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[SC] Bots and Cheats ... archive

Discussion in 'General Archive' started by ASTRAEA, Jan 3, 2015.

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  1. test020

    test020 Junior Expert

    talking about bots it's like cursing, not to mention that the whole "bot vigilantes" did made some mistakes every now and then, banning users that were for manually farm + box collect (cause their proof was attacking a "suspect" with a UFE ship and seeing them running...), the anti-program systems bp had were also bypassed with a bit of ease, it's not like people that use such things are doors you know...

    and it's fun seeing the new team throwing threats to bot users, the old team did the EXACT same thing and look where it got em (nowhere).

    just because they are going to make DO have a downloadable client that don't mean it will stop programusers, quite the opposite, it's going to be like MMO's with their premium cheat versions and free versions with extra options other than the basics... oh well.

    to be honest, such issues won't exactly go away even with client changes.

    my two pences though would bp adopt the problem as their step child, an example would be a Korean MMORPG that had such issues with bots, they got so fed up that in their Season 6 patch of said game, they introduced a internal bot, with all functionalities of the programs (item collect, monster killing, and "player-killer fight back"), the user that activated that bot would only spend the ingame currency per 10min of usage (while the programs of the game cost real money with subscription, just like DO as i seen in FB) it was a close-handed slap in the face of the bot devs.

    would bigpoint make a move to cripple bots severly, they should release their official bot costing credits per X minutes active with many options that said bots offer, since they charge real money when compared to a official bot costing credits... well, you can see who would win.
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  2. Well, it could go away if they actually wanted it to. I must admit though autolocking and bots really aren't that big of a problem right now as on my server I rarely see either of those occur.

    To be honest, I've never really been that bothered about the cheaters. in my eyes, it just stops the game from being completed dead and more people to destroy in the game :D As for this "it's gonna happen after the merge" information, it's false. They said that a ton of times and they will continue saying it because BP is always lying about this kind of thing.
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  3. HomeTownBoy

    HomeTownBoy Padavan

    Well, bots and cheats have always been around lol. I don't think there is much they can do about it anyways ban more players they have almost ban the entire net work lol... They just come back with new bots and new ways for hacking and for every pro there is a con.
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  4. ACE

    ACE Forum-Greenhorn

    We all know bots are a problem. I heard today on discord that the last bot purge was back in 2013. Also on Discord today was an announcement that players that took part in the honor glitch are to be banned. This sort of disparity seems to suggest that there is a banning process for players who take advantage of glitches ( the responsibility of the DOR team ) but if you go outside of the box and macro that's fine. Also as you can see this thread got nothing done its just an outlet for frustrated players that goes nowhere. Botting can be greatly reduced if the DOR team invest in that area, the fact that they haven't shows their true attitude. If you as a patron of this game find it unfair that people bot without consequence vote with your wallet and withhold any purchases until you feel the game is worth the money again.

  5. apetown.

    apetown. Padavan

    Even more hilarious is that people who abused seprombug and now fly with infinite seproms never got any punishment but then from honor bug all users got permaban xD

    HALOJOHN Forum-Apprentice

    Bigpoint own the accounts they can go on any account at anytime if they wanted to go check a reported botter but just falls on deaf ears and fobs us off with a load of twaddle. Same goes for the ebay accounts
  7. auggiethedog

    auggiethedog Active Author

    hey.. ace i have all ready stop spending large sums of money for this reason having the cheaters steal my rank (10 yrs) of playing was too much.. i worked and paid dearly for it just to watch a player do it in three weeks!!! and dont forget the acc shareing going on big time on sunday and events..if DO wants my money they have to earn it and gain my trust before they get a dime from me I WONT INVEST MY TIME AND MONEY . remember we are the investors they need to keep this game going.. give me steak and potatos not bolonga
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  8. HomeTownBoy

    HomeTownBoy Padavan

    Now that we are on the Topic of bots and cheats. It would be almost impossible for anyone to develop a cheat for this game since it is not HTML lol. Not to mention, it would be costly and time consuming if they could make such a thing. Say a programmer knew how the game worked and had inside information then it would not be as difficult to make such a script then, would it? But just someone just like that could not make a script for this game lol. So there u have it.

