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[SC] A question

Discussion in 'General Archive' started by Stranac, Mar 11, 2018.

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  1. Stranac

    Stranac Forum-Greenhorn

    My question is simple: Why waste your time playing this?
    I have been a top player in top clans for years. This game is not played fair. Accounts are sold all the time. Accounts are shared to chase rank. Bugs are used daily. Bots are used. I have never been in an honest clan. Nobody cares about a ban. Bans are no big deal...just buy another account. Most of you will never ever stand a chance.
    This is the reason people quit. They have seen and heard first hand the real truth behind this game.
    It is a waste of time.
    Dont believe me, join a top clan, go into teamspeak and have your eyes opened to the truth.
  2. apetown.

    apetown. Padavan

    Sadly this is 100% true nowadays :(
  3. Stranac

    Stranac Forum-Greenhorn

    Just watched a complete UFE ship be sold today to another player who was recently banned.
    173 LF4
    All upgrades
    Cyborg, mimesis, hammerclaw, all designs, all ships, all 50 pp maxed drones, spartans
    Everything a person could want in this game.
    Tons of ammo, 3 million uridium. All for $100.00
    Think about how much some of you have spent in this game and dont have that kind of gear. it is not worth playing. Tomorrow another ship is being sold.
  4. BossCitizen

    BossCitizen Forum-Apprentice

    i like the journey of having fun and building something that i could say i worked for to be where i'm at and if the server merge go great then i get to meet new friends on my same level
  5. Twotam1

    Twotam1 Junior Expert

    depending on your goal, yeah it could be considered a waste of time. truly if you don't plan on spending real $$ to get ahead, might as well just concede to play the game as a game, a simple diversion from everyday things.

    I guess I still play casually is for that reason. it's a good escape. get too serious and the fun goes away. sure I get popped now and then, at some point i'll be able to pop someone.

    but for the time being, I do what I can and when there's too many ufe hanging around popping me, move on to another game to have some fun.

  6. Odin®

    Odin® Forum Mogul

    looks like the only game left in this game is sell , sell , sell
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  7. BoughtthisatWalmart

    BoughtthisatWalmart Forum-Apprentice

    The last time I played DO was in 2014, ending my player experience with a forum post detailing what is wrong with the game and predicting that BigPoint was going to run the game into the ground with greed.
    I came back recently out of morbid curiosity to discover how horribly right I was. I actually laughed when I saw the Cyborg for the first time. It is the epitome of what's wrong with DO. A reskin of the Venom that surpasses every other type of ship. Talk about a testament to laziness and a complete misunderstanding of your game's problems. To top it all off is this assembly system, a """clever""" guise for a method to get people to buy more uridium. Profoundly pathetic.
  8. spy-girl

    spy-girl Someday Author

    I also came back after ca,2/3 yers and start a new game and i also ask myself why do i putt in god money in this game well it
    is funny to se what you learn from before .
    That is the good part but be killed in 5-3 when you pick pick that is bad player (no man for me lol )I now it is in the game
    so it is ok but a ship that is topp lev 20 only do it for fun and don't do pick pick hehe .
    And it is not funny to go back .
    Well it is funny anyway ,but when i am big i will ##### # Love to you all be back soon SPY.
  9. Bloody~Bones

    Bloody~Bones Forum-Apprentice

    For starters, "a waste of time" could be referenced to nearly every game ever made. I don't care that ships are sold, actually- I prefer people to sell their ships. I don't play for rank, I quit doing hades after getting my spartans. I don't care about bases but if there is a fight I'll go do the base thing. I play for pvp only. Nothing else, just me, and few friends that I have played with for many years, we only play to pvp. Do they all play fair? No, maybe half play fair..maybe. Do I care? no, I do not care if people bot, I just want to PvP with as many ufe's as possible. I do not shoot noobs, ever. The "reasons" you listed as for people quitting are incorrect.


    Old people who spend alot of money expect to steam roll everyone but, the game has been around for so long now, nearly everyone is ufe and has a good understanding of how to pvp- the level of pvp has significantly increased since years back, not to mention, pvp is far more in depth now, that it is impossible for older people to compete on a "mechanical level", they simply have fallen off so much that without a huge number advantage like in the old days, they don't stand a chance.

    Older people still follow the old mindset, all clan must be the same company, another reason they get trashed in the maps and eventually quit- using the excuses- hacks, blah blah....no, you're just inferior at pvp is all.

