cat, which thinks and searches day after day possibilities to kill me. :/ My hobbies are basically gaming, but also coding HTML + CSS, sometimes .NET languages to make small useless applications with Visual Studio, coding experience level is a total beginner.

    I found this game today. I know nothing about it, and this is not the simplest game to learn. I haven't managed myself out of the tutorial, but I have learned to use Auction, Ctrl, numbers, Quest Window, Minimap, general User Interface and spacebar as well as useful commands in the chat. I think this will need some game sense, but I guess I'll learn it.

    I played Farmerama back in the days. It was kinda good game, but I stopped it after 2015. It started to become too complicated and unreal that it was good to leave it alone. So now I am playing this. I don't know how much, but atleast I try.

    What I have managed to do in my game now, I got Leonov ship with 10,000 credits, I don't know if it was good to get as a starter or something, but I have it now anyways.

    The server, where I am playing is int2, not sure if it stands for Global America, but here I am. Feel free to contact me there, I need probably some advices.


    As you can see, I serve Earth Industries Corporation.

    That's all about me. Have a nice day!
  2. neoonoma

    neoonoma Forum Connoisseur

    There is a wealth of information at "newbies" side of the forum.Also,it is advisable to start on an active server like GA1,GE1,and TR1.
  3. Sapphire

    Sapphire Forum-Apprentice

    Ok thank you :). I will look some YouTube videos, guides and search the forums if I can take anything out.
  4. Sapphire

    Sapphire Forum-Apprentice

    So the game is unplayable once again in Global America. However, I've managed to get my first Iris and P.E.T to level 2. With that I also have all the ships that is possible to get from Hourly auction. I have also 6 Flaxes, which is good, because 6th was anyways free Flax (from quest) and it's nice to have anyways as much drones as possible. However, I don't see the 7th Flax worth, so I will only try to get now the Iris drones.

    I can't unfortunately show a screenshot, but you do nothing with it anyways, as there's no change obviously and the game is unplayable. :(
  5. MyBigi

    MyBigi Active Author

    they said they found the source of problems, lets hope they fix it so ga1 does not lagg that much.
  6. Sapphire

    Sapphire Forum-Apprentice

    After one month of playing there haven't happened much as I have been a bit inactive, but also farming some credits with promerium. I have considered if I buy premium, as it helps a lot, though considered also rebate as I get some stuff a lot cheaper. I lost my flaxes, so I needed to re-buy them. However, I have 4 Iris drones and that was for this moment the last thing I bought with Uridium. I also used a bit from the 2k extra energy to build Zeta.

    Most of the inactivity came up with the Plague event, the Gygerthralls and idiotic Kristallins were too much for me to do quests without help and right now I have no good clan to go to get help (unless somebody provides). The inactivity was just decrease of average playing time, not taking a break or anything.

    For now I might focus on leveling up myself, P.E.T and bidding the shields and engines. Not sure if I should buy the Spectral Lancer 3, as they're 15k Uridium each and provides still nice damage to aliens, though if I get enough strong to drive through the Zeta gate during double event, I could get maybe two or three of those SL-3's. I have Spectral Lancer 2, which is only 5 damage below the LF-3, so I think the LF-3 is most likely credit waste at start and there's nothing to say about PvP without good amount of ammo and the LF-4's with drone formations and drone designs. At the end though with Seproms I would do with SL-2 3,944 damage with these configurations to aliens. With LF-3 replaced with those it would be 4,080, so I don't see it's worth to use 10m credits per laser, when you get only +100 damage buff.

    You can try to hit me up in game and if you have suggestions of clans that I could join to get some extra help even during the events, it'd be nice. However, I might take some break before summer starts. :p

  7. MyBigi

    MyBigi Active Author

    Make sure u finish the zeta gate on a sunday with double gg rewards, those extra keys/logfiles will help you a lot.

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