    My next question is not one that the Dark Orbit Team may not like but I am going to ask it because I and others want to know. I know your answer for this is going to be NO. How could you prove otherwise?

    Is there anyway for a D.O member to fix, modify other player accounts for them to hit harder say for friends or for Gain?
    Say maybe a CM may not have this kind of access to the panel but so to say an Admin or something as such would. Can someone like that be able to modify and account? I mean because it would almost be impossible for someone to make a cheat for this game w/o inside information.

    Could it be possible? There are still ships that are hitting harder than Admin ships and have just as much HP and shields as a police ship. Last time I fought a police ship it hit 89k to over 150k with supper shields and HP from hell... Now there are Goliath's like Enforcers hitting over 500k with the same HP and shields as a Police ship.... It is like fighting 2 police ships with more spice on them. Could it be possible that some players are getting special privileges? Cause I am not buying the story, it wasn't us! It was the one arm man that did it. lol.

    I mean if I knew of such a person I would report him fast without a doubt.
    I just hope that YouZu Polices the game better than Big Point. I mean if I spent 60 mil on this game I would police this game day and night.
    Last edited: Apr 25, 2018
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  9. HomeTownBoy

    HomeTownBoy Padavan

    I can see the point that it could create a disturbance in the peace and harmony of the game... Tho, the Burden should not be left to us to do their dirty job... I been seeing this same old crap since I started playing 2008. Yeah I see your point no one in game could give a rats butt if Joe Blow is cheating except when you are the one who is shot by the rodent hitting 650k its all good till then. I guess thats why I like Crimson Tide he would investigate the accounts and ban them on the spot after he shot them down. Yeah I remember him well
    Crimson Tide checking license plates on the maps game server would get empty really fast log out time Crimson Tide hide run. lol.
  10. Deter

    Deter User Team Darkorbit

    Hello HomeTownBoy,

    There is a way, but it's an obvious way and would raise a red flag immediately to Support. All our actions are recorded and there are guidelines we follow, we even contact Support just as any other player would.

    There are many factors that contribute to Damage, shields, and Hit points. The only time admins fire at players are during PvM events and even then the PvM ships are normally UFE etc so there is not much more buff's than any other player would have.

    If your accusations towards an ex-moderator were true then that would be reason #1 why all our actions are documented.

    We are not debating this, but these are the facts.
  11. HomeTownBoy

    HomeTownBoy Padavan

    I can live with that I believe you are telling the truth.
    I believe that all the mods and admins are watched by others now that u tell me this and others watch them kinda like a watchdog program. Say if an Admin or Mod fixed someones account even his own someone would know about it and he would be investigated ?
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  12. stella18037

    stella18037 Someday Author

    i was advised by senoir mod to write here ..im happy merge coming to gb1 yet if you look at gb1 one pretty much all our maps over night during day sat mornings and so on full ofnpc botters and cloaked boxers known cheats whoi been banned before for months now the scripts dont work havent worked and we are all thinking you dont care no more we get fed the same crap month after month should all the honest just quit ?you need to do somethink fast cause way its going seeing these cheats in maps every day day after day puts alot of playing let alone wantingto spend .hope this annoys you as every day we log in this annoys us ..my way of kicking you up back side and politly asking you to do somthink :))have nice week rember game meant be fun and fair xxx.
  13. WarriorAngus

    WarriorAngus Old Hand

    Hi All,

    Wow this isn't a new post. I seen this post at least 2 or 3 times over the years. We posts our thoughts and DO plugs their ears or cover their eyes. They don't care about Bots and Cheats. They care about the money they spends on the game.

    I have this thought about Bots:
    Those who play with an off site remote program. I think DO programmers made that program to sell and make extra money. Who knows the program better then the programmer? Who know the back door to get through their fire walls so other programs can work? They make a good face "OMG" well, we will fix this and time marches on and nothing happens.

