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  1. ß•ζ•ø•d•γ[SWE]

    ß•ζ•ø•d•γ[SWE] Forum-Apprentice

    Well if you ever decide to try out GE4 let me know and I will help you where I can.

    Enjoy the game :)
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  2. kris0m

    kris0m Forum-Apprentice

    Yep I play on ge4 too if some one wants to join we can play together
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  3. MyBigi

    MyBigi Forum Inhabitant

    Not a good time to start on new server imo, server merges are probably coming in the next few months, better wait and see which servers are merged together, and then start on another server if u still want to.
  4. Sapphire

    Sapphire Padavan

    Best time to start on servers exactly that's why.
  5. Sapphire

    Sapphire Padavan

    Today some progress on Global America with the power of +2 Havocs and log disks, let's see what the keys will give me. Zeta/Havoc is now 2/4 and one Zeta is underway (110/111... struggle is real) which I do in next weekend. :)
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  6. DeathByCheetos

    DeathByCheetos Advanced

    Great work! keep pushing forward but i might add save up all your booty keys for a zues day cause chances are you going to get a lot of apis pieces over the zues. next screen shoot i want to see a apis ;p
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  7. Sapphire

    Sapphire Padavan

    Yea I know that already. I hope I could get lucky with the Zeus and get the whole drone from the boxes. Last time I got some hardwares and 10k Uridium, which was pretty decent imo. :p
  8. DeathByCheetos

    DeathByCheetos Advanced

    yeah tell me about it i was trying to get hardware last week and got over 27 lf3s and no lf4s at all Not that i need any tho xD
  9. memrix

    memrix Junior Expert

    This was all very entertaining to read, good job sapphire xD
    if you ever go to GE3, let me know
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  10. Nice Signature Sapphire, I like that one allot :)

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