    So what do we have now, we have a -80% drop in players, primarily due to expensive updates, the lack of an ability to bot (forced into botting into the first place due to how expensive the game is) and older people who have quit because of "hacks" which is really just slang for the game is too hard now. This is why people quit, period. There are many ways to fix this, op32 is the best chance, the problem is..can the darkorbit programmers do what op32 says..nobody else on the team has a clue about the game, hopefully they follow his advice.
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  10. ACE

    ACE Forum-Greenhorn

    I have had accounts on this product for years and i still enjoy it. That said i only play a little and strictly as a relaxing tool. Most of the above points are true, i have recently seen account sales on dedicated sites and even on ebay. But this is not the main problem neither is the merging of servers (why would you merge GB2 with a euro server?? did you not hear about Brexit?? =D ) or even mcc's, the main problem is that this is a flash game with top game release prices. I do not blame D.O. for charging these sorts of prices, in fact if people are silly enough to pay these prices good luck to D.O.s team. As i said i like this game i find it relaxing and i even support it fiscally (about £20 per year in my case, if you enjoy it pay to keep it around) but i could never be a top player as the cost is ridiculous. Why would any new player choose this product (a flash game) to spend their hard earned cash on? when to fully develop an account costs more than a PS4 for example. D.O. is over priced and unable to compete in the current gaming market and that's a shame. My hope is D.O.s team will realize the true worth of your product with respect to the rest of the gaming world and price accordingly, thus attracting new players and keeping D.O. alive.

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  11. BoughtthisatWalmart

    BoughtthisatWalmart Forum-Apprentice

    You say that, and it's probably true at the UFE level, but at the FE level, there is NO SKILL involved in DO. The only "tech" I can think of circling, RSB-switching, maybe drone formation switching. The only "game" left for free players like myself is extremely basic resource management and cost-benefit analyses. I'd be inclined to do as ACE does- support the team- if I thought they were worth supporting. But instead of making an effort to create a balanced, healthy community with a rational growth curve and a fun PVP metagame at all progress levels, Bigpoint tries to mindgame the player ceaselessly into giving them money.
    I've said this before and I'll say it again: the classical FE Goli should've been the power ceiling in this game. From there, purely STRATEGIC, balanced options should've expanded rather than just straight buffs. This way, a P2P player is not completely invincible. If the game had chosen to reasonably reward players who work hard and think smart with the option of buying to speed things along, I- and many others, I think- would've actually happily supported Bigpoint. But like I said, greed prevented them from seeing the big picture.
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  12. TheShadows

    TheShadows Regular

    After around 3k hours of trying to build my ship to UFE, I finally broke and spent around $300, to get level 16 upgrades to shields and lf4s.

    Was it worth it? I think so, you gain a pretty much enduring advantage in the game and will basically beat 99% of the player population with the other 1% being other top UFEs who's skill or computer equipment is better.

    You don't need cyborgs or other fancy ships all you need is a goli (shield design). Those are just for people who want to get them. A Cyborg definitely does not beat a Sentinel or even a Solace (at the UFE level, it all depends on skill and configs)

    Once you get to UFE status you do not have to spend that much to keep stocked up on ammo, emps etc (just get rebate and premium and you could do infinite Alpha, Beta and Gamma gates).

    So yes, put bluntly, once BP takes your money, in return you get an enduring advantage and your uridium earning is pretty much guaranteed (as long as you keep fights to a reasonable level and do gates).

    There are cheaper games out there but for me the pvp in Darkorbit is unmatched.

    It is easier than ever to build a ship to UFE (with 400% helix days and double ggs introduced), BP shows signs of moving to a right direction.

    Yeah I don't know if the above really answered the question. I just tried to lay down some facts how things look from the other side as a UFE.

    As always its up to your own opinion about the game and how you decide to play it.

    I'm happy to discuss further.
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  13. MyBigi

    MyBigi Forum Connoisseur

    Yup, once you get to Ufe, you dont really need to spend too much money to keep ur ship/ammo up to date.(Just need to spend on premium and rebate sometimes)

    And about Cyborg fighting Sentinel or Solace, if both players have equal gear/skill, the Cyborg wins(with Cyborgs dmg you can just sab down the shields of sentinel/solace).
  14. You know what I have been playing this game for some time. It used to be a level playing field other than the odd baal that had the first bots. Now however if you don't have them you are behind the 8 ball. In the top clan on our server just a bout all of them have a bot some more than others. I seriously do not understand why thee players are not banned its sooo obvious. And I might add that most other players (without bots) are cluey to the game. Lock ons are the most obvious. So do the rest of us obtain them to make the game equal or should the game umpires be doing something in a more positive way???
  15. HomeTownBoy

    HomeTownBoy Padavan

    My uncle when to Japan in the 60s and his breath still smells like Sushi 2018 lol he didn't do anything to change it. Maybe HE likes the way it smells.