    Look at the MCC post it is up to 23 pages of people who are tired of Cheaters controlling the game. DO is run by the 3 monkeys "See no evil, hear no evil, and speak no evil" and they are laughing at us all the way to the bank.

    I'm not a wallet warrior and I try to do my best by playing by the rules and I help my fellow company too. I also have help others too, and sometimes it backs fire and I get killed. Oh well no good dead get unpunished (if I quoted it right). Hope you understand.

    Well I like seeing this anyway and hope someone in the big office in the sky see this. DO we want a game that doesn't have BOTS and CHEATS. Can you understand that? Those who play by YOUR RULES are getting slapped in the face. You Have Rules so Inforce them.

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    OILDAILY Forum Great Master

    i agree
  15. RoyΛlRumble

    RoyΛlRumble Forum-Apprentice

    GE1 is full of bots, very frustrating. :mad:
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  16. einstein58

    einstein58 Forum-Apprentice

    America West currently has the same problem.I have written DO support several times and told them where the individual(who has 3 ships botting at the same time)is in maps,what he is doing and how he gets large amounts of xp,honor,credits and uri.They write back that the so called scripts catch and get evidence on the matter and they can do nothing.It takes maybe 5 minutes out of their worthless day to take a look at the map yet they say the so called script gets them.Its no wonder that DO continues to loose more and more players everyday.What new players want to stick around when the MCC and botters control the game.
    Its time for DO to get off their dead rear ends and fix the game so it can again be enjoyable for all not just a few.Get rid of the cheats and botters.If not the games player base will continue to erode merge or not.
    Whats the use of having a support team that is incapable of doing anything and when they do it takes forever.
    DO is bringing about its own demise and maybe thats a good thing.
  17. very right they are always replying that their script is working...all I can say is that their programmers are weak...low in detection process...low in programming..since even a new player can detect that the ship is boting imagine shooting alliens all day long..and runb when enemy is near and others fight back lol but all are robots..if baracus will play just 20 mins log in to the map he will know immediately. All their replies that their script will detect are all alibis
  18. Deter

    Deter User Team Darkorbit


    It would be helpful to the purpose of the thread if everyone reads the previous posts as Vital information may have been posted to prevent the re-current posts. Please remember us Moderators are players to. We Moderators/Admins assist the players in forums and within chat, the in-game element is left to Support and the Developers. There is no way around it, they will get caught it's just a matter of time.

    We do understand your view on this, yes we(mods/admins/Support/Baracus/OP) can play the game and see who is botting. However that is not 100% credible evidence to MANUALLY ban the account. Should the banned user take this all the way up to court, our evidence of "speculation" will not hold up against the user.

    Again and again and if you contact Support you will here this too again; We must let the scripts detect them, a process which is fair for everybody.
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  19. WarLord_Mark

    WarLord_Mark Junior Expert

    go to 4-1 , 4-2, 4-3 find the bots and kill them. its like shooting fish In a barrel. The scripts don't work well enough so kill them and take the Xp and honor to your ship. fight back and kill them all the way to zero xp. then in 24 hours do it again and perhaps you can kill the drones and they have to buy them all over again. lol I mean cheat to win them back. I like to find all those bots and kill them.
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  20. Why not @Baracus, @OP32, @Deter change your script how many loops you wanna do? how many days you wanted to let just prove that the guys are botting killing aliens or doing box 24/7? ha? I know you know even just looking the behavior of a player who is doing repeated task of collecting box and killing alliens whole day? all I can say is that the in-charge is not so effective with his work..how about adding another programmer? or manual plus script? you mods and admins can run your ships and look just 1s a day in every server you will really know in your eyes that boting is real infesting this game..believe your eyes...you are a player too, you wisdom never lies..and be fooled by such program of bots like that sold in the market...? how about you buy the bots? and re-engineered it? and make that as anti bot? with the advent of technology you will really know how to solve this...unless you not do your work hard...
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