    If you think about it is TRUE. This game has turn in to RENT A CENTER... I hate someone I want to kill him, heck you can rent a ship now jump into a Renter. Hell they even have the Rent to Own. Sites sell them world wide, what is DO doing about it Huh huh huh, mmmmmmm, Huh huh huh


    I am sure they are A WARE OF IT .... Is their favored story-line. We are AWARE OF IT. Well there u have it They are AWARE OF IT. Account steeling, Account selling , Account lending, Account Renting.

    They should learn from WAR THUNDER they can not sell accounts there if you have an count you can not move it to another email with out support knowing about it.

    How do you all plan to stop this infestation of accounts being sold? and When.

    IP addresses?

    If I am in Texas I can not be in Turkey in one hour.

    But I do believe there is talk about this issue, and they are trying to work something out, they just have not figured out how they going to do it yet.

    DARK ORBIT SHOULD LEARN from The game War Thunder its hard to sell accounts there.... You would have to sell the entire Email address along with the account because staff will not allow an Email transfer or moved wow

    1. According their Terms of Use you are solely responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of the login information.We do not provide e-mail change service as game accounts may contain significant monetary input, and the time spent by playing. We are serious about the security of our players' accounts and hope for your understanding.

    you get email and phone alerts
    2. "Someone may have logged into your account using an unknown device or from an unusual location"

    If you received from us an email with such content, we strongly recommend you to perform following instructions.
    First of all, you should check whether the IP address specified in the letter matches your current IP address. We advise you to use a free echolocation service like this one, for instance.
    Important: due to technical restrictions such services cannot specify the absolute location of a required IP address, but in common they allow to find a country, a city and an ISP provider servicing that IP address. Anyways, this shall be enough to clarify whether it was your IP address in the information message.
    If your IP address and time of your last login does not match the address and time specified in the received information message, you urgently need to do the following:

      • Make sure that your e-mail account was not compromised
      • Change your e-mail account password as soon as possible
      • Change your Game account password
    If your account was compromised, please follow to this article.

    Now there is many things YouZU can do but have not yet acted. Tho I do hope that change is coming soon.

    Last edited: May 17, 2018
  16. MyBigi

    MyBigi Forum Connoisseur

    Why do people care about other people's acc? Doesnt really affect your gameplay that much, and also for those people trading accs, there are always risk on it, people not paying, people selling accs with a lot of debt, etc.

    Let them do what they want with their accs, if they get caught by BP while doing it, great news, but it doesnt affect my gameplay that much, they will still die on maps, no matter who is running the ship.
  17. I play Dark Orbit for my own enjoyment. Not here to be #1, hell I don't care if I'm # 4,000 lol.

    I enjoy the fights, enjoy helping novice players and really enjoy it when I see abusers get banned.

    I've worked my way up the ladder to hold 8th spot in hall of fame for ship kills. As for rank, no sense in chasing that. As you've mentioned there is almost a zero chance for legitimate players to get there with all the cheating and botting going on, but it's been that way seems forever and I have accepted to myself that no matter what is said, reported or even proven it will not change.

    Until I've found something more enjoyable you're all stuck with me :p


    Don't cry because it's over. Smile because it happened.
  18. Sapphire

    Sapphire Forum Mogul

    Sad truth really is what I've seen during these years. The account trading is kind of the only way to keep the game alive. People stop, sells the account either to returning player or new player, then old owner either makes a new account or quits. Even though I don't really like it either, as people tends to ask in chat "from who have you bought your account" even if it was legitimately played. Because that's what 90% of these players really are.

    But it also kills the game itself. A new player comes to the game and sees only UFE players, there's no level differences that much in equipment, because well... That's what this game is. The new player either takes old player spot or struggles his/her way to the UFE.

    And yet the population of this game is decreased over time, even though with my logic it should be +/-0, so no proof for the statistics. But it might be also that I've seen a lot of people quit and has done nothing to his account. :